Maria Mourani, Montreal Ahuntsic MP, wants to lead Bloc Quebecois. She didn’t vote for extension of Globalist ‘Conservative’ war on Libya

Ahuntsic MP Maria Mourani announced Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011 that she has thrown her hat into the Bloc Quebecois leadership race.

Montreal MP Maria Mourani wants Bloc Québécois leader’s job

Ahuntsic MP Maria Mourani announced Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011 that she has thrown her hat into the Bloc Quebecois leadership race. OTTAWA – A second candidate has come forward to run for the leadership …

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Bloc MP Mourani set to run for leadership

Maria Mourani, the Bloc MP for the Montreal riding of Ahuntsic, launched her campaign Wednesday morning through a simple press release. She becomes the second candidate to run for the leadership of the party, which was virtually wiped off the map in …


Under soft-spoken separatist interim leader Nycole Turmel, NDP turns away from Jack Layton’s failed ‘Canadian’ globalist war strategy on Libya

Nycole Turmel réplique à Marcel Proulx
Aspiring, former, and interim party leaders all play hookie…
Data found at shows that the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, an enthusiastic globalist warmonger, and high-ranking Members of Parliament in the Bloc Quebecois, Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic parties of Canada, did not vote to extend Canada’s war on Libya.
John Baird, Diane Ablonczy, Vic Toews, Jim Flaherty, all high profile ministers in the Conservative government, along with many others, did not vote for Vote #31 on September 26, 2011.
Olivia Chow follows the hearse carrying her husband, NDP Opposition Leader Jack Layton, during a procession en route to his state funeral in Toronto August 27, 2011.
Olivia Chow (shown above), widow of Jack Layton, the recently deceased leader of the New Democratic Party, did not vote, although the vast majority of members of that party did a complete about-face, and voted overwhelmingly against the motion!
This is an effective and significant repudiation by the Quebecois separatist-dominated socialist party of the original NWO Globalist war strategy enforced on the credulous NDP partisans by their late leader, and an indication that the party under interim leader Nycole Turmel, now has grave doubts about extending Canadian military involvement in the disastrous and tragic North African war.
Denise Savoie, NDP MP for Victoria (shown above at a climate rally with her bike), voted against the extension of war on Libya, as did the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May (shown below getting dragged around by some poor proud Green at the Toronto Pride Parade 2011).
Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May at 2011 Toronto Pride. Photo: BarrieGreens/Flickr
Bob Rae, interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Stephane Dion, former leader of that party, also did not vote to extend Canada’s war on Libya.
Maria Mourani, a Montreal MP seeking the leadership of the Bloc Quebecois, did not vote to extend the war on Libya.
Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian
Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
Victoria Pacifica

Why didn’t Dictator Harper and fellow warmongering globalists Baird, Flaherty, Ablonczy, Toews, Chow, Rae, and Dion vote to extend Canada’s war on Libya?

Vote #31 on September 26th, 2011


  • Yes 188
  • No 98
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Pro-life maverick ‘Conservative’ Saskatoon Humboldt Member of Parliament Brad Trost: ‘The government only responds to Pro-Life concerns when we take an aggressive stance.’


Althia Raj

 Brad Trost: Tory MP Writes Letter Opposing Government’s Decision To Fund International Planned Parenthood Federation
Abortion Brad Trost

First Posted: 9/28/11 02:08 PM ET Updated: 9/28/11 06:37 PM ET

There’s trouble brewing in the Tory caucus over a government decision to continue funding the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a group that provides abortions abroad.

An angry Brad Trost, MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt, posted a response to International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda’s move to renew funding for the organization on his website, vowing that the Tories’ pro-lifers would take on aggressive stances.

“Many, many Conservative MPs pressed the PMO to stop the funds from flowing. Federal funding did stop for a time. Funds allocated to IPPF were considerably reduced … This only happened because of the pressure applied. This was a real victory,” he wrote.


Brad Trost, MP Saskatoon-Humboldt
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Late in the afternoon of Thursday, September 22nd, I received a phone call from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) about a news story on the CBC that had run earlier in the day. The CBC reported that the federal government had approved funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).Response to Federal Government’s Decision to Fund IPPF

A PMO staffer explained to me that the story had not been accurate when it ran, but due to the day’s events, the CBC story was mostly accurate now. Apparently, six staffers in CIDA Minister Bev Oda’s office had been working on a grant to fund IPPF — and one of them decided to leak the story to the CBC.

Rather than deny the story, a decision was made to rush funding to IPPF to the tune of $6 million over three years. (I was told that the funding letter was sent out at 4 pm that afternoon.)

People have asked how funding IPPF squares with the repeated statement that Canada will not fund abortion internationally. The PMO attempts to square this circle by only permitting IPPF funding to go into countries that ban abortion.

Considering that promoting abortion internationally is central to the identity of IPPF, this sort of political hairsplitting only seems to make sense in the Ottawa bubble. This is a position I totally reject.

Since 2006, Conservative MPs have been asking to have IPPF defunded.

In 2006, our request that federal funding for IPPF be stopped was ignored because we asked politely–and behind closed doors.

In 2009, we became more aggressive and began to take our campaign public.

Many, many Conservative MPs pressed the PMO to stop the funds from flowing. Federal funding did stop for a time. Funds allocated to IPPF were considerably reduced. Furthermore, federal grants for IPPF also had more strings attached.

This only happened because of the pressure applied. This was a real victory.

Bureaucrats have fought for years to keep the status quo and continue the funding of the IPPF that was established by the Liberals.

The battle over the IPPF continues.

Pro-Life politicians have been taught a lesson.

The government only responds to Pro-Life issues and concerns when we take an aggressive stance.

We will apply this lesson.

Bill Woollam’s open letter to his member of Parliament regarding the NATO war crimes against Libya.

Attention Members of Parliament:I wrote to my member of Parliament regarding the NATO war crimes against Libya.  ie: Supporting ‘outright regime change’, ‘privatizing’ the Libyan oil fields, ‘privatizing’ the former Libyan national banking system, along with bombing raids which are hitting Libyan hospitals, schools, civilian targets and most recently the Libyan water supply system and water pipeline factory.

I have done my research on this topic from day one.  Thousands have read my published findings on the net.
It is titled “The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields”

My first question to any ”thinking” member of Parliament is:
“Would not the American Administration use its military force to quell an armed, US domestic revolt?”
“Would not the Canadian military be sent in to quell an armed Canadian domestic revolt within Canada’s borders?”

So why in heaven’s name would NATO forces interfere with Gadhaffi’s decision to quell an armed revolt within his own country?

Why?  Could it be that news reports fail to mention the real motives behind NATO’s interference and aggression?

My member of Parliament had the gall to imply that Canada’s role in the obvious ‘war for regime change’ was as follows:

“1) Make clear that the goal of the UN-mandated mission was to protect civilians.
2) Secure an increase to Canada’s support for humanitarian assistance.
3 Strengthen our diplomatic role with the acknowledgment that only a Libyan-led politicaltransition will end this conflict.

4) Ensure improved oversight of Canada’s involvement, including parliamentary committee meetings and better information sharing.

When one does the research, one quickly discovers that specific British, American and European oil cartel interests have been instigating a takeover of the Libyan national oil fields for over
30 years.  Those who pull the strings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have pushed for the replacement of the ‘nationalized Libyan banking system’ with a ‘private-for-IMF-profit” system.  And specific weapons manufacturing cartels have also been behind the Libya regime change.  See the connections here: 
A variety of other excuses have been used to take the West into these 
illegal Middle East wars where the ‘power-elite’ who pull the strings of NATO member nations can carry out their agenda of control and domination of Eurasia. 

NATO member nations’ military capabilities are being used as a ‘corporate’ police force toenforce the will of specific international corporateers.
I suggest taking two minutes and watching this short video clip narrated by John Perkins (former economic hit-man for the IMF) which explains the entire sinister process. 

The salient points of international concern  are:

    1. Is the world to see the upholding of the principles of the United Nations Charter for the promotion of peace in the world and settlement of international disputes by peaceful means; is Article 2 of the UN Charter to remain the basis on which nations can, under international law, lawfully go to war, or by reference to Article 51 (self-defence) as a legitimate basis to engage in belligerent international action?

    2. Does the   concept of sovereignty have applicability in the international community, and  more particularly has the concept  been respected in the case of Libya?

    3.  Did either UN Resolutions 1970 or 1973 permit the NATO nations lawfully to bomb Libya, and to arm and support a faction in Libya to obtain regime change?

    4.   Will the actions of the US and the European branch of NATO use Libya as an international precedent for incursions into any resource rich country, or rely on  the casus belli of “humanitarianism” as a basis to oppose militarily any nation that deigns to advance any truly independent national polices, not in accordance with NATO’s wishes?

The answers to these types of questions will yield one of two results:-

    1.  A world that is committed to peace and respect for the rule of international law; or

    2.   A world of unending and perpetual warfare where covert support for  uprisings deemed to be in the interest of the US/NATO will increase with concomitant global instability on a massive scale for  most of humankind as covert militarism becomes manifestly more blatant, outrageously illegal and overt.Sincerely
Bill Woollam
September 28, 2011

Economic Hitmen

By studioJOHO| 1 video

Viet Nam war veteran Dr. Ron ‘Paul has raised more than any other current presidential candidate in donations from members of the military,’ writes Tyler Hemstreet in Northwest Military


Most money from Joes goes to Ron Paul

By Tyler Hemstreet on September 25, 2011

As someone who has served his country, Air Force veteran and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has some very straightforward views on the United States’ involvement in the Global War on Terror.

He believes hundreds of thousands of U.S. Servicemembers have been stretched thin all across the globe in more than 135 countries – often without a clear mission, any sense of what defines victory, or the knowledge of when they’ll be permanently reunited with their families.

He believes acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens the U.S., puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of a historic economic crisis.

And the Texas congressman also believes the U.S. should end nation-building, which is draining troop morale, increasing debt and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

Those views are striking a chord with military members across the nation.

“He’s a straight shooter and he speaks from the heart,” said Air Force Master Sgt. Bill Baker, a first sergeant stationed at McChord Field. “He’s not about slandering other candidates. All he does is talk about the issues.”

But Servicemembers aren’t only saying they believe in Paul, they are also putting their money where their mouth is.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Paul has raised more than any other current presidential candidate in donations from members of the military. Of those donors who indicated their occupation and employer, Paul topped the other contenders, a distinction he also achieved during his 2008 presidential run, according to USA Today.

Paul’s campaign told Politifact, the fact-checking project of the St. Petersburg Times, that he raised $34,480 from people in the military, compared with $19,849 for President Barack Obama and $13,848 for the other GOP presidential candidates.

“Our fighting men and women take an oath to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager. “They look at Ron Paul and see a leader who takes their oath seriously, and who will fight to ensure that we don’t misrepresent that oath by sending them off to police the world, instead of defending our country.”

Army Sgt. Ryan Treat, a 10-year veteran stationed at Fort Gordon, Ga., spoke of his support for Paul in a video shot for Ron Paul Flix, a website that calls itself “the most comprehensive online video archive on Ron Paul.”

He especially likes Paul’s views on anti interventionism.

“I don’t like the extended wars we’ve been fighting in the Middle East,” Treat said. “The Soldiers are dying for what I don’t think is a noble cause.”

There is no way to know for sure whether the campaign donors who list the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and National Guard as their employer back Paul because of his stance on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars or for his libertarian views on the economy and fiscal policy. But the numbers don’t lie when it comes to the support angle.

The Center for Responsive Politics says $11,350 of Paul’s military donations came from people who work for the Army. In the 2008 campaign, the center found that individuals employed by the Army, Navy and Air Force were Paul’s top three sources of campaign donations, USA Today reported. calls for Canada to arrest Globalist Death Cult braggart, torturer, war criminal Cheney in Vancouver

Dick Cheney talk spurs Vancouver protest

CBC News

Posted: Sep 26, 2011 11:53 AM PT

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2011 5:53 PM PT

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Former U.S. vice president Dick Cheney is speaking in Vancouver on Monday night. Former U.S. vice president Dick Cheney is speaking in Vancouver on Monday night. (Rose Palmisano/Orange County Register/Canadian Press)

Protesters are gathered outside a private club in downtown Vancouver where former U.S. vice president Dick Cheney is promoting his new book.

Cheney is speaking at the sold-out $500 per seat event as part of a promotion of his book In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir.

The protest organizers with are demanding Canada arrest Cheney for war crimes because of his controversial support for the use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other methods to interrogate prisoners in the U.S.’s war against terrorism.

But Leah Costello, who heads up the Bon Mot Book Club that’s organized the event, said it’s disappointing anybody would want to prevent Cheney from speaking.

CBC News is there:

For the latest, follow theCBC’s Leah Hendry on Twitter

“What is important is that he is able to speak and free to speak and people are free to hear him,” said Costello.

“The most important thing in our club is that we’re not endorsing or not endorsing the speakers we bring in. We bring them in for the point of debate and discussion,” she said.

Cheney’s new memoir details his continued support of the interrogation techniques, which he called “critically important” to national security.

“Should the president re-instate enhanced interrogation, including waterboarding? Well I certainly would advocate it,” Cheney recently told Fox News.

A protester wearing Star Wars garb outside the Vancouver Club. (Leah Hendry/CBC)

But Vancouver-Kingsway New Democrat M-P Don Davies said Cheney should not even be allowed into Canada because those methods are considered torture.

Davies said Cheney must be banned from Canada for authorizing actions banned under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said Saturday that Canadian law provides for prosecution of an individual for torture and other crimes, even for offences committed outside of Canada.

Cheney served as vice president under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009. He was also secretary of Defense under George Bush Sr. from 1989 to 1993.