TRAGIC BARCELONA: Unarmed peaceful anti-globalist protestors viciously attacked by Blue Meanies working for the sold-out globalist Spanish Socialist Party government

The youthful, unemployed anti-globalist forces in Barcelona took a beating by vicious thugs in police uniforms yesterday.

The Spanish Socialist Party’s Blue Meanies are a truly frightening lot to behold, and their violent tactics are obviously ultimately counterproductive even to their own compromised interests, but these same bullying manoeuvres will no doubt be used over and over again in a futile attempt to quell the legitimate dissent of the frustrated protestors in the streets of the great ancient Catalan capital.

Forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that these Spanish protests in Madrid, Barcelona and other centres will spread throughout Europe this spring and summer, restarting again in Greece, and then spreading to Portugal, Ireland and other formerly sovereign jurisdictions that have now had their economies ruined by the rampant theft and corruption of the warmongering banksters.

After that, Mr. Celente predicts that this revolutionary activity will spread all around the world, the prelude to World War III.

A third moderate peaceful way must be found in all of the still relatively sovereign nation states between the totalitarian excesses of corporation-friendly fascism and union-friendly socialism, lest the whole world plunges into chaos.

[Videos compiled by Alex Jones’ Prison Planet staff are found in the comments below.]

Gregory Hartnell, Historian


Globalist bully boy in a Tory blue business suit: Harper wants indefinite extension of war on Libya, says Gadhafi and Yemen’s Saleh must go

Harper calls for extension of Libya mission
By Daniel Proussalidis, Parliamentary Bureau
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes statements during a closing news briefing at the G8 summit in Deauville, northern France May 27, 2011. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier.

DEAUVILLE, France – On the heels of a G8 Summit that issued a united demand that Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi step down, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he wants the Canadian military to continue its operations in the North African country.

“We’ll be looking for an extension to our mission,” said Harper, when it comes up for debate in Parliament next month.

With even Russia joining in the call for Gadhafi’s resignation Harper said, “I would hope that would encourage Parliament to continue to support the actions of the Canadian Forces, of which we’re very proud, as part of the international effort.”

Harper didn’t clarify how much longer he wants air force and navy crews in Libya.

But he did make clear he felt Canadian and NATO forces have been successful in helping secure large parts of Libya and reduce Gadhafi’s ability to cling
to power.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy, centre-right, and his pregnant wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, centre-left, greet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen Harper at Le Ciro's Restaurant at the G8 Summit Thursday in Deauville, France.

Libyan Mission Could Cost Taxpayers Hundreds Of Millions, Retired Colonel Says

Posted on Thursday, May 26 at 09:24 by NAUWATCH

By Jordan Press, Postmedia News

Dollar figures for the war in Libya will be made public soon, a Canadian Forces general said Wednesday, but the final cost may not be known for months to come.

One military expert says Canadian spending could easily amount to millions of dollars per day.

“I’d be surprised if it was anything less than $100 million (per month),” said retired Col. Michel Drapeau. “It needs to be asked: What are we getting for all that? It’s not an omnipotent pool of resources. Someone’s got to pay for that.”

Canada currently has 11 planes, one frigate and approximately 560 military personnel deployed for the Libyan mission, which began at the end of March.

Since that time, CF-18 fighter jets have conducted some 300 bombing missions to take out targets that NATO says have helped forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi attack civilians.

The cost for a mission doesn’t just include munitions, fuel and salaries, Drapeau said.

There are also hidden expenses, he said, such as travel costs to send senior officials to conferences and a payment to Italy for hosting Canadian Forces.

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Peace Doc Ron Paul deplores never-ending war, saying the Republic is dead… for the time being

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Daily Paul image

The one good wise man the mainstream media continues to ignore, with a grim determination that can only be interpreted as compromised, irrational and paranoid, Texan Representative Ron Paul deplored the never-ending wars, and the Congress’s inability or disinterest in stopping them, in an impassioned and historically significant floor speech in the House, on May 25, 2011.

Doctor Paul is a principled married American father who has made his life work to alert his compatriots to the alarming dangers of creeping socialist totalitarianism with the four year extension of the draconian Patriot Act, reckless non-productive government ‘stimulus’ spending and never-ending warmongering emanating from the Presidential offices at the White House.

The maverick Republican obstetrician-gynocologist who has delivered more than 4,000 babies (and never aborted a single human) is an unusual mix of pro-life libertarian paleoconservative constitutionalist, but is often not even mentioned at all in supposedly sophisticated panel discussions of the Republican Presidential candidates on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, NPR and even Fox.

These sold-out War Party pundits distract the American people by paying more attention to the shameful antics of media celebrities of dubious seriousness, such as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, suspect characters that certainly are not qualified intellectually or ethically to hold the highest office, and who, furthermore, have not declared any presidential intentions whatsoever.

These mainstream media networks are determined to pretend that Dr. Paul, with his obsessive repetition of his usual concerns, does not have any practical grasp on the supposed realpolitik of the globalist agenda, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This quiet MSM campaign of ommision, silence and derogation will very likely backfire, as word gets out through the grapevine that there is a real alternative candidate to consider, among disaffected anti-war libertarians, independents, pacifists, Tea Party tax reducers, pro-life constitutionalists, fiscal conservatives and others who may have naively voted for the strange incumbent in 2008, thinking he was some sort of healthy answer to the reckless spending and warmongering of his dim-witted neo-con predecessor.

These crucial independent voters who have no real allegiance to the Democratic Party are now looking for a new movement to support to bring some sort of sanity back to the American way of life.

  These disaffected American voters need look no further than to the Doctor Ron Paul Constitutional Revolution to find answers to their legitimate concerns.

As a Christian Canadian married artist historian sympathetic to the basic American Revolutionary ideas of liberty based on natural law, limited government, very limited war powers, and sound monetary policy lauded by Doctor Paul in the Republic’s Constitutional documents, I encourage my former student associates at the Saint Ignatius Institute, the History Department of the University of San Francisco, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and all my good pro-life anti-war friends in the United States of America, to seriously consider Doctor Ron Paul for President in 2012.

[A YouTube video of Doctor Ron Paul’s floor speech called ‘The Last Nail’ is found in the comments section.]

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Artist-Editor-Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island

British Columbia, Canada

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity

CCC pro-life anti-war progaganda 2012



Shepard Fairey sells out the Peace Movement: influential graphic artist endorses illegal unjust wasteful Obushaman war on Libya

Shepard Fairey graphic

Finally got that answer from Shepard Fairey in regards to his stance on the recent US led-UN Military action in Libya

.(Read full text here)

Truthfully my hope was that Shepard was not going to tow the party line, that this was a humanitarian issue, and that he would condemn Obama for ordering these attacks that would definitely be killing innocent people.
I could not have been let down any harder.Attempting to dismiss any accusations that it was hypocritical to not criticize Obama’s wars while at the same time criticizing Bush’s wars he wrote
“Libya is very different than Iraq.
“The U.S. started the war in Iraq.
“In Libya there was already a popular uprising underway and it began to fail… possibly leading toward a massacre of those who rose up against the dictator.”
You mean like Saddam may have POSSIBLY had weapons of mass destruction.
Really I don’t see much of a difference.
I also don’t believe that the current United States Military Industrial Complex can or will act out of anything but their selfish imperialistic interests.
So by getting involved in this POPULAR uprising chances are AMERICAN IMPERIALISTIC influence would only taint the victory if it were achieved.
Shepard shows us here that he still has trust for the war MACHINE. Essentially he still OBEYS the war machine!
[For a link to the Ham Blogger Man article, please refer to the link in the comments section.]
Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian
Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
Victoria, Vancouver Island
British Columbia CANADA

THINK ABOUT IT, HIP VIC. GYPSY JAZZERS: Dan Hicks @ Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, Port Angeles, Monday, May 30, 2011, 16h – 17.30h

OLD cut and paste BERKELEY…


and, of course, SAN FRANCISCO…

GIG CARDS DESIGNED BY DAN HICKS (very ‘collectable,’ hombre)

Cameron-Obushama’s new ‘essential relationship’: Military action threatened against rogue regimes, citing ghosts of Reagan, Thatcher

Barack Obama Ireland_20110523130703_JPG

President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd at College Green in Dublin, Ireland, on Monday, May 23, 2011. (White House)

Obama, Cameron Vow to Fight for Heroes of Arab Spring

Updated: Monday, 23 May 2011, 8:19 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 23 May 2011, 8:19 PM CDT

(NewsCore) – LONDON — US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed Tuesday to push for democracy throughout the Arab world, and threatened military action as a last resort against regimes that kill their people.

The two leaders herald a new “essential relationship” between Britain and the United States in a joint article in The (London) Times, which warns autocratic regimes not to deny the hopes of their citizens violently.

“We will not stand by as their aspirations get crushed in a hail of bombs, bullets and mortar fire. We are reluctant to use force, but when our interests and values come together, we know we have a responsibility to act,” they write.

William Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary, and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, singled out Monday the “unacceptable” use of violence by President Assad of Syria.

President Obama arrived in Britain on Monday night, leaving Ireland early to avoid the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. He and his wife, Michelle, will be guests of the Queen at Buckingham Palace for the next two nights while they undertake a mixture of diplomatic and ceremonial engagements, including a barbecue at No. 10 [the PM’s official London residence] and a rare address to both Houses of Parliament.

In The Times article, Obama and Cameron make their most explicit statement of support for the protesters across the Middle East and North Africa seeking reform after decades of autocratic rule.

“We will stand with those who want to bring light into dark, support those who seek freedom in place of repression, aid those laying the building blocks of democracy,” they write.

This marks a notable change in language from Obama, who was silent in the early days of the Arab Spring.

The decision to praise — twice — the benefits of democracy and universal rights in the Arab world will be seen as criticism of Saudi Arabia, a staunch US and British ally and the linchpin of the international oil supply.

Obama and Cameron suggest that they want to model their relationship on that between former President Ronald Reagan and former PM Margaret Thatcher, saying that they were a “vital catalyst for change” amid the turbulence of the 1980s, which began during the Cold War and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The actions of “many brave individuals and many strong nations” made the fall of communism possible, but the US and UK helped the world to become more secure, they say.