Patrick Hunt tells Gregor Craigie’s Victoria CBC audience he supports government studying ‘evidence-based science’ of so-called ‘harm reduction’


AND PATRICK HUNT (on the right)


  There is plenty of ‘Tory’ money for militarism, armaments, new jets, etc., while apparently precious little for urban and rural abstinence-based recovery farms.

  Our battered war vets come home from these phoney Globalist wars on drugs and terrorism, and become hard core addicts themselves.

  We have had them since Viet Nam, even in quaint little olde Victoria, and we will always have them with us, as long as we worship militarism, brute force, war, Death and Money.

  In the meantime, Mr. Patrick Hunt, a Canadian Navy submariner, says he supports the ‘Conservative’ Party’s position of further study of what he called ‘the evidence-based science of ‘harm reduction,'” if I heard him correctly the other day on the morning CBC Victoria radio show called ‘On the Island’, with Gregor Craigie hosting.

  Mr. Craigie actually played excerpts from recordings made by the CBC the night before at an all candidates’ meeting at Saint John the Divine Anglican Church in downtown Victoria, in the bleeding heart of the needle zone.

  Mr. Hunt’s answer to a lady’s query about his position on so-called ‘harm reduction’ prompted laughter, ridicule and taunting by the other Victoria federalist candidates, all of whom tried to position themselves as somehow more enlightened than Mr. Hunt on this controversial issue.

  Mr. Hunt’s statement is very typical of the type of ethical obscurantism of the sold-out liberal-lite ‘Conservative’ Party of Stephen Harper, however.

  These pseudo Canadian neo-cons are obsessed with pre-emptive so-called ‘humanitarian interventionist imperialism’; increased urban police spending, hiring and training; more expensive prisons and maintenance of less restrictive long gun traditional rights for farmers.

  Support for ‘harm reduction’ and the anarcho-nihilistic-libertarian philosophy that sustains it would seem counter-intuitive to their general control fetish.

  However that may pan out for these deluded ‘anti-drugs warriors’ politically, as a person who lost a dear blood brother to a hard drug overdose by injection, I rather appreciate the slow, careful and more holistic approach of the twelve step abstinence programmes as superior integrated addictions recovery therapy, particularly when conjoined with good nutrition, orthomolecular megavitamins, meditation, prayer, physical exercise, reading, community labour projects, gardening, art therapy, daily abstinence, volunteering, silence, adequate sleep time, dream therapy, Jungian pycho-analysis, etc.

  Patrick Hunt is a militarist in a warmongering Globalist fascistic neo-con party, in any event, so it should come as no surprise that he would send out ambiguous signals on the so-called ‘harm reduction’ issue.

  Ambiguity, destabilization, and chaos are the stock- in- trade of these mischievous warmongering pro-abort Globalist ‘Tories’ of the decadent Death Culture.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island


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