AL QAIDA IN CANADA? Wikileaks docs allege Montreal-Victoria connection between Mauritanian 9-11 suspect Mohamedou Ould Slahi (or Salahi) and ‘Millenium Bomber’ Ahmed Ressam

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  A Mauritanian Muslim man who once lived in Montreal and married a Canadian citizen, after immigrating here from Germany, is now held in Guantanamo and is alleged by the Gringos to be at the centre of suspect activities by ‘Al Qaida in Canada’ in that great Quebecois city, according to previously secret documents recently released by Wikileaks. 

  No charges are pending against Mohamedou Ould Salahi (or Slahi), however, although he continues to languish in the scandalous lawless American prison on the Cuban island.

  Mr. Salahi’s alleged terrorist activities include conspiring with three of the suspected 9-11 plotters, and planning the so-called ‘Millenium bombing’ at Los Angeles airport, for which an Algerian named Ahmed Ressam was arrested in Victoria at the Coho ferry terminal before boarding for Port Angeles, Washington with a trunk full of explosives.

  Mr. Ressam was tried, found guilty and now is incarcerated in a Seattle prison.



Slahi moved to MontrealCanada on November 26, 1999 because German immigration wouldn’t prolong his visa.[15] Since he was a hafidh, he was asked to lead Ramadan prayers for a large Muslim mosque by its Imam.[16][18] (p. 14) Ahmed Ressam, who was caught with explosives crossing the Canadian border in December 1999 as part of the 2000 Millennium Plot, was also a member of the same mosque.[14] Since Slahi’s name was known to U.S. intelligence, he became suspected of activating Ressam.[17]


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) put Slahi under surveillance for several weeks but lacked any grounds to arrest him.[17][21] According to a classified report of German intelligence, “there is not only no evidence of any involvement by Ould Slahi in the planning and preparation of the attacks, but also no indication that Ressam and Ould Slahi knew each other.”[3] Slahi left Canada to return to Mauritania on January 21, 2000.[15]



  Mr. Slahi has apparently been tortured in Afghanistan, Jordan and at Guantanamo (and possibly by the FBI in his native Mauritania) so his questionable testimony has not been allowed in any Afghan, Mauritanian, German, Jordanian, Canadian, Cuban or Gringo military tribunal or court of law so far, but he nevertheless remains incarcerated against his will in one of the most notorious hell-holes on the planet. 

Allegations of torture

According to the Wall Street Journal, Slahi had his last Federal Bureau of Investigation interrogation on May 22, 2003.[6] His FBI interrogator warned him “this was our last session; he told me that I was not going to enjoy the time to come.”. The interrogation techniques used on Slahi now started to include isolation, temperature extremes, beatings and sexual humiliation.[6]


[edit]Schmidt-Furlow Report

The Wall Street Journal paraphrases an incident described in the Schmidt-Furlow Report:[6][31]

On July 17, 2003, a masked interrogator told Mr. Slahi he had dreamed of watching detainees dig a grave…. The interrogator said he saw ‘a plain, pine casket with [Mr. Slahi’s] identification number painted in orange lowered into the ground.’

Slahi was repeatedly subjected to the use of an interrogation technique, in the summer of 2003, that the Schmidt-Furlow Report stated had been prohibited by the Secretary of Defenseon December 2, 2002.

  Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard of the Court Martial Appeal Court, a New Brunswick Liberal Party of Canada political appointee, found that regardless of the fact that he had lived in this country and ‘had once been granted permanent resident status in Canada,’ because he never became a Canadian citizen, and despite the fact that he is married to a Canadian, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms did not apply in his case, and he was therefor unable to access Canadian ‘intelligence information’ about the very serious allegations against him.

[ Excerpts from Wikipedia.

Links to Wikipedia and Wikileaks are found in the comments]


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, CCC President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, North America


Guantanamo detainees in 2002.



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