Globalist Death Culture Dictator Stephen Harper endorsed by National Post, Canadian War Party newspaper, for continuation of reckless ‘stimulus’ spending, abortion anarchy, unjust Afghan, Libyan wars…



Black’s evil influence on Canadian politics is still a major problem


Founded by notorious neo con convict Conrad Black, the National Post today endorsed the vicious Stephen Harper’s Government as the best way to keep Canadians in thrall to the chimera of neverending warmaking on ‘terrorism and blue collar criminals’.

  Whether the competition Globe and Mail endorses the same warmaking party is irrelevant, as both are the flip side of the same Imperialist coin.

  I have not checked yet, but it would not surprise me if the Globe went for Red Iggy’s party, but that position would be a loser’s if one was to bet on his prospects of winning, so if they do endorse the Libs, it would be a calculated business endorsement to sell papers, and nothing more.


gpm hartnell




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