CCC BLOG (Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog) is the official website of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition (CCC), the political arm of the Concerned Citizens, based in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and is maintained by CCC President Gregory Hartnell (alias ‘Goyo de la Rosa’).

We prefer to carry on correspondence for the CCC here at this publicly-accessible weblog by comments below each article, but if you prefer to query us personally, or have email pertaining to the upcoming Victoria municipal election, please contact:

Correspondence of interest to the webmaster Gregory Hartnell ( also known as ‘Goyo de la Rosa’) should be directed to:

Gregory Hartnell, President


1357 Rockland Avenue,

Victoria, V8S 1V7,

British Columbia, Canada.

Telephone: 250 382 97 67


The CCC grew out of the Greater Victoria Concerned Citizens’ Association (GVCCA), founded in 1988 for the express purpose of bringing public interest lawsuits to the courts.  

We worked successfully in tandem with the Saint Anne’s Community Rescue Coalition to help keep Saint Anne’s Academy in the public realm, and properly restored.

We later also brought forth a public interest lawsuit to stop a pornographic film from being screened in the auditorium of Saint Anne’s Academy.

We failed in a third lawsuit to stop the borrowing of $30,000,000 to build the new arena in downtown Victoria.

The CCC has fielded candidates in past municipal elections, including the administrator of this blogsite.  

Currently, we have three members who have expressed interest in seeking the ratification of CCC members to run as candidates in the upcoming election, John David Burke (alias ‘David Jure’), Father Allen Jones and Gregory Paul Hartnell.

The ratification meeting will be held around the begining of the autumn season, at a date yet to be determined.  

After ratification by CCC members, the nominated candidates will file official nomination papers to seek seats on the Victoria City Council.






9 Responses to CONCERNED CITIZENS’ COALITION WEBLOG: Victoria, Vancouver Island

  1. Louise says:

    I am curious to learn more about the CCC. Is there a contact email?


  2. Gregory Hartnell says:

    Hi Louise:

    Thanks for your interest in the CCC.

    Personal email for Gregory Hartnell (alias ‘Goyo de la Rosa’), the President of the CCC and webmaster for this CCC Blog, should be sent to:

    May we kindly suggest that readers may also like to visit my personal blog entitled LA ROSA, maintained under the moniker ‘Goyo de la Rosa,’ found here:

    I acknowledge that both of these websites are still in the sgraffitto stage of early development. In other words, this is just a very preliminary rough sketch of our vision for Victoria.

    Should the CCC ratify the nominations of our aspiring candidates John David Burke, Father Allen Jones and myself in the coming weeks (we are hoping to secure a public room for Sunday, September 21), we may be authorized by the members at that time to upgrade our web presence.

    Until such time, we are not authorized to spend any money on such upgrades. This is an example of the careful fiscal prudence and dutiful incrementalism that would characterize our Council activities, should we be elected.

    One way or another, we will be uploading pictures of ourselves, artwork and other images of interest to readers to both websites prior to the campaign.

    And, yes, this website will be maintained whether or not we are nominated.

    I am sure that it will prove to be a fascinating source of ‘OUTSIDER’ information and informed political discourse prior to, during and after the campaign.

    – Gregory Hartnell, CCC President
    (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)


  3. William Perry says:

    Political Suicide = Resignation Time

    The City of Victoria Mayor and Council are essentially committing political suicide, by continuing with the replacement of the Johnson Street Bridge.

    The conservative estimated $63 million project has sentenced the Victoria residents to a debt that will see municipal taxes raised and even a toll levied. With the announcements by the federal and province finance ministers, which outlined extensive budget shortfalls, the political future of the city’s leaders should be over.

    There are likely some of the council members who are not 100% committed to this spending especially given the financial reality of the funding sources and the growing number of residents not wanting this project to continue. Those members are encouraged to call for Mayor Fortin’s resignation.

    Without a doubt, this is the worse financial decision this city has ever made, and is made more criminal given the economic reality. The provincial and federal budget shortfalls are a clear indicator that this is not the opportunity touted by the mayor, and to continue this initiative is the height of irresponsibility.

    William Perry
    Victoria, BC

  4. goyodelarosa says:

    Thank you for your comment, Mr. Perry. I agree with your contention that Mayor Dean Fortin and his irresponsible Council should resign, or, at the very least, be thrown out in the next election.

    Their blithe disregard for the basic economic realities facing the whole world, combined with their unseemly haste to demolish the ‘Joseph Strauss Bridge,’ has doomed them politically.

    Gregory Hartnell, President
    Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

  5. William Perry says:

    …”A return to restraint

    Most of us remember Bill Bennett, who became premier of BC in the 1975 election when his party defeated the New Democratic Party of Premier David Barrett.

    His cabinet included a vast array of politicians new to the provincial scene who would soon become some of BC’s most prominent political players. These included ‘Amazing’ Grace McCarthy, Bill Vander Zalm, Garde Gardom and Rafe Mair.

    Bennett, inspired by conservative economist Milton Friedman, his government passed an series of laws, known as the “Restraint” program, which slashed social services and gutted labour laws in response to economic woes in 1983, provoking a general strike which further crippled the economy – the ‘Solidarity’ movement. This prompted Bennett, In several television interviews, to label those who disagreed with his policies as “Bad British Columbians.”

    Restraint is a good word, as it can, when used correctly, can present a government as being responsible, particularly in fiscal spending by choosing priorities carefully, putting the taxpayers needs ahead of their own political vanity.

    In the case of Mayor Fortin and Council, a “Physical restraint” is more applicable, as it renders people helpless or keeping them in captivity by means such as handcuffs, ropes, straps, etc. At the very least, it keeps them from signing cheques, let’s say in excess of $63 million. Now that calls for a ‘straight Jacket’, nine to be exact.

    William Perry
    Victoria, BC”…

  6. albe says:

    Accept that the BB may be reserved for cycles and other light weight crossers.
    The Bay St. bridge as a alternate is possible with a connection down front St. to Bridge ST.
    @Bay with a bridge span across Rock Bay.
    Bay Bridge could be rerofitted with gangway sidewalks attached in catilevered fashion, allowing for four lane traffic on the surface.
    Blue bridge may be considered not suitable for trucks& cars.
    Or is MMM the only solution, how many referenda will it take to get the desired result?
    How many for the Arena? Three.

  7. I would love to leave a comment about the great environmental help Gregory Hartnell provided to our group when we have just started the fight against the Ministry of Forestry’s plans to clear-cut ten creeks, lakes and watersheds, the today’s famous, Jordan River’s forest massacre.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gregory, in the name of the Kemp Lake watershed, ecosystems and wildlife.

    By the way, I need to disagree with 73Rocket when he/she implies that Gregory is not a compassionate person. I have known Gregory for many years now and I consider him to be a very caring and devoted to charity human being.

    It needs to be noted that Gregory is an intellectual, a politician and an artist, which means that he lives in a constant state of worry and dreams. I other words, he can forget things sometimes, but his intentions are good.

  8. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks very much for your kind comments, Margarita.

    I understand that you have returned to Sooke from Quebec!

    Bienvenue, mon amie!

    Paix, Justice et Liberte


  9. Alex says:

    I’m just going to throw in by saying that I am growing tired of the same old arguments about voting ,democracy, deplomacy. Stop it please people. We have been had and it’s only getting worse Ie:Argentina” Stop it with the football and ponies and red and blue. Look beyond the mindless propaganda!

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