SNOW BIRD ALERT: GO STRAIGHT TO MEXICO: Canadians should stop travelling to Amerika if Emperor Obushama signs draconian disappearance-enabling NDAA… PRAY FOR PEACE: stay away from USA until Ron Paul is elected

I don’t recall being asked whether I agreed to being a subject of Emperor Obushama, so, while the Internet is still sort of free, I opt out of that bogus status right now.

Frankly, I don’t much appreciate how Herr Stefan von Harper has redefined what it means to be a ‘Conservative’ or a ‘Canadian’ either, for that matter.

As a Jesuit-trained Canadian Catholic historian with deep family roots in the Golden State, I abhor the craven militarism and thuggish banksterism of the present decadent  tyrannous regimes in all three of the North American failed narco-states.

My late father was arrested during the Second World War, on trumped-up charges, because he spoke out for his own principled reasons against Canada  fighting England’s war.

I am concerned that if President Obama signs the NDAA, family and friends in the great Republic to our south will be subject to arbitrary, sudden and forceful arrest.

If Obushama can get away with this tyranny, what is to stop our own Dictator Harper from bringing in very similar laws up north?

This is a very serious violation of God’s Natural Law and traditional American constitutional law as I understand it from my five years of studies under Professors Raymond Dennehy and  Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis, Jesuit Fathers Buckley, Fessio, King and other eminent Jewish, Roman Catholic, Canadian and American historians, in the History Department and the Saint Ignatius Institute at the University of San Francisco, California.

The two northern amigos just agreed to share travellers’ data between police in both countries, and that is also a clear violation of the privacy and sovereignty of the people of each country.

Since 2008, according to recently uncovered secret Canadian defence data retrieved using Freedom of Information legislation by the Canadian Press, we already share our military with the Gringos in all sorts of scenarios, including terrorist emergencies, so we have somehow inadvertently allowed this covert military to completely usurp both our House of Commons and Senate, making our soldiers shameless mercenaries in the American Empire.

We are already living under Imperial American martial law in both countries, in effect, but most people don’t seem to realize it yet.

If Barack Obama makes this horrible mistake and signs the NDAA, Canadians should stop travelling to that country, pending the election of a more humble and reasonable republican president, namely Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul would certainly work to rescind the ludicrously named Patriot Act, and the even more draconian National Defense Authorization Act which would authorize indefinite detention without charge of American citizens, and hopefully the good peace doctor would also stop nuclear ship visits to these Canadian sovereign salt waters around Vancouver Island and the other Gulf Islands.

Gringo militarist aggressors have no legitimate business bringing their dangerous nuclear submarines, nor their huge aircraft carriers USS Abraham Lincoln, the USS Nimitz, the USS Stennis or any other such heavy nuclear-armed and nuclear-powered behemoth warships into our Pacifican harbours such as Esquimalt, Nanoose or Victoria.

Upon election, Ron Paul promises to defend America, but to also end all the futile wars in Muslim countries immediately, and to bring all the American troops home from all 900 military bases in more than 130 countries, and that should include Canada.

Until that glorious day when the Constitutional Republic is restored, in the meantime, Canadian snow birds who can afford it should go to Mexico this winter instead.

They will find that the warm people in that beautiful country are much more congenial than hysterical racist propaganda here would have them believe.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Christian Artist Historian

Victoria, Vancouver Island


Alex Berns on Forty Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil: Are we making a difference? yes, Yes, YES!!!

Are we making a difference !!!   Yes Yes Yes ;
How can I possibly be so bold as to make this claim?
             301 vigil sites (16 in Canada)
  • a new record for known saves will occur before the end of this campaign
  • United Nations pro choice advocate and special rapporteur Anand Grover scolded over attempt to rewrite abortion into the  Human Right  document,  governments outright dismissed the document and abortion as a Human Right, the U.N. Secretary General earlier on had publicly read the document approvingly, as a victory for Human Rights, was sheepishly apologetic for not having first consulted with the member  nations.      ( I wonder who is pulling his strings?)  [The link to this is #1, found in the comments]
  • San Jose articles released by renowned world authorities on Human Rights begins at conception (medically and legally) guaranteed in the U.N Charter of Human Rights for all Human Life including the unborn.   [The link to this is #2, found in the comments.]
  • March 25 2011 government of Costa Rica officially approves and adopts the San Jose articles into it’s constitution, can anyone tell me the significance of this date in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Feast Days.           Yeahhhh   Wowww  !!!!!
  • British House of Lords pick up and moving to accept the San Jose articles (they will shortly after this date forward this with full support to the E.U.  plenary session.) – the momentum is growing –  [The link to this is #3, found in the comments.]
This is but a small taste of what we all can do, there is hope that nations may yet avert the disasters that always come when we allow such an atrocity
as this to continue before God our Creator.
How can there ever be Peace on Earth or much more, in our families, neighborhoods, communities or cities when we allow this to go on without a voice for the unborn.
On October 18 2011 students from around the world at university campuses began their first Speak up for the unborn by not Talking.
Well done sons and daughters, well done.
There is Hope and there is Help and there are people responding here in Victoria.
Today our phone # at the vigil site received two calls. One on behalf of a sons girlfriend who was being pressured to abort by her side of the family. Another from a young man who was inspired by the vigil participants present to phone and get involved. With exactly 7 Days left be inspired and come and fill up these last few days, to pray and fast, perhaps to come out for the first time, experience the grace, peace and joy of the fellowship of sanctifying grace for the healing of our Sons and Daughters, our Brothers and sisters in this vulnerable crossroad in their lives. Jesus is counting on you to be his Light here in this place where darkness has gone on for so long. In  2013 it will be 40 years since this scourge became legal in North America.    It is enough!
Rise Up yee Holy Nation.
Alex Berns

Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on stopping subscriptions to the NWO Death Cult’s hawkish presstitutes @ Victoria Times Colonist : “We have subscribed in the past, but have lately not renewed, and I told that lady from the sub dept. why the other day: ‘your paper is a deplorable warmongering rag and we have had enough of it.'”

Dear Larry:
Thanks for writing again… always very interesting to read what is on your mind.
Gregory Hartnell
Your poor uncle sounds like an hidalgo… every family seems to have one… and I think I am his counterpart in this family!
I don’t like to think of myself as an exploiter (who does?), but we also are ‘landlords’ (what an awful word, eh?).
We own a fairly new house on Spring Road in Fernwood which we rent to a young hippy family with a seven year old son, Adam.
They are very easy-going self-employed organic gardeners who have really transformed the property with all their veggies.
Every year the City of Victoria raises our residential property taxes, and every year I am tempted to try to convince my dear wife to raise the rent on our tenants, to make up for the increase in the property taxes.
She has more compassion, common sense and mercy than I do, and so we haven’t raised their rent since they moved in, and they seem to appreciate that.
We have told them that in the event of our deciding to sell, we would give them first option to bid on the house.
If they can’t afford to put a deposit on it, we will then sell it on the open market, but now doesn’t seem like the right time.
 It is a buyers’ market right now, especially if one is looking to buy property down south.
The older I get, the more real estate seems to me to be the best investment, as it is tangible, easy to understand, because it is right there in front of one’s eyes.
I am also getting interested in buying gold and silver coins, after listening to AJ, but we have not done that yet.
My wife seems to have made some money market and other dubious investments with her union wages of which I am not completely aware and would likely disapprove, and I can’t seem to convince her to dump them at this time, although I keep trying…
We bank at HSBC, which I don’t like either, as they are complicit in insider trading on the day of 9/11.
I think we should be looking at moving it all to a local credit union… do you have any suggestions?
You are right about that photo of me sitting by the fountain.
That one was taken by Dawn last fall in the garden of an old Franciscan mission church near Solvang, I think it is Mision Santa Inez.
As I believe that I was conceived in Mexico when my parents were there on their honeymoon, I have since become very attached to the people and land of that beautiful strange country.
My niece Helena is getting married down there next spring, so we will be going down there to attend that ceremony, and later we will visitMaria my sister Maria and her second husband in Yerba Buena (a small village near Mascota, about an hour and a half from Puerto Vallarta), the blind Mexican musician Julio Cabrera.
Of all those famous Mexican muralists, I like Rivera the best.
 The story of Frida and Diego is quite a roller-coaster ride… did you know that they put up Trotsky at their home?
Another interesting fact is that Rivera, more or less a life-long communist, converted to Catholicism after Frida’s death, and just before his own…
Anyway, I remember writing a long article on their stay in San Francisco for the student paper at USF which was called the Foghorn.
I hadn’t heard about the Siqueros mural in LA, but I do of course remember seeing some of his more famous ones in Mexico D. F.
The detail shown in that posting was done on one of the parabolic windows of my brother John’s home on Rockland, the second Hartnell family home built by our parents on the street, circa 1970.
 I will send you a link in the next letter about that home with a few pics… [Hartnell Family Bloodlines, comments]
In that painting on glass I paid homage to Posada, who was very influential on all the Mexican muralists, putting out revolutionary engravings from his shop in DF.
Lots of dancing skeletons in that genius’ work, which later showed up in Grateful Dead posters…
I can relate to having murals painted over, as I did one in a condo in Oak Bay that my parents owned, which was seven by twenty feet long… later painted over by the new owners…
I have heard, of course, of Peltier, but have never heard of Graham.
I have no use for prisons, and deplore the Tories grandstanding on their crime bill.
If Ron Paul wins, and is successful in decriminalizing all the drugs, Canada should follow suit, and let out all the prisoners in for drug crimes.
I have had a few stays in jails, once for sitting on that logging road at Clayoquot (overnight at Wilkinson Road), once for trespass in Thunder Bay (riding the rails with a couple of Acadien hobos), and for public drunkenness in SF.
The jail cell in SF had mushrooms, butterflies and rainbows painted on the cell wall… psychedelic peace propaganda brought to you by San Francisco’s finest…
When I sold papers as a boy downtown, the morning paper was the Colonist, which carried Conservative Party editorials, while the afternoon paper was owned by the same company, I believe, and carried Liberal Party editorials… so there is the false left-right paradigm in action.
There was really no difference in the content of the rest of the papers, as they were exactly the same except for those phoney editorials.
The present paper is an unhappy conjunction of those two Establishment postures, full of war propaganda, lies, Death Culture promos for Hollywood trash culture like Rob Zombie at the new arena, etc.
We have subscribed in the past, but have lately not renewed, and I told that lady from the sub dept. why the other day: ‘your paper is a deplorable warmongering rag and we have had enough of it.’
I will check out the Parenti video on the Founding Fathers and get back to you later with my impressions of that…
I commend you for your work on behalf of unjustly imprisoned people.
Shalom, my friend

‘It is the proverbial skeleton in the closet, which will no doubt open up all kinds of other insights into his nature once I really start digging.’… Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on Peter George Hartnell’s incarceration for his politics

Gregory Hartnell
Dear Larry:
Thanks very much for your interest in our family, which is very unusual for me to ponder, and for the new information about your own family.
I prefer being called by my baptismal name, Gregory… don’t really like ‘Greg’ and certainly never ‘Craig’, which I get called sometimes by people who really don’t know me.
I realize in writing to you just how much more I have to learn about our family, especially this truly troubling history of our father’s incarceration for his politics… that is something that I obviously have delayed investigating.
I think I need to pray to the Creator to find the courage to do it.
It is the proverbial skeleton in the closet, which will no doubt open up all kinds of other insights into his nature once I really start digging… there must be a part of me that is still afraid of what I may discover.
Peter was older than Herbert, who worked at the Queen’s Printer, corner of Superior and Government.
As far as I know, there were no other babies born to ‘Baba’ and Grandpa Henry.
I certainly remember Baba vividly, as she ended up moving from May Street to living and managing the Thunderbird for quite a number of years for my parents, but I have no memory of Grandpa Henry.
Irony: as a young boy, I had a paper route that went through the provincial government offices, and I ended up selling them for coins in the lobby of the Queen’s Printer every day.
We bought the Times (then a Liberal paper) for six cents and sold them for a dime.
We made more money selling papers every day for coins than the other kids did with residential routes.
 They had to go around every month’s end to collect and that was a real ordeal…  I know, because I tried the residential route thing also and found it was a real waste of time…
Anyway, I would often see Uncle Herb as he exited the building, after working at producing government propaganda all day long.
He was always friendly, and I never had any problems with him, but it should also be emphasized that my political consciousness was completely dormant at the time.
I don’t think Social Credit came along until the late fifties or early sixties.
My parents voted Social Credit provincially, and probably Conservative federally.
I do remember Dad extolling Premier W. A. C. Bennett and Prime Minister John Diefenbacker at the kitchen table.
But I also had a sense that he was considered a maverick and if he had party cards, it never helped him advance in those parties.
His fascist background shadowed him, and prevented him and my mother from being accepted into bourgeois Victoria society, in my estimation.
I have never heard of your relative C…. B…, and it is sad that he has apparently been involved in some shady business deals.
May I suggest you pray for him, as you would pray for any enemy, that he be gifted with Holy Wisdom before he dies.
That will help both of you.
I feel we are good friends now, and so I also feel free to call you ‘dear’ in my salutations to you.
However, I am not ‘bi’!
PS: A couple of other websites I maintain occasionally (in case I haven’t told you about them):

Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell on his father Peter George Hartnell: ‘Just fascinating, Dad’s feisty irreverence and shakedown of the socialists! Very funny, hearing about all that now.’ … Open letters of veteran Victoria activists

Hi Gregory,

Just fascinating, Dad’s feisty irreverence and shakedown of the socialists!

Very funny, hearing about all that now.



May I ask what Grandpa did for a living?

It’s just interesting historically to understand where Dad got his passion for his political role models from.

My grandpa was a pauper from Poland who emigrated to New York City late in the 1800’s.

I know little about him, other than he died poor and alcoholic.

My Dad was lifted out of poverty with his first union job in the 30’s, New Deal policy, then World War II.

I really appreciate your blog’s article about Dr. Ron Paul‘s donation receipts coming from the soldiers, compared to the other hacks–amazing that the soldiers support him.

Makes sense.

No shame needed for being a “socialist living in Victoria’s best neighbourhood.”

You deserve it!

It’s Uplands people who might want to share a bit more, at least with some cheap secondary suite rentals.

My uncle told me of a French millionaire Communist who was asked if he was a hypocrite.

He said when France goes Communist, everyone will live like a millionaire.

You may be down on your knees laying grout, doing harder work than I’ve ever known.

But, I don’t know about you deserving to be there.

Good old Roman Catholic humility.

And I really admire you getting arrested at  Clayoquot Sound!

At that time I was too scared to do that and had heard about it from Los Angeles, where I was still living.

I wanted to come up and get involved, but was coming out of isolation.

Thanks for participating in that vibrant history.

Disgusting what Harcourt did, I know.

About tracking our net activity, everything everybody does is tracked, according to progressive surveillance researchers.

But intelligence is hard pressed to do much to all of us that they collect data on.

My buddy Morgan Stewart was kidnapped by undercover agents in Quebec City at Free Trade Area of the Americas protest.

Held for three days.

He was UVic Student Society pres. at the time.

Morgan doesn’t even use a computer firewall because he says let them see anything he does – a very open spirit.

He has nothing to hide, he says.

Though traveling for the ensuing court case was a nuisance, no one has disturbed his life since.

I’m glad I looked at your blog, because I never saw images from the anti-stupid meter rally until then.

A book you may find revealing follows–Michael Parenti’s father admired Mussolini and Parenti was a Nixon Republican early in his academic career, but let that all go after writing his first book.

Here’s the more recent book: 
The Assassination of Julius Caesar:  A People’s History of Ancient Rome

A great article about change and the internet:

I do not believe the wicked always win. I believe our despair is a lie we are telling ourselves. In many other periods of history, people, ordinary citizens, routinely set aside hours, days, time in their lives for doing the work of politics, some of which is glam and revolutionary and some of which is dull and electoral and tedious and not especially pure-and the world changed because of the work they did. That’s what we’re starting now. It requires setting aside the time to do it, and then doing it. Not any single one of us has to or possibly can save the world, but together in some sort of concert, in even not-especially-coordinated concert, with all of us working where we see work to be done, the world will change. And we have to do it by showing up places, our bodies in places, turn off the fucking computers, leave the Web and the Net-and show up, our bodies at meetings and demos and rallies and leafletting corners.

Because this is a moment in history that needs us to begin, each of us every day at her or his own pace, slowly and surely rediscovering how to be politically active, how to organize our disparate energies into effective group action-and I choose to believe we will do what is required. Act. Organize. Assemble. Oppose. Resist. Find a place a cause a group a friend and start, today, now now now, continue continue continue. Being politically active is for the citizens of a democracy maybe the best way of speaking to God and hearing Her answer: You exist. If we are active, if we are activist, She replies to us: You specifically exist. Mazel tov. Now get busy, She replies. Maintain the world by changing the world. Despair is a Lie We Tell Ourselves, by Tony Kushner,

Congratulations on your nearly decade-long marriage to your lovely wife,


Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel: ‘My father was a carpenter who taught me how to do rudimentary carpentry, set tile and marble.’… Open letters of veteran Victoria activists, September 22, 2011.

  • Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:55:24 AM
  • Dear Larry:
If I was still a batchelor, I would likely be more active as you describe, organizing in a somewhat more scientific manner.
Gregory Hartnell
But I am now a married Christian artist (ten year wedding anniversary, Dec. 29, 2011), who does not believe that politics is a science at all, but rather a dramatic art form, and frankly, I am bored stiff by poli sci people pretending to understand the mysteries of this art form.
My father was a real fascist who had his own club of like-minded totalitarians.
He used to give us lectures at the kitchen table about the supposed virtues of hard work as propounded by Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, etc…
Yes, he even told a story of hearing Hitler give a speech before an adoring crowd from a balcony somewhere in Bavaria.
 He hitch-hiked around Germany in ’38, sleeping in ditches on the side of the autobahn
His fascist gang used to hang outside socialist halls in Victoria, trying to get into debates with the socialists after they came out of the union meeting halls, and sometimes even getting into fisticuffs with them.
So, I was a card-carrying member of the NDP and the Voice of Women when I was 16, for crying out loud, and later arrested by globalist corporatist NDP Premier Harcourt for sitting on a logging road in Clayoquot Summer 93
Harcourt had the BC government buy shares in clearcutting MacBlo
So, I reacted against my father’s fascism, became a socialist in late 60s early 70s, became a ‘green’ in the 80s, cooked up the CCC in the 90s, and now support the ‘Love Revolution’ Ron Paul style.
Liberty is long aborning…
There is no liberty revolution in Canada that I can see, and I am afraid that the sleepwalking Canadian people will put up with Dictator Harper right up to the point where he announces the abolition of sovereign Canada into the North American Union… only then might they wake up to try to stop these fascists.
Basically, I reacted against fascism by flipping to its opposite side of the imperial coin: becoming a socialist, while living in the best neighbourhood in Victoria!
 The ironies here never escape me.
My father was a carpenter who taught me how to do rudimentary carpentry, set tile and marble.
 Those trades helped me to keep reasonably humble, in solidarity with all real workers who get their hands dirty.
I just did a grout job for one of my other blood brothers yesterday… down on my knees for hours… where I apparently belong.
Ron Paul said recently he would consider Kucinich for his cabinet, should he get elected.
I pray for the grand old man of the Revolution.
The Revolution is Now!
I have no interest in knocking on people’s doors, as I consider that an invasion of people’s privacy, so that probably has crippled me in the past.
So, although I have concretized CCC ideas in previous publications of LA ROSA and on the CCC blog (, I have almost come to the point where I see myself as trying to point the way, like Saint John the Baptist, to someone better than myself…
I’m fading out, and the CCC blog is probably in its last days…
I’ve basically decided that I have said enough, and don’t want to repeat myself.
Frankly, I don’t have the courage of my father, and I think the police are already very likely tracking my online activities, and I don’t want to leave my wife while I languish in some police cell hellhole.
I admire your candour, and your practical attempt to conjoin your idealism with realism through organizing, while effectively reducing your depression … but I cannot sign up to any other outfit now, nor am I inclined to do so.

Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on Canada’s 9/11 Wars: “All historians and journalists in Canada should find the courage to call out Harper and the warmongering fascists that are ruining this country, perpetuating the lies of 9/11.” … September 19, 2011.

Wartel and Hartnell family history and Pacifican Liberty


Gregory Hartnell

Monday, September 19, 2011
Dear Larry:
When I am worried, I tend to make jokes about stuff that I don’t understand, so please forgive my inquisitiveness about your family background.
I think I understand your value system now, and share many of your critical analytic concerns, except the economic socialism solution, which I think is literally deadly.
I think I may have already told you that my father Peter George Hartnell was a bona fide fascist in the thirties and forties, with a radio show on CJVI where he ranted against Churchill, said we had no business in England’s war, echoing the Catholic priests in Quebec who used similar arguments against conscription.
The RCMP spied on my father, eventually arresting him and incarcerating him for some months, I am not sure how many, but want to dig deeper into that history eventually…
So, though his politics were strange and deadly, his successful attempts to evade the draft are admirable, in my estimation.
My mother, bless her heart, worked for Merck in Valleyfield Quebec, and then later as a stenographer at Naden in Esquimalt, in other words, she was part of the military industrial complex, whether she realized it or not.
As you probably know, Merck makes Gardasil, which is becoming an issue for Bachmann, Perry and Dr. Ron Paul in the Republican race.
I think the cardinals made a huge mistake voting this German into the papacy, and papolatry is worse than ever, with all these obscene ‘World Youth Day’ events, which are very wasteful, vainglorious staged events which have very little to do, if anything, with the Messiah.
He is compromised on the sex abuse issue, support for fascist regimes in South America, and is even now babbling about ‘climate change’ and should therefor resign immediately for the sake of the People of God.
That is my prayer for our Church.
Our Church is very materialistic and worldly and needn’t be.   We need a real humble Franciscan revival, to get back to basics…
Thanks for the info on We are Change Victoria.  I missed that rally yesterday against stupid meters… need to check my emails more often…
I watched the new video from AE9/11Truth, and found it very compelling.  Was there a good turn-out at the Chester Street scout hall?
All historians and journalists in Canada should find the courage to call out Harper and the warmongering fascists that are ruining this country, perpetuating the lies of 9/11.
The wars will go on forever if we don’t find someone like Dr. Ron Paul in Canada to lead us out of the imperial wilderness.
The NDP would bring in heavier carbon taxes than the ‘Liberals’ in BC, would maintain abortion on demand, do not have a policy to ban clearcutting, want to continue exporting raw logs to China, would continue to allow nuclear ship visits into BC ports, and really do not get what is happening to the rest of us not in the union movement, which is the majority also not well served by the Libs.
The BCNDP would ruin the economy even quicker than the BCLiberals are now doing.
Ditto for the federal NDP, which is now dominated by opportunistic Quebecois separatists who are similarly entranced by big bloated government.
That is my dilemma.
I can’t vote for any of the federal parties as presently constituted.
Similarly, I can’t vote for the phoney BC Conservatives under Cummins (ex-Harperite) either…
Time for a Pacifican separatist anti-globalist pro-life anti-war party, I think.
The globalist warmongering Canadian nation state is a cruel joke on the majority of peace-loving Canadians.
I dream of shutting down Naden, Nanoose, Comox, MIC bases etc.
Call it Pacific Liberty Party.