ORWELL’S BIG BROTHER 2011: Who is ‘Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell’? Why will GPMH’s CCC blog soon disappear from War Party’s Death Culture Internet spy system?

Now that I partially understand that the Internet is the Death Culture’s planetary spy system, I have decided that I don’t really think it is a good idea for anyone to willingly comply with it.

Forgive me, dear readers, for taking so long to figure this out… I am a very plodding, slow and methodical learner, but I do still retain what I learn.

I remember dreading the very idea of opening that Pandora’s box, before getting my first Mac at the USF bookstore in San Francisco, I won’t say when…

Since then, the evil powers that be have had plenty of time to compile a massive dossier on my online activities, and I now choose to stop helping them do this.

Although I have been arrested and incarcerated five times by the CN Police, the Thunder Bay Police, the RCMP, the Vancouver Police, and the San Francisco Police, never before in my short life of 59 years have I ever received warning telephone calls from any police department, but it happened twice in November of this year, during the recent municipal election, when I stood for office in Oak Bay.

Two unlawful phone calls from police in jurisdictions that do no govern me is two times too many, as far as this Liberty-loving individual is concerned.

I am not now advocating nor have I ever advocated violence in my writing, but I do think it is always time for a real peaceful revolutionary movement of the Spirit, and to achieve that revolution of Peace, my friends, we must all stand against the nightmarish world the Globalist War Party is trying to impose on all of us.

Frankly, my heroes are Christ Himself, and the early Church martyrs who laid down their lives for others.

I am an enemy of all oppressive governments, and as far as I can tell now, they are all determined to oppress us.

In this part of Creation, we are oppressed by militarism, monarchism, banksterism, faux nationalism, globalism and a constant barrage of Death Culture propaganda, particularly from the suspect CBC.

I have had enough: I deplore Big Brother’s brainwashing, and I reject all of it outright.

This website will therefor be shut down as of the end of 2011, as a matter of personal prudence and in furtherance of planetary Peace.

I will not stop my peaceful advocacy actvities, however, but rather I will revert to more traditional methods of communication, through direct contact with people on the street, paintings, posters, pamphlets and other printed material which will not be found online, unless someone else puts it there…

People who really know me will know where to find me otherwise, but it will be futile to try to get my attention here or at my soon-to-be-deleted yahoo email account.

That will be shut down also, but not by the Death Culture police.

I advise anyone concerned about Internet spying systems to wake up and get themselves properly educated as to the real dangers of these systems, and to realize how thoroughly they have been brainwashed by the Death Culture.

I am not advocating a Luddite response, but I do think that the  NWO Technologists with their infernal Death Cult eugenics programmes are quite demonic, and it is an actual sin to co-operate in any way with them.

Take the appropriate precautions to protect your Life, Liberty, privacy and sanity, my good friends in the Life Culture.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

1357 Rockland Avenue

Victoria, V8S 1v7

Tel. 250 382 97 67

Pax Christi


Jeremy Maddock on an old ‘Dean Team’ idea of affordable housing in Victoria: ‘politicians only support affordable housing that’s publicly funded and managed.’ Letter published in Times Colonist, October 27, 2011.

City wants a monopoly on affordable housing


Re: “‘It’s not going to cost the city a penny,’ ” Times Colonist, Oct. 22.

I was quite disgusted to read that the City of Victoria is continuing to block a private developer’s efforts to offer affordable housing units in an unused downtown hotel.

Wherever you come from ideologically, it’s difficult to deny that Victoria is in desperate need of more affordable housing.

It’s one of the main talking points in every local election.

But it seems that once they are elected, local politicians only support affordable housing that’s publicly funded and managed.

When a private entrepreneur comes along with a viable business model to turn an empty hotel into cheap housing for struggling Victorians, City Hall opposes it.

Could it be that politicians only believe in helping people when they have a monopoly on doing it?

I was also a little shocked by at least one councillor’s rationale for opposing the private affordable housing plan:

“Coun. Lynn Hunter is worried that the nature of the development could make it a magnet for single men, which could lead to added social costs such as police calls the city will have to pick up in the future.”

Can you imagine if this councillor had said the same thing about blacks, natives, or basically any minority group other than “single men?”

Jeremy Maddock


Read more:http://www.timescolonist.com/business/City+wants+monopoly+affordable+housing/5614717/story.html#ixzz1elHb4zPb

Stop ‘Smart Meters’ Rally at Hydro presentation Thurs. Nov.24, 140 Oswego St. ETA 5:30 pm. Let’s meet in front. Hydro’s ‘smart meter’ presentation begins at 6:30pm… plus Nov. 21 update

Smart Meter update Nov. 21

Monday, November 21, 2011 11:27:57 PM
3) And a great article by Will Thomas  http://www.willthomasonline.net/the%20new%20plague.htm
4) Rally at Hydro presentation Thurs. Nov.24, 140 Oswego St. ETA 5:30 pm. Let’s meet in front. Presentation begins at 6:30pm.

Hydro presentation at the James Bay Centre. We will need bodies, signage, info and petition forms. We will also make up more non-consent forms and meter signage.

Bring lots of questions. The “Separating Fact and Fiction” found at www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca under “printables” is a great starting point. We need lots of questions for the Hydro people to have to answer.


‘Oak Bay democracy can still be clean, easy and free’, says Gregory Hartnell; ‘Rockland Outsider’ didn’t spend a cent on paperless sign-free Campaign for Oak Bay Liberty

I am pleased to report something that I am sure that all my cousins the Turnbulls, and all my long-dead Glaswegian ancestors on my mother’s side, would certainly appreciate.

I didn’t spend a red cent, not one devalued Canadian penny, not one single unit of the Bankster’s fiat currency in spreading the bulletproof ideas of Liberty to the good people of Oak Bay in last week’s election.

I analysed the basics of Dr. Ron Paul’s erudition and wisdom, integrating the most applicable economic principles into my own non partisan ten point plan for Oak Bay economic recovery, incorporating Austrian School of Economics ideas as I understand them from studying Dr. Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.

So it is quite possible to come from Victoria with a commendation and a warning, to stand for election in a neighbouring jurisdiction, to spread timeless revolutionary anti-corporatist ideas, to not spend a cent, and to have about 569 souls vote for those sorts of pro-Life, pro-Liberty, pro low tax ideas.

Thanks to all my Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Peace, Pro-Market, Pro-Sound Money Concerned Citizens and other new friends in Oak Bay.

Remember folks, this campaign was essentially a one man operation, run by face to face contact with Oak Bay residents, telephone calls, emails and blogs.

Imagine what you can do with a gang of peaceful Liberty revolutionaries who are more computer savvy than your humble servant, and not hung up on Scottish frugality.

I didn’t use any so-called social media at all.

No facebook ‘friends’, no myspace, no linkedin, no twittering…

NADA de estas cosas estupidas!


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

‘Goyo de la Rosa’


Gregory Hartnell: ‘I am opposed to both failed so-called ‘harm reduction’ and prohibition regimes. The now lax police enforcement of failed prohibition laws is a poor social health policy and has failed miserably since 1989.’ Oak Bay News, Nov. 15, 2011.

ELECTION 2011: All Oak Bay council candidates were queried by Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness about housing, homelessness … only Cairine Green and Gregory Hartnell answered

Published: November 15, 2011 12:00 PM
Updated: November 15, 2011 12:35 PM

The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness sent out a questionnaire to all candidates running in the Nov. 19 civic election.

Just two candidates in the Oak Bay race responded: Cairine Green and Gregory Hartnell.

Below are the coalitions questions and the two candidates answers. Responses have been edited by the News for spelling and grammar.

Question 1. The City of Victoria has adopted a Harm Reduction policy framework. What action steps will you take or support to ensure the strategies are implemented?

Cairine Green: If elected as a council member in Oak Bay, I will continue my work with the coalition and City of Victoria council colleagues to support harm reduction and the harm reduction policy framework. I will be an active voice on Oak Bay council to try to bring about consensus among council colleagues that Oak Bay can and should make a significant contribution as a regional partner to supporting the City of Victoria harm reduction strategies designed to address the hardship of the homeless and those with other special complex needs that include mental illness and addictions. My goal will be to work together at the local and regional levels to ensure  these strategies are moved forward and implemented.

Gregory Hartnell: The City of Victoria’s so-called harm reduction policy framework is a part of draconian globalist eugenics programmes, is inherently evil, and not applicable outside of that decadent jurisdiction, thank God! Therefore, as an informed opponent of all such mischievous New World Order nonsense, and as a person who will not countenance half measures designed by technocrats to perpetuate the prohibition of these drugs, I will not support any similar plans in Oak Bay to enable addicts to stay enslaved to their addictions indefinitely. In other words, I am opposed to both failed so-called ‘harm reduction’ and prohibition regimes. The now lax police enforcement of failed prohibition laws is a poor social health policy and has failed miserably since 1989.

Question 2. What will you do to create and implement a new regional affordable housing housing levy?

Cairine Green: I have a history of proactive work related to affordable housing on a regional basis. I lobbied successfully for the ability of partner municipalities that contribute to the Capital Regional District’s Regional Housing Trust Fund, to be able to make voluntary contributions to the fund beyond their normal annual requisition. If elected, I will introduce this idea to Oak Bay council colleagues, while at the same time educating Oak Bay residents about the importance of the RHTF and its significant role in providing affordable subsidized housing across the region. If elected, I will also explore other strategies that might assist with affordable housing options through an Oak Bay Official Community Plan review, a process that has been identified as a priority for Oak Bay and must include community engagement and consultation.

Gregory Hartnell: The Capital Regional District is a completely opaque, secretive, non-accountable pseudo-government which I do not respect and therefore I would not support any non-democratic efforts its bureaucracy may cook up to do anything at all.

Question 3. What municipal incentives will you introduce or champion to build new or renovated below-market rental housing?

Cairine Green: If elected, I will begin with my council colleagues, engaging in meaningful discussions about reviewing existing Oak Bay rental housing stock and seeking opportunities for new or below-market rental housing that fits with local needs. I will work with the community and other stakeholders and partners, including local non-profit organizations, to learn more about local housing objectives related to below market rental housing.

Gregory Hartnell: I am firmly committed to never raise taxes, to reduce wasteful spending, and to reduce borrowing radically in the three-year term, should I be elected to serve the overtaxed residential and commercial property taxpayers of the District of Oak Bay. I see no advantage to building public housing in Oak Bay, as these projects invariably distort the local housing market, creating new social tensions that did not exist prior to the public intrusion.

Question 4. We know that in March 2010, 21,180 people used food banks in Greater Victoria; 13.7% reported employment income; 22.4% were children. What will you do at the municipal level to support access to healthy and affordable food?

Cairine Green: If elected, I will first continue to actively support the Regional Growth Strategy intended to protect region-wide agricultural and rural lands that can be used for growing local food that is safe and accessible. I realize that food banks are now part of our regional fabric and will encourage council colleagues in Oak Bay and in other municipalities to support an effective network of donating food and expertise to local food banks. We know and recognize that homelessness and food banks are all symptoms of a deeper root cause and that’s systemic poverty. I know that B.C., for example, has the highest child poverty rate in the country. I will encourage Oak Bay council and the community to continue its efforts to address some of these needs but I will also encourage us to partner with other levels of government to help address the very real issue of child poverty.

Gregory Hartnell: I advocate a campaign for Oak Bay tax liberty, which basically would leave more money in everyone’s pockets. I encourage everyone concerned about rising food costs to start their own all-seasons organic vegetable gardens as we have done on our own property, and for those renters without private property, I would work to have unused parts of Oak Bay’s parks used as community allotment gardens, without incurring any new costs to taxpayers.

Can our heritage Joseph Strauss-designed Johnson Street bascule bridge be saved by three new Victoria City Councillors? Half of philistine Dean’s Team is history: Lynn Hunter replaced by Ben Isitt, John Luton replaced by Shellie Gudgeon; Philippe Lucas replaced by Lisa Helps

Joseph Strauss’ bascule bridge is shamefully neglected by the Fortinites

[‘Goyo de la Rosa’ photo]


The bad news is that Dino got back in… somehow.

It can only be explained by reference to the odious NDP political machine, and will no doubt mean more high residential and commercial property taxes if he gets his Globalist agenda supported by the new trio. 

But the good news is that half of his so-called ‘Dean Team’ went down: ex-MP Lynn Hunter and bike fanatic John Luton, both of whom supported his philistine plans to destroy the Johnson Street Bridge, are about to exit the political stage, thank you very much!

Ex-Green Party Councillor Candidate Philippe Lucas is also a Globalist Futurist who wanted to tear down the old bascule, so these losses are really a severe blow to the Mayor’s stimulus plans, I reckon.

Can Dino really count on the hot-headed radical Ben Isitt?

Somehow, I see clashes coming between the staid boring old stimulus-addicted Globalist Socialist Dino (with the sky blue and electric green signs) and the red-haired Socialist historian whose orange signs connoted his unofficial NDP affiliation.

But perhaps the biggest losers of the evening were the Greens, as their unofficial preferred Victoria Mayoral Candidate Steve Filipovic came in third, incumbent Victoria City Councillor Lucas lost his seat as did incumbent Luton (whose signs were bright green this year), and Linda Lisa McGrew,  the only Councillor Candidate on the Open Victoria slate endorsed by the Green Party, did not get elected.

On the other hand, I believe that Steve Filipovic endorsed all three of the winning Councillor Candidates; Shellie Gudgeon, Lisa Helps and Ben Isitt, so that was prescient.

It is my fervent hope that the three new Councillors will challenge the whole new bridge project, and actually try to stop it as financially reckless.

Instead, the new Councillors should join forces with Councillor Young and provide a unified front to convince Councillors Madoff, Coleman, Thornton Joe and perhaps others to change their minds, and to save the old heritage Johnson Street Bridge.

I am particularly interested in seeing how Shellie Gudgeon does on Council, as counter to my published intentions, I decided at the last minute to vote for her, for all the classic counterintuitive reasons…

As a publican already holding a number of liquor licenses in her restaurant businesses, she would not be able to vote on any new liquor license applications without finding herself in a conflict of interest, and she will therefor have to recuse herself in those instances.

All three of these new Councillors are so-called ‘harm reductionists’ so there is really no change on the Council in that regard.

I met and spoke to Shellie Gudgeon about ‘harm reduction’ not long after her campaign office was opened up.

We briefly shared with each other our stories of loved ones in our families lost to overdoses.

So it wasn’t long before we agreed to disagree on the best social health solutions to these nagging problems, but I know her heart is in the right place, and I hope she and other ‘harm reductionists’ eventually come to reject the ‘harm reduction’ nonsense as based on junk science.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


Gerald Celente: Trends Research Institute’s main man warns of more Bankster ripoffs coming…