Dr. Tim Ball Libel Case + Legal Defence Fund: One of Canada’s foremost ‘Climate change’ deniers is now under legal attack

Dr. Tim Ball



Tim Ball’s Libel Case and Legal Defence Fund

by DR. TIM BALL on APRIL 11, 2011


Two consecutive lawsuits filed against me have precluded my working on articles for the website. I have taken the following actions.

  1. Hired a lawyer.
  2. Prepared a defence.
  3. Set up a legal defence fund.

If you would like to help, you can make donations by clicking here. The money will go, via Paypal, directly to an account held in trust by my lawyer at Pearlman Lindholm in Victoria BC. Cheques can be made payable to ‘Pearlman Lindholm’ and sent attention:

Tim Ball Legal Fund
201 – 19 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8V 5A6

Thank you for your support.


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GLOBALIST CANADIAN ‘CONSERVATIVE-LIBERAL’ WAR PARTY CORPORATISM: ‘I know that Canada, like America, is becoming “addicted to war,”‘ laments Bill Woollam

I like to make things simple.  I avoid the corporate-friendly, dribble that is aired nightly on mainstream television newscasts.   However, I have found that the internet has served as an avenue for certain credible whistleblowers to reach the common layman.

[Photo montage: madamepickwickartblog.com]

I compiled a blog titled: “How The World Works – Two Videos” by Bill Woollam

These are some of my findings and conclusions:

Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man
Here is a two minute, cartoon explanation narrated by John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man”

Here is a short interview with John Perkins who discusses his former career as an economic hit-man,  how the IMF and World Bank control and manipulate the economics of developing nations,  how U.S. agents organize revolutions or assassinations of nation leaders,  and how international corporations, the US Administration, and IMF actually run the whole show.

How it Works
The recent bank bail-out process reminds me of something I saw in my wife’s Philippine farming community.  A group of local businessmen got together and formed a ‘Farm Savings Co-operative’.  They encouraged the local farmers to deposit their money in the ‘Savings Co-operative’.  Unbeknownst to the hard-working and trusting farmers, the ‘directors of the board’ then proceeded to take out large loans for themselves from the Farm Co-operative bank.   These loans were never paid back.   These business shysters never intended to pay those debts back.  And within four years the ‘Farm Savings Co-operative’, once holding local farmers’ earnings, went bankrupt and closed its doors.
These global banking shysters seem to have all the angles covered; where profits, loans, and bonuses are personally obtained at the expense of the common taxpayer and working class.

Chew on the following definition of the International Monetary Fund for awhile.

“The International Monetary Fund was created in 1944, with a goal to stabilize exchange rates and supervise the reconstruction of the world’s international payment system. Countries contributed to a pool, which could be borrowed from, on a temporary basis, by countries with payment imbalances. (Condon, 2007)”

I can not help but see the similarities between the local Philippine “Farm Savings Co-operative” and the International Monetary Fund.    The Filipino ‘ board of directors’ loaned themselves huge sums of farmer’s monies….just as the IMF board of directors loan ‘friendly’ dictatorships billions of dollars which will never be paid back…monies which are on the shoulders of the citizens of ‘contributing IMF countries’…monies which incur untold debt on unsuspecting citizens of said dictatorships.  These monies are extreme debt that has been given the rubber-stamp by the IMF Board of Executives…monies which will be used to build IMF and World Bank affiliated business enterprises – enterprises which displace and disemploy hundreds of thousands of local citizens.  The trade off is a handful of industrial, manufacturing, and construction jobs at the cost of a nation’s domestic farming and market industries.   All under the misleading term ‘competing globally’.   As though global competiveness justifies exploitation of global citizenry and global banking fraud…and global warfare.

According to John Perkins, former IMF Economic Hit-man; leaders of ‘non-member’ and IMF rubber-stamped dictatorships, who neither need the IMF loans nor wish to accede to World Bank terms, are first economically coerced, then threatened or assassinated, and if that doesn’t work, the US instigates revolution and/or ‘military intervention’. 

At the time dictatorships agree to accept huge IMF loans, they are bound by certain trade conditions.  They must agree to these specific conditions or face economic coercion and/or military intervention by NATO and/or US forces.  It is these specific trade conditions which leave the country beholding to World Bank and World Trade Organization policies – policies which bring the country economically to its knees.   Local working citizens are then faced with underpriced, imported goods flooding their marketplace.   Former local manufacturing and farming industries are replaced with a handful of corporate enterprises.   Local citizens soon face increasing taxation where none existed before.  Thus, while corporate profits leave the country, hundreds of thousands of locals are left unemployed and exploited.

How I see ”Mutant Capitalism” and its affect on the Canadian workforce.

Here in Canada, where have the domestic manufacturing, ship-building, value-added lumber mills, and provincial government-owned and operated “Crown” businesses gone in the last 25 years?  
All those enterprises brought high-paying jobs to dedicated Canadian workers, and brought in plenty of government revenues to sustain low tuition fees, quality education, and proper healthcare.  Over the years, we have either out-sourced the jobs to developing nations, or ‘contracted-out’ those ‘Crown corporations’,  thus witnessing lowered wages and exported profits to international CEOs.   ‘Competing globally’ has brought Canadians unemployment where none existed before.  This is what I witness as ‘off-the-grid’ unemployment.  Unemployment that is not reported by Stats Canada.  Once unemployment insurance benefits end, the former working class citizen is off-the-grid.   So what are the ‘real’ unemployment statistics?  More like 20% is my estimation.   

So when corporate-friendly, nightly newscasts tell us that Canada is recovering economically….I know it is horse-manure…aired to mislead the public.

When combined Fed/Provincial corporate tax rates have been reduced by both Conservative and Liberal governments over the last 40 years from 50% to 28%,  I understand that government revenues have been reduced by over one hundred billion dollars per year due to those corporate tax cuts.  Recently, it is closer to 190 billion dollars (yearly) in reduced corporate tax revenues. I now understand why education and healthcare no longer have the funding it had 40 years ago. I mean can you imagine what an added 190 billion dollars per year could provide for the Canadian economy?

 And I understand that OECD member nations have been lobbied over the years, one member nation at a time, to lower corporate tax rates….Each lobbied nation told to meet the reduced corporate tax rates of other lobbied nations.   I know it is a corporate Con.  I know we live in “a rule by the wealthy and for the wealthy”….not a democracy by and for the general population.  I know that Conservative and Liberal leaderships have sold out to their corporate paymasters.   I know we in the West live in a corporate Dictatorship.  I know that Canada, like America, is becoming “addicted to war”.

I know the Conservatives and Liberals are lying to Canadians when they refuse to mention how corporate welfare (corporate tax cuts) have left Canadians with extreme national debt.

[Photo: voiceofniagara.wordpress.com]

 $23 billion Canada now spends on war.  An added $17.9 billion for inefficient, and out-dated American fighter jets.   Matthew Behrens stated “Add in the ongoing costs of the Afghanistan war, plus undisclosed funding for Canada’s bombardment of Libya (well over 200 aerial bombing runs and aerial “sorties” to date), and the $23 billion figure may run higher.
To put this in perspective, slightly more than $63 million a day is spent on Canada’s war machine. That’s the daily equivalent of 420 affordable housing units or 3,000 four-year full-tuition grants for university students. Over the course of a month, that’s 13,000 affordable housing units and 90,000 students going to university without massive debt load.”

So how is it that Conservative or Liberal leadership will be helping ordinary working Canadians….outside of military spending?   It would appear any party desiring credibility and national news coverage, must bow in homage to the military/industrial corporate agenda.   Never-ending debt, with never-ending warfare.   



  (pretending to be ‘blue collar’)

‘LIBERAL’ CORPORATIST’S SHAMEFUL VOTING ON BUSINESS PROPERTY TAX BREAKS: Chris Coleman, Victoria City Councillor, ‘argued that businesses should be given even more of a break.’

 Red Lib Corporatist Chris Coleman (right) 

Chris Coleman Trees for Tomorrow

  Contrary to a report in the Victoria News last week, Bill Cleverley reports today in the monopoly daily that two Victoria City Councillors voted against raising residential property taxes by seven per cent, while only raising those for commercial properties by 1%.

  Chris Coleman voted against the motion, saying that he was opposed because it did not give enough of a break to Victoria businesses!
  To his credit, Victoria City Councillor Philippe Lucas was the lone one to oppose the steep tax hike for residential taxpayers, saying “‘I just don’t see how families in this municipality can afford a seven per cent tax increase.
 ” ‘I’m incredibly concerned that our council has just imposed it.’
  “Lucas noted that Victoria has the lowest median income in the entire region and the highest rate of childhood poverty in B. C.,” according to Mr. Cleverley’s report (a link to which will be found in the comments).
  One recalls that Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin promised last year that inflating costs for the new replacement of the neglected heritage Johnson Street Bridge would somehow not impact our already inflated residential property taxes, and Mr. Lucas sang eagerly with the socialist mayor for borrowing $49,000,000, as did all the Councillors in the Mayor’s chorus of stimulus spenders, with the sole dissenting vote coming from veteran Victoria City Councillor Geoffrey Young.
  Nevertheless, I do appreciate that the last remaining Green Party member of the Victoria City Council has not completely succumbed to inflationary and unjust corporatist taxation policies as they impact the majority of Victoria’s beleaguered residential property taxpayers, as apparently has happened to all of the rest of the Globalist Victoria City Council, including Mr. Coleman and, sadly, Mr. Young.
Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, CCC President
Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
1357 Rockland Avenue
Vancouver Island
British Columbia
North America

AL QAIDA IN CANADA? Wikileaks docs allege Montreal-Victoria connection between Mauritanian 9-11 suspect Mohamedou Ould Slahi (or Salahi) and ‘Millenium Bomber’ Ahmed Ressam

  Mohammedou Ould Salahi.jpg


  A Mauritanian Muslim man who once lived in Montreal and married a Canadian citizen, after immigrating here from Germany, is now held in Guantanamo and is alleged by the Gringos to be at the centre of suspect activities by ‘Al Qaida in Canada’ in that great Quebecois city, according to previously secret documents recently released by Wikileaks. 

  No charges are pending against Mohamedou Ould Salahi (or Slahi), however, although he continues to languish in the scandalous lawless American prison on the Cuban island.

  Mr. Salahi’s alleged terrorist activities include conspiring with three of the suspected 9-11 plotters, and planning the so-called ‘Millenium bombing’ at Los Angeles airport, for which an Algerian named Ahmed Ressam was arrested in Victoria at the Coho ferry terminal before boarding for Port Angeles, Washington with a trunk full of explosives.

  Mr. Ressam was tried, found guilty and now is incarcerated in a Seattle prison.



Slahi moved to MontrealCanada on November 26, 1999 because German immigration wouldn’t prolong his visa.[15] Since he was a hafidh, he was asked to lead Ramadan prayers for a large Muslim mosque by its Imam.[16][18] (p. 14) Ahmed Ressam, who was caught with explosives crossing the Canadian border in December 1999 as part of the 2000 Millennium Plot, was also a member of the same mosque.[14] Since Slahi’s name was known to U.S. intelligence, he became suspected of activating Ressam.[17]


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) put Slahi under surveillance for several weeks but lacked any grounds to arrest him.[17][21] According to a classified report of German intelligence, “there is not only no evidence of any involvement by Ould Slahi in the planning and preparation of the attacks, but also no indication that Ressam and Ould Slahi knew each other.”[3] Slahi left Canada to return to Mauritania on January 21, 2000.[15]



  Mr. Slahi has apparently been tortured in Afghanistan, Jordan and at Guantanamo (and possibly by the FBI in his native Mauritania) so his questionable testimony has not been allowed in any Afghan, Mauritanian, German, Jordanian, Canadian, Cuban or Gringo military tribunal or court of law so far, but he nevertheless remains incarcerated against his will in one of the most notorious hell-holes on the planet. 

Allegations of torture

According to the Wall Street Journal, Slahi had his last Federal Bureau of Investigation interrogation on May 22, 2003.[6] His FBI interrogator warned him “this was our last session; he told me that I was not going to enjoy the time to come.”. The interrogation techniques used on Slahi now started to include isolation, temperature extremes, beatings and sexual humiliation.[6]


[edit]Schmidt-Furlow Report

The Wall Street Journal paraphrases an incident described in the Schmidt-Furlow Report:[6][31]

On July 17, 2003, a masked interrogator told Mr. Slahi he had dreamed of watching detainees dig a grave…. The interrogator said he saw ‘a plain, pine casket with [Mr. Slahi’s] identification number painted in orange lowered into the ground.’

Slahi was repeatedly subjected to the use of an interrogation technique, in the summer of 2003, that the Schmidt-Furlow Report stated had been prohibited by the Secretary of Defenseon December 2, 2002.

  Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard of the Court Martial Appeal Court, a New Brunswick Liberal Party of Canada political appointee, found that regardless of the fact that he had lived in this country and ‘had once been granted permanent resident status in Canada,’ because he never became a Canadian citizen, and despite the fact that he is married to a Canadian, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms did not apply in his case, and he was therefor unable to access Canadian ‘intelligence information’ about the very serious allegations against him.

[ Excerpts from Wikipedia.

Links to Wikipedia and Wikileaks are found in the comments]


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, CCC President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, North America


Guantanamo detainees in 2002.


Globalist Death Culture Dictator Stephen Harper endorsed by National Post, Canadian War Party newspaper, for continuation of reckless ‘stimulus’ spending, abortion anarchy, unjust Afghan, Libyan wars…



Black’s evil influence on Canadian politics is still a major problem


Founded by notorious neo con convict Conrad Black, the National Post today endorsed the vicious Stephen Harper’s Government as the best way to keep Canadians in thrall to the chimera of neverending warmaking on ‘terrorism and blue collar criminals’.

  Whether the competition Globe and Mail endorses the same warmaking party is irrelevant, as both are the flip side of the same Imperialist coin.

  I have not checked yet, but it would not surprise me if the Globe went for Red Iggy’s party, but that position would be a loser’s if one was to bet on his prospects of winning, so if they do endorse the Libs, it would be a calculated business endorsement to sell papers, and nothing more.


gpm hartnell



Marc Emery endorsed Ron Paul for President and Gary Johnson for VP in 2012 (cannabisculture.com 2010)



  Last year, Marc Emery, the so-called ‘Prince of Pot’ endorsed Dr. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (above) for President and Vice President of the United States of America in 2012.

  Actually, a closer reading of Emery’s title reveals that he endorsed both of them for President in that year! 

  In any event, Dr. Paul is the grand old man of the paleoconservative-libertarian patriot movement, sometimes called The Tea Party.

   He is the father of recently elected Dr. Rand Paul, a new pro-life paleoconservative-libertarian Senator in Kentucky.

   Another of his pro-life sons, Dr. Robert Paul, is also apparently considering getting into politics next year!

  Gary Johnson is the former Governor of the state of New Mexico who has an exceptional record of prudent fiscal management of the public finances of that great Southwestern state.

  He is also one of the few people on the planet who have climbed to the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, which is interesting in terms of symbolism.

  Both Dr. Paul and Mr. Johnson have expressed interest in standing for the Presidency next year, but notwithstanding that fact, Mr. Emery, now incarcerated somewhere deep in the heart of the Empire, thinks that they will ultimately both be on the same ticket.

  The younger man presumably would be the elder stateman’s V. P. candidate, in deference to his wisdom and stellar record of voting against funding unjust wars, in favour of fiscal responsibility, and his always principled pro-life positions.

  But the opposite scenario might also be possible, that being one where the younger Johnson would be the Presidential candidate, and the senior Dr. Paul his serene mentor. 

  In any case, both of these men are the real ones to watch in the otherwise boring Republican race.

  All the rest are warmongering neo cons, not to be trusted with the economy or foreign policy.

  Certainly, notwithstanding the fact that The Donald has expressed interest in Dr. Paul’s ideas, Mr. Trump has never been elected to public office, and would be completely unsuitable despite his present popularity in opinion polls.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will end the Drug War 



   A colour photograph (but not the one above) of the 75 year old Texan Congressman is shown at the top of the front page of the tabloid throwaway Victoria News Daily for Wednesday, April 27, 2011, with the caption: ‘Ron Paul begins his bid for the Republican nomination in the 2012 presidential election.’

  It is interesting to note that Marc Emery, sometimes known as the ‘Prince of Pot,’ endorsed Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2008 over Barry Soetoro, the little known Illinois Senator who now calls himself President Barrack Hussein Obama.

  For his troubles with the long arm of the DEA into Canada, Mr. Emery is now languishing in some God-forsaken American prison, although he is a Canadian citizen.

  A link to a prescient article written by Mr. Emery in 2008 endorsing Dr. Ron Paul is found in the comments section.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition