JEFF BUZIAK @ FIND LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDERERS: Facebook group discussion on unsolved 2008 killing of beautiful Catholic realtor, De Sousa Place, Saanich

Lindsay Buziak with two unidentified friends from Facebook photos.
Lindsay Buziak, shown on left with two unidentified friends, photo Victoria Times Colonist


Jeff Buziak, the father of the late Lindsay Buziak, has written to Gregory Hartnell, Editor of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog (CCC BLOG) to invite him and others interested in the still unsolved murder of his daughter to visit a Facebook group discussion on the investigation, called FIND LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDERERS.

In his comment on another Lindsay Buziak-related posting at the CCC BLOG (‘SHIRLEY + RYAN ZAILO CLEARED BY SAANICH POLICE’), Mr. Buziak wrote that he would be pleased to answer any questions that Mr. Hartnell might have ‘to the best of my knowledge’ in private email correspondence. 

Mr. Hartnell wrote back in a further comment to Mr. Buziak that he would read the linked FIND LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDERERS Facebook group discussion pages with avid interest, and would then write back to Mr. Buziak privately to express his concerns and impressions as an artist-historian.

A link to the FIND LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDERERS Facebook group discussion pages is found in the comments section below, and will also be found in the CCC BLOGROLL to the right.

Jeff Buziak is hoping two private investigators will help find his daughter's killer.





MERV WILKINSON AT WILDWOOD, JUST TURNED 97: Andy Sinats photo, September 2010


Andy Sinats, editor of, the website of the British Columbia Environmental Network, has just come back from Wildwood where he visited legendary eco forester Merv Wilkinson, who just celebrated his 97th birthday on God’s good Earth.

For Merv Wilkinson’s Wildwood Report Card on how The Land Conservancy has mismanaged the famous Cedar eco forest for the last ten years, and for more updates on the Wildwood saga and other environmental and conservation campaigns, please refer to

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

TERRY GORDON ON THE LAND CONSERVANCY’S MORTGAGED PROPERTIES + INSOLVENCY: ‘Other conservation groups do not use mortgages + adopt more conservative, transparent operating procedures’

2009_Aug_TLC 052 by you.

Although Bill Turner, Executive Director of The Land Conservancy, has done much, most people are forgetting that much of that much is mortgaged.
The Land Conservancy is insolvent — hence automatically in violation of a mortgage per standard mortgage clauses — and thus, a lot of what he ‘appears’ to have achieved could well come undone and be lost; so what is the net benefit after more than a decade?
 I suppose this is just one of the reasons that nearly all of the other conservation groups do not use mortgages and adopt more conservative, and transparent financial operating procedures.
When the treasurer cannot get the financial information she needs, and decides that it is necessary to resign the position, you know something is very wrong.
I find it very interesting, that as one letter writer wrote, four lawyers resigned.
Lawyers do not bolt from the scene unless matters are really legally astray; enough that they are concerned with liability, their law licence, being implicated or conveniently blamed — exit the scene before matters become public — as they have done and not that I blame them in the least.
I wonder how many accountants, financial professionals, etc. have also resigned. 
Finally, as another letter said, the TLC’s Annual General Meeting will be ‘something of nothing’ (my words) given the lack of full financial disclosure, etc. 
 Given the auditors’ comments, the next critical step would be for the auditors and accounting firm to resign.
Would not that blow the whole matter sky-high and expose Mr. Turner & Co. for good?
They sure talk sustainability, but cannot practice it in their own affairs and in regards to their members and donors; how ironic and sad. 
Let us remember that Mr. Turner only holds office ‘at the will of the members’, and this office comes with a duty-of-care that is to TLC as an organization, and transcends any persons.  
  Without a doubt, we are all very grateful for Mr. Turner’s enthusiasm and achievements over the years.
But, that is presently not the question.
The questions, as many writers have stated, are about operating accountably, transparency and fiscal purdence — and acting according to TLC’s own Constitution — to fellow executives, members, donors and general supporters. 
Mr. Turner has demonstrated his skills at identifying properties and fundraising for them, however, it is his skills as the chief executive officer and his choices of leveraged financial practices and his non-cooperative management style that have caused the current problems.

  I say this not to criticize him, but more so to illustrate that different sets of skills are required for different tasks.

 A critical role of an organization’s chief executive is to keep the operation alive amongst all the competing demands and wishes that various people impose on it.
This is most effectively achieved when the two roles — executive management and property aquisition proposals — are kept separate; the same person cannot be in charge of both; otherwise, this conflict of interest causes the very problems that now plague TLC.   
 TLC needs to get back to the basics of prudent financial management and an operating style that is completely open with its members — just abide by its own constitution. 
Otherwise, it will find itself a lesser organization tomorrow than it has been in the past, and that would be really unfortunate for everyone — present and future generations.

TISHA WILKINSON: Merv Wilkinson ‘surely wouldn’t have supported The Land Conservancy in its decision to change their definition of ecoforestry’

Broken promises?

Andy Sinats photo from 

TLC not fulfilling pledges after buying Wildwood ecoforestry site


Has The Land Conservancy of British Columbia lived up to its ethical and moral responsibility with regard to the Wildwood ecoforestry site?

On Aug. 26, TLC posted a commentary on its website titled Facts about TLC’s Wildwood Ecoforestry Site.

This was in response to the mounting pressure being applied by Merv Wilkinson and his supporters (including family) with regard to the failure to continue his sustainable selection forestry activities and the lack of maintenance and protection of the property.

TLC stated: “When we take a property under our care, we do have the ethical and moral responsibility to protect that property in perpetuity, to not expose it to undue risk and to manage it to the best of our abilities according to the expectations of our partners, members and donors.”

To protect Wildwood in perpetuity, TLC says that once it holds title, the property will be deemed inalienable and can never be sold. The property and its uses will be protected by the TLC constitution.

Yet, the TLC constitution states that “when a property … is declared to be inalienable, the society will take every measure possible to ensure its protection in perpetuity. A property that has been declared inalienable shall be protected by a Conservation Covenant …[and] shall not be mortgaged under any circumstances.”

Given what we know today about TLC operations and knowing there are a number of mortgages on Wildwood, it is clear the property is not inalienable and is not protected.

Given the latest information on TLC’s financial situation, mortgaging practices and the resulting lack of real protection to the property, it has exposed Wildwood to undue risk.

TLC also stated that it has the ethical and moral responsibility to manage Wildwood to the best of its abilities according to the expectations of its partners, members and donors.

Given that Merv Wilkinson was a major donor, a TLC member and the owner of the property, his expectations were well known to TLC.

The draft stewardship plan that was presented to him 10 years ago stated that TLC would manage Wildwood according to Merv’s ecoforestry principles.

A letter signed by Bill Turner, TLC executive director, to Merv Wilkinson on Sept. 6, 2000, when he was negotiating the purchase of Wildwood, said that TLC “would set out to … raise several hundred thousand dollars for the property’s future maintenance.”

The letter also stated that Merv Wilkinson “would be involved in any management decisions relating to the property for as long as you live.”

From this, Merv Wilkinson expected that his property would be maintained and that he would be involved in the management decisions relating to the property.

TLC has not followed through with this agreement.

Merv is still alive and he has not been involved in the management decisions relating to the property.

Had he been, he surely wouldn’t have supported TLC in its decision to change their definition of ecoforestry.

The conclusion is apparent: TLC has not lived up to its responsibilities with regard to Wildwood.


Tisha Wilkinson is a daughter of Merv Wilkinson.

The Victoria Times Colonist:
Friday, September, 24, 2010


SHIRLEY + RYAN ZAILO CLEARED BY SAANICH POLICE: ‘Mother + brother of Lindsay Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo had nothing to do with Feb. 2, 2008 slaying.’ TC photos show Jason Zailo in black Masonic-Satanic t-shirts, partying with blonde making ‘devil’s horn’ hand signal

Lindsay Buziak, 24, left, a real estate agent found dead at 1702 De Sousa Place in Saanich on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008. Her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, is at right.


The late Lindsay Buziak is shown on the left, while her last boyfriend, Jason Zailo is shown on the right in this Times Colonist photo.

In at least two photos found at the Victoria Times Colonist‘s gallery of Buziak-related photos, Jason Zailo is clearly not sitting next to Lindsay Buziak.

Jason Zailo is shown wearing two different but similar black t-shirts with Masonic-Satanic (or pseudo-Masonic-Satanic) symbology serigraphed on the front (note pentagram in circle, above), sporting a Mephistophelian goatee that frankly makes him look quite devilish, holding a glass of alcohol, his body pressed close, in both photos, to the bodies of two different attractive women.




Note the goatee and pentagram, both affected also by Jason Zailo, and ‘devil’s horn’ hand signal on Marilyn Manson’s black shirt, the same signal used by the blonde in another party photo below 


There is little or no evidence in these colour photos, found at (and in the comments section below) that Jason Zailo was close to Lindsay Buziak at all, quite the contrary.

 Jason Zailo’s own account of his behaviour at the crime scene of his supposed ‘girl friend’ Lindsay Buziak is also very strange, going around the corner to park after noticing two shadows inside the new house, through frosted front door windows, supposedly so as not to be the ‘meddling boyfriend,’ a very weak alibi, that of not seeing the getaway car, waiting as he did for about twenty minutes before coming back to try the door, finding it locked, and only then calling 911, thus perhaps giving someone adequate time to commit the horrific and cruel murder.

The body of Lindsay Buziak, 24, is removed from a new home listed for sale at 1702 De Sousa Place in Gordon Head where she was killed.

Saanich investigating police obviously thought at one time (and may still think, notwithstanding this Times Colonist announcement below) that Jason Zailo may have conspired with someone, perhaps even his own family, in the murder of Lindsay Buziak, otherwise they would not have taken care to clear his brother and mother today.

I realize that some may think this a most superficial analysis based on mere appearances, but Mr. Zailo has been a suspect in the past, and there is nothing to prevent police from secretly pursuing their investigation against him, all the while maintaining the pretense that he is not being watched and investigated further.

Therefor, I believe that Jason Zailo still is, or should still be, a prime suspect in the still tragically unsolved Lindsay Buziak murder case, and that the Saanich Police may be ignoring evidence that is staring them in the face.

Saanich Police should not ignore the importance of sartorial evidence in these photos, nor should they ignore the symbolism found on Jason Zailo’s attire.

The old adage ‘every picture tells a story’ has an eternal resonance, and such symbols are used by people down through the centuries for specific reasons, ususally for aid in identifying fellow travellers.

James Reynard as Mephistopheles in 1999


Overflow crowd listens to service at funeral for murdered real estate agent Lindsay Buziak at St. Andrews' Cathedral in Victoria, BC on Saturday, February 9, 2008.OVERFLOW CROWD AT LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MASS OF CHRISTIAN BURIAL LISTENS OUTSIDE SAINT ANDREW’S CATHEDRAL ON A COLD WINTER DAY


Lindsay Buziak received a Roman Catholic funeral mass at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral after her brutal murder at De Sousa Place, but her last boyfriend wears Masonic symbols on his black t-shirts and looks perfectly Machiavellian, if not Mephistophelian, with his devilish goatee.

What is Mr. Zailo’s message in affecting such an immature if not anti-social image? 

Is he trying to signal his apparent affiliation with Masonry or Satanism in wearing the black t-shirts with Masonic-Satanic symbols, or is Justin Zailo actually ignorant of these things and just trying to be a tough and cool party boy?

Why would the Buziak family release such compromising photos, if they are the source?

The photos could easily be interpreted by a critical analysis as suggesting that Mr. Zailo is not to be trusted, as here he is in his tough guy pose, looking like Old Nick himself, with two other attractive women, and not close to or showing any interest in, awareness of, or attention to Lindsay Buziak at all.

Why would Mr. Zailo release them, if he is the source?

Could he have naively released these strange photos to somehow deflect attention away from himself?

After all, if he allows such compromising photos of himself to be released, it suggests that he wants to be understood as having a devil-may-care attitude, or if one prefers, that of a completely innocent man.

His apparent alibi is supposedly so tight that even the release of such strange photos does not bother him.

There is something very seriously wrong with this unsettling visual information as provided in the TC photos, leading one to question who released these photos to the newspaper, and what was the motive in their doing so?

The Saanich Police Department may wish to expunge such ‘speculation,’ however, the Canadian Charter does protect this type of commentary on topical matters in the public interest, as far as I am aware, and so I will not desist from advancing such speculation as long as an arrest, charges and conviction still eludes the Saanich Police Department in the Lindsay Buziak murder.

 Jason Zailo’s other black t-shirt shown below has the well-known square and compass design of the Masonic order serigraphed on the front.


While I admit that I have no direct evidence to implicate Jason Zailo in this murder, I reserve my Charter rights to express a public opinion on this public interest matter.

I will be happy to apologize in writing to Jason Zailo when or if his absolute innocence is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In the meantime, I would strongly suggest that Mr. Zailo shave the goatee, and stop wearing black t-shirts with Masonic-Satanic symbols, unless, of course he wants to encourage more public speculation on his motives and his alibi such as I have every right to express here.

 Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


Below: Another party photo shown at the Times Colonist website is very telling.  Note Jason Zailo is not seated next to his supposed girl friend Lindsay Buziak, but rather is seated next to a blonde woman giving the Satanic salute with her right hand, while her left hand is wrapped around Mr. Zailo’s right arm.

Having fun with friends, including boyfriend Jason Zailo, second from right.


Shirley, Ryan & Jason Zailo, Victoria Real Estate 





The investigation into the death of Lindsay Buziak took an unusual turn yesterday with Saanich police announcing investigators were satisfied that the mother and brother of Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo had nothing to do with the February 2, 2008 slaying.

The 24-year old real estate agent was stabbed to death at a Saanich home after meeting with a couple she believed were interested in purchasing a residence.

The “extraordinary” step of clearing Shirley and Ryan Zailo followed last Friday’s Dateline NBC report on the murder, said Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

Police hope to end “fingerpointing, rumour, speculation, innuendo” by clearing the Zailo family.

Jason Zailo

It was agreed that police would clear Shirley and Ryan publicly, as they had earlier done with Jason Zailo (above).

Remax, which employed Buziak, has co-operated with the investigators as has the Victoria Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association.


CCC BLOG reprint:

‘Boyfriend’s family cleared in Buziak case’

Victoria Times Colonist:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Page A3

HARRY SWAIN ON THE LAND CONSERVANCY: ‘I’ve been a small donor and member in the past, but not anymore’

There has been quite a flood of defensive letters following your articles on The Land Conservancy.

Some make it sound like three directorial resignations following the pro-Turner slate victory last year is the whole story, but it isn’t.

Four lawyers and four other directors had resigned by March 2009.

Eight others and one honorary director stood up for change but were defeated in an election of the whole membership.

With the three recent resignations, that makes 20 knowledgeable, committed citizens who support the objectives of TLC but could not abide its management practices.

I’ve been a small donor and member in the past, but not any more. I want my environmental donations to make a permanent difference.

The high level of risk, both legal and financial, in TLC’s present style of management is inconsistent with the very idea of conservancy.

Harry Swain

Read more:

BLUE BRIDGE ART SHOW: organizes Fan Tan Alley group art show inspired by endangered heritage Strauss bascule bridge on west side of Chinatown

Martin Machacek’s painting of the Johnson Street Bridge, below,

is on the cover of the current September 2010 number of FOCUS magazine.