Gregory Hartnell, Pro-life Artist-Historian, Oak Bay Council Candidate’s single biggest issue this election: ‘Unnecessary counterproductive hikes in residential and commercial property taxes, and undemocratic sewage and transit levies.’ … Elections – Oak Bay News, Nov. 4, 2011.

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The Rockland Outsider:

Gregory Hartnell


Gregory Hartnell

Published: November 04, 2011 6:00 AM

Gregory Hartnell

Age: 59

Occupation: Pro-life artist-historian

Family status: Married to Dawn Elizabeth Keough

Political experience: President of Central middle school student council; senator at University of San Francisco student senate

Lived in the community: Former resident of Beach Drive, Hampshire Road, Yale Street, Milton Street. I am running to warn Oak Bay voters not to emulate Victoria’s mistakes.

What is your single biggest issue this election?

Unnecessary counterproductive hikes in residential and commercial property taxes, undemocratic sewage and transit levies.

How do you hope to solve it?

I will never vote for a tax increase in the three-year term, nor vote to increase hiring, spending or borrowing.

What has council done well this term?

Taxes in Oak Bay are lower than in Victoria, but not low enough to really stimulate the local economy.

What would you do on council to improve it?

I will never give myself a raise, always vote to lower residential and commercial property taxes, not approve raises for managers or unionized staff, not hire new staff or managers, not approve new borrowing or spending whatsoever.


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Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell on his father Peter George Hartnell: ‘Just fascinating, Dad’s feisty irreverence and shakedown of the socialists! Very funny, hearing about all that now.’ … Open letters of veteran Victoria activists

Hi Gregory,

Just fascinating, Dad’s feisty irreverence and shakedown of the socialists!

Very funny, hearing about all that now.



May I ask what Grandpa did for a living?

It’s just interesting historically to understand where Dad got his passion for his political role models from.

My grandpa was a pauper from Poland who emigrated to New York City late in the 1800’s.

I know little about him, other than he died poor and alcoholic.

My Dad was lifted out of poverty with his first union job in the 30’s, New Deal policy, then World War II.

I really appreciate your blog’s article about Dr. Ron Paul‘s donation receipts coming from the soldiers, compared to the other hacks–amazing that the soldiers support him.

Makes sense.

No shame needed for being a “socialist living in Victoria’s best neighbourhood.”

You deserve it!

It’s Uplands people who might want to share a bit more, at least with some cheap secondary suite rentals.

My uncle told me of a French millionaire Communist who was asked if he was a hypocrite.

He said when France goes Communist, everyone will live like a millionaire.

You may be down on your knees laying grout, doing harder work than I’ve ever known.

But, I don’t know about you deserving to be there.

Good old Roman Catholic humility.

And I really admire you getting arrested at  Clayoquot Sound!

At that time I was too scared to do that and had heard about it from Los Angeles, where I was still living.

I wanted to come up and get involved, but was coming out of isolation.

Thanks for participating in that vibrant history.

Disgusting what Harcourt did, I know.

About tracking our net activity, everything everybody does is tracked, according to progressive surveillance researchers.

But intelligence is hard pressed to do much to all of us that they collect data on.

My buddy Morgan Stewart was kidnapped by undercover agents in Quebec City at Free Trade Area of the Americas protest.

Held for three days.

He was UVic Student Society pres. at the time.

Morgan doesn’t even use a computer firewall because he says let them see anything he does – a very open spirit.

He has nothing to hide, he says.

Though traveling for the ensuing court case was a nuisance, no one has disturbed his life since.

I’m glad I looked at your blog, because I never saw images from the anti-stupid meter rally until then.

A book you may find revealing follows–Michael Parenti’s father admired Mussolini and Parenti was a Nixon Republican early in his academic career, but let that all go after writing his first book.

Here’s the more recent book: 
The Assassination of Julius Caesar:  A People’s History of Ancient Rome

A great article about change and the internet:

I do not believe the wicked always win. I believe our despair is a lie we are telling ourselves. In many other periods of history, people, ordinary citizens, routinely set aside hours, days, time in their lives for doing the work of politics, some of which is glam and revolutionary and some of which is dull and electoral and tedious and not especially pure-and the world changed because of the work they did. That’s what we’re starting now. It requires setting aside the time to do it, and then doing it. Not any single one of us has to or possibly can save the world, but together in some sort of concert, in even not-especially-coordinated concert, with all of us working where we see work to be done, the world will change. And we have to do it by showing up places, our bodies in places, turn off the fucking computers, leave the Web and the Net-and show up, our bodies at meetings and demos and rallies and leafletting corners.

Because this is a moment in history that needs us to begin, each of us every day at her or his own pace, slowly and surely rediscovering how to be politically active, how to organize our disparate energies into effective group action-and I choose to believe we will do what is required. Act. Organize. Assemble. Oppose. Resist. Find a place a cause a group a friend and start, today, now now now, continue continue continue. Being politically active is for the citizens of a democracy maybe the best way of speaking to God and hearing Her answer: You exist. If we are active, if we are activist, She replies to us: You specifically exist. Mazel tov. Now get busy, She replies. Maintain the world by changing the world. Despair is a Lie We Tell Ourselves, by Tony Kushner,

Congratulations on your nearly decade-long marriage to your lovely wife,


Philosophical Genesis of Gregory Hartnell’s new Campaign for Oak Bay Liberty, + new 10 point three year Oak Bay Recovery Plan: ‘Inspired by Dr. Ron Paul, American Presidential Candidate for 2012, I am primarily a small government advocate, emphasizing urgent need for radically lower residential and commercial property taxes.’

Gregory Hartnell’s new 10 point, 3 year Oak Bay Recovery Plan: independent non-partisan fiscal conservative pro-life candidate for Oak Bay Council wants to shrink government, taxes, spending


Gregory Hartnell
Gregory Hartnell, Artist-Historian
President, Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, Canada, V8S 1V7
Tel. 250 382 97 67
Official Campaign Website:
I am pleased to announce that I will be standing as an independent non-partisan candidate for Oak Bay Council in the November 19 election.
I was born in Victoria, am a Canadian citizen, have no party membership, nor membership in any Globalist organizations, and have lived in Greater Victoria most of my life, including addresses on Milton, Yale, Hampshire and Beach Drive in beautiful Oak Bay.

Here is my 10 point plan of Tax Liberty, Economic Recovery and Restoration of Accountability for Oak Bay:
1. I will not vote to give myself a raise in salary in the three year term, but will donate the entirety of my three year salary to Victoria Hospice.
2. I will honour existing contracts between Oak Bay and the unions, but will not raise residential or commercial property taxes in the first year of the term, nor will I raise the tax rate at the expense of the residential sector, but will maintain a fair balance in the ratio between the two sectors.
3. I will look at the best ways to repeat the contract-honouring, tax-cutting restraint programme each subsequent year of the term, guided by principles of prudent fiscal justice for the greater good of the economy of Oak Bay, not pandering to special interest groups of the right or the left.
4. I am opposed to the grandiose sewage and LRT plans of the non-elected, non-accountable CRD; I favour free bus passes for the disabled, homeless and poor, and look for science-based marine-based sewage and storm drain solutions as advocated by Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria.
5. I will not vote for any new hiring, and will not vote to expand any bureaucratic spending in any department of Oak Bay, including police, in the three year term.
6. I will stop all salary raises for management for the whole three year term, and will actually work to reduce their present salaries.
7. I am in favour of a legally binding ‘chem trail’ geo-engineering ban in Oak Bay, leading to a similar ban with legal force in the whole CRD.
8. I support the current Council in their opposition to so-called ‘smart meters’, will vote to stop further installation of these radiation-emitting devices in Oak Bay, favouring instead removal of wireless meters, and installation of non-radiating wired meters, if there is no other way to avoid the smart grid mania.
9. I favour a four storey height restriction for all new building proposals, including the controversial Garry Oak Village proposal of Baptist Housing.
10. All development approvals in Oak Bay should be subject to a prudent development approval process, including bona fide loan guarantees to protect the District of Oak Bay from improperly financed applications, to avoid a repeat of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel fiasco.
Inspired by Dr. Ron Paul, American Presidential Candidate for 2012, I am primarily a small government advocate, emphasizing the need for radically lower residential and commercial property taxes.
Further information about my Campaign for Tax Liberty in Oak Bay is found at the link below, or at my official campaign weblog:
GREGORY PAUL MICHAEL HARTNELL (formerly ‘Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog’),
Although I am still President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, the CCC does not formally endorse my campaign, which is strictly independent.
I am a completely independent candidate, and receive no support from any bank, corporation, political party, union, or any other electors’ organization of any kind.
On November 19, 2011
Please Vote:
Gregory Hartnell
for Oak Bay Council

About goyodelarosa
GREGORY PAUL MICHAEL HARTNELL (Nom d’artiste: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’)


Independent non-partisan pro-life fiscal-social conservative Candidate



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It will also provide an ongoing account of the cataloguing of my book and CD library, which I am making available to the Concerned Citizens in the form of a paid lending library for CCC members, scholars and students.

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FALSE RIGHT-LEFT DEATH CULT UNITY: Both Globalist Victoria Mayoral Candidates Paul Brown + Dean Fortin support so-called ‘safe consumption, safe injection sites’

Nexus, the student newspaper of Camosun College, reports that two Candidates for Mayor in Victoria support ‘a safe injection site in Victoria’ in a full page feature article on Paul Brown and Dean Fortin, two of the four declared Victoria Mayoral Candidates.

This student paper is effectively perpetuating the false right-left paradigm, with Mr. Paul representing the right, and Mr. Fortin the left.

Steve Filipovic and David Shebib, the two other Victoria Mayoral Candidates, are not even mentioned at all in the Nexus report on Victoria Candidates.

NEXUS: Do you support a safe injection site in Victoria?

PAUL BROWN: Evidence shows without doubt it makes a difference in terms of health care costs, policing costs, and helping these people off the street.

It also makes financial sense.

Even the Supreme Court has said it’s okay.

So come on, let’s do it.

This is something that Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and the province needs to operate.

This is not a business that we understand.

This is not a business the City should be involved in.

VIHA and the provincial government understand how to run homeless shelters and needle exchanges; we need to support it.




NEXUS: What are your thoughts on safe injection sites?

DEAN FORTIN (CURRENT VICTORIA MAYOR): Harm reduction is one of our major priorities and we continue to work on developing the Greater Victoria model.

I think that rather than a needle exchange we need safe consumption sites.

The biggest concern is the outdoor public use of drugs.

So get it in.

Save lives, get inside.

There will be wraparound services that come with this: education services, harm reduction, and counselling.

I don’t think one site is enough.

You need two sites. 

You need to distribute it around.

Fundamentally, it is the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s responsibility to fund it, but we have a role to play as the City, as service providers.

We have started working on it; it’s a high priority. 

Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell on David Arthur Johnson: ‘David really is an amazing and incredible hero. I admire him tremendously.’.


Cover of 'Love and Fearlessness', a video on the homeless in Victoria

 David really is an amazing and incredible hero.
I admire him tremendously.
With those three former Americans imprisoned in Iran for two years, most of it in solitary confinement, now safely home, there is so much more exposure for what people like David go through.
Those three are dedicated to exposing the ruthlessness of the prison industrial complex and solitary confinement.
People are also responding to innocent Troy Davis’ execution, and the UN Torture Chief Juan Mendez called for an end to almost all forms of solitary confinement three days ago.
It heralds the beginning of a huge pushback against this seemingly impenetrable bastion of state repression designed to take away our freedom and liberty.
Hopefully it will translate into freedom for Peltier, abu Jamal and so many others languishing in the North American gulags.
Always work for us to do, eh?

Blessings and Peace, lar

Gregory Hartnell: No more ‘harm reduction’ cop-outs: ‘I will certainly not vote to endorse any so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes in Oak Bay as long as the current Globalist New World Order’s Criminal Code of Canada’s prohibition law is in place’

No more ‘harm reduction’ cop-outs

I do not believe in the so-called ‘war on drugs’, nor the so-called ‘war on terror’, which are effectively the same thing.

I lost one dear brother, Jerome Henry Hartnell, at the age of 18, to an overdose of morphine and alcohol, and ever since that happened, I have not believed the official rationale for the interdiction of some drugs and not others.

However, I am very skeptical of attempts by anti-drug prohibitionists to promote a type of creepy Globalist incrementalism in the delivery of experimental so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes of dubious merit, particularly when those programmes interfere with the ability of the police to enforce existing laws designed to discourage the possession and trafficking of certain prescribed drugs.

As long as there is a disconnect between the spirit and actual words of the Criminal Code of Canada and the application of the extraordinary discretionary power of the local, provincial or federal police forces to enforce the laws, we have a huge problem area of corruption, or a perception of corruption, among the police right across the country.

Pending the drug laws changing in Canada as a result of a continental trend toward decriminalization, and legalization in the event of a Ron Paul Presidential victory south of the border, I believe that it is actually counterproductive to encourage half-measures like ‘harm reduction.’

If and when the laws change, I may very well change my mind about these matters radically, but in the meantime, civilized social order maintained through reasonable police discretion is more important than higher police arrest quotas of a failed hysterical Conservative Party of Canada punitive policy which panders to ignorance and perpetuates criminal activity forever.

I don’t think a person should be arrested for smoking tobacco or marijuana in a public park (in fact, I would defend those liberties, particularly in cases of patients with Canada Health licences for the ‘mota’, ‘mari’, ‘ganja’, ‘pot’ or ‘weed’), but I do think people should be arrested, charged and have currently illegal heroin or cocaine confiscated if they try to inject in a public place.

Similarly, if a person wants to have a beer or some wine with his or her lunch or dinner in a public park, or on a sidewalk bench, I would not want to see them arrested for such an innocent pleasure, but if they were already intoxicated, obnoxious and unruly, I would expect the existing laws against public drunkenness to be enforced.

Therefor, I will certainly not vote to endorse any so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes in Oak Bay as long as the current Globalist New World Order’s Criminal Code of Canada’s prohibition law is in place, as I truly believe that they are counter-productive to the still suffering addicts’ best interest, which is recovery from active addiction, and a cessation of a life of petty crime, collusion, harrassment, theft and bribery by some of the more corrupted of the police and their accomplices.

Their best hope for a life of real recovery from active addiction is to follow free 12 step programmes that counsel complete daily abstinence, and not with so-called ‘crack kits,’ ‘safe consumption or injection sites,’ ‘needle exchanges’ or ‘wet houses’.

In some hard cases, deeper holistic integration treatment is medically and psychiatrically recommended by disinterested experts (fellow recovering addicts) and a new spiritual life of prayer and medication is also encouraged.

In those hard cases, the best programmes are also all based on complete abstinence and not on government-subsidized Methodone or opiate maintenance programmes paid for and administered by unwitting well-intentioned but ill-informed enablers, so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes which just replace one addiction with another.




NOVEMBER 19 2011

Now his pro-life commitment has broadened to include his efforts for the homeless and his support for campaigns to stop clearcutting of Vancouver Island forests, and to keep American nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed naval vessels out of Victoria harbour… Steve Weatherbe on Gregory Hartnell, BC Christian News, Canadian Christianity, Jan 1, 2009

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Artist and political maverick Hartnell has hope for ‘lost causes’

January 1, 2009 By  Leave a Comment

Gregory HartnellGregory Hartnell has lost another election.

Over the years, the Victoria artist and civic activist has run for city council “four or five times” including this year, and for mayor twice. And always he loses.

Isn’t this discouraging?

“Hope is the operative word for Christians – and I am a Christian, and a Catholic,” responds Hartnell. “Running makes a lot of sense in these desperate times.”

Hartnell says he campaigns in a losing cause because his goal is to present a contrary perspective to the prevailing one, which he characterizes as “worship of market forces.”

Hartnell and the other two members of his slate, Patrick Jamieson and Father Allen Jones of the Old Catholic Church, came out strongly for the homeless. They believe they helped raise it to the status of number one issue in Victoria’s mayoralty race, which saw social agency bureaucrat Dean Fortin elected mayor.

Fortin made homelessness the theme of his inaugural comments; but he also spoke positively about an upcoming vote on raising his salary by $23,000. Hartnell, nothing if not an independent thinker, attacked “socialist” Fortin for even considering such a thing.

Hartnell’s approach to the homeless doesn’t follow conventional lines, either. He thinks most of them are substance abusers of one sort or other, who should be in 12-step programs based on Alcoholics Anonymous.

As for so-called ‘harm reduction’ plans that provide methadone to heroine addicts and clean needles to intravenous drug users, these he condemns as “a failed policy.

“They’ve been giving out needles for 20 years, and the problem keeps getting worse. We need the 12-step approach because it offers hope of recovery. Giving out needles just sends the message: we approve of what you are doing to yourself.”

He sounds like a hardliner, but he also brings homeless people into his own spotless, sunlit home in Victoria’s scenic Rockland neighbourhood for a shower and a meal.

“My wife Dawn just insists the bathroom is cleaned up when they leave,” he quips.

Hartnell was raised Catholic in a large, affluent Victoria family – but during his first stint at university in the 1970s, he strayed toward the Baha’i faith.

“It was appealing, because they presented themselves as a more evolved religion. They had no hierarchy or clergy, and treated women equally – and said Krishna and Muhammad and Christ were all manifestations of God.”

But after 18 months, he returned to Christianity. He still retaining some of his hostility to the Catholic hierarchy – “but not the church.”

Hartnell returned to university in the 1980s, studying simultaneously at the San Francisco Academy of Art College and San Francisco University. There he got heavily into “boozing” and involved with a woman who was also a “boozer,” which led him to Alcoholics Anonymous. He also got involved with the St. Ignatius Institute and its strong commitment to the pro-life cause.

Now his pro-life commitment has broadened to include his efforts for the homeless and his support for campaigns to stop clearcutting of Vancouver Island forests, and to keep American nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed naval vessels out of Victoria harbour.

“The problem with the pro-life movement”,” he says, “is that it is too narrow.”

Hartnell attends mass three or four times weekly, valuing it for the regular readings from the Old and New Testament (though he admits he finds the former “historically interesting but often baffling”) – and for Holy Communion, which he terms “spiritual food” and “a great and mysterious gift.”

Hartnell’s art, which adorns his house and is most often seen on the cover of the Island Catholic News, the anti-hierarchy independent monthly published by fellow council candidate Jamieson, is a mostly religious mixture of the symbolic and the geometrical.

He is experimenting now with blending the Christian cross with the Eastern mandala. Other recent paintings depict Christian saints – but with Hindu-like red dots on their forehead. This, however, owes its inspiration not to India, but to the art of 12th century Spain – where the red dot represented the blood of Christ.