Jeremy Maddock on ‘harm reduction’ and prohibition: “Both ideologies are immoral.”

Hello Gregory,

Glad to hear that you’re still one of the few people speaking rationally in Greater Victoria politics.

Prohibition of drugs is vindictive, imposing unnecessary pain on those who have not necessarily done harm to others. “Harm reduction” shields people from the natural consequences of their own negative behaviour. Both ideologies are immoral.

Drug abuse can be devastating. The results of this devastation might spur certain individuals into change and onto the right path. Shielding them from their own behaviour (i.e. harm reduction) will lull them into complacency, while the creation of additional punitive consequences (i.e. prohibition) will inevitably force them further into misery.

The only (potential) solution is principled Christian compassion, which differs from either punitive destruction or passive enabling. If (and only if) people want to change, they have to make a choice to change. Principled compassion *might* help them in this regard.

Food banks and low-cost housing can be a part of this, but as you correctly state, government should not be at the forefront. Government screws up most projects (and people) it touches. The only solution is to lower the tax burden on all of us and trust good people to show some compassion and guidance to those in need who genuinely want a better life.

 Jeremy Maddock

Tom Woods on Ron Paul on history of US military force threats against Iran, via Lew Rockwell’s Political Theatre,

November 20th

This Is How an Anti-Establishment Candidate Is Treated

Watch the contemptible shill Bob Schieffer throw propaganda questions at Ron Paul, and then laughably try to deny that the U.S. government has threatened to use military force against Iran. Ron reminds him that the last two presidents repeatedly said no options had been taken off the table, which obviously means military force is still being considered, and Schieffer just moves on to the next question. The first few questions are sheer neocon, so I sometimes wonder why the neocons complain about the “liberal” media. The “liberal” media shares all their basic assumptions, as this interview with the “liberal” Schieffer shows for the millionth time. (Thanks to Lew Rockwell’s Political Theatre.)

Gregory Hartnell: ‘I am opposed to both failed so-called ‘harm reduction’ and prohibition regimes. The now lax police enforcement of failed prohibition laws is a poor social health policy and has failed miserably since 1989.’ Oak Bay News, Nov. 15, 2011.

ELECTION 2011: All Oak Bay council candidates were queried by Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness about housing, homelessness … only Cairine Green and Gregory Hartnell answered

Published: November 15, 2011 12:00 PM
Updated: November 15, 2011 12:35 PM

The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness sent out a questionnaire to all candidates running in the Nov. 19 civic election.

Just two candidates in the Oak Bay race responded: Cairine Green and Gregory Hartnell.

Below are the coalitions questions and the two candidates answers. Responses have been edited by the News for spelling and grammar.

Question 1. The City of Victoria has adopted a Harm Reduction policy framework. What action steps will you take or support to ensure the strategies are implemented?

Cairine Green: If elected as a council member in Oak Bay, I will continue my work with the coalition and City of Victoria council colleagues to support harm reduction and the harm reduction policy framework. I will be an active voice on Oak Bay council to try to bring about consensus among council colleagues that Oak Bay can and should make a significant contribution as a regional partner to supporting the City of Victoria harm reduction strategies designed to address the hardship of the homeless and those with other special complex needs that include mental illness and addictions. My goal will be to work together at the local and regional levels to ensure  these strategies are moved forward and implemented.

Gregory Hartnell: The City of Victoria’s so-called harm reduction policy framework is a part of draconian globalist eugenics programmes, is inherently evil, and not applicable outside of that decadent jurisdiction, thank God! Therefore, as an informed opponent of all such mischievous New World Order nonsense, and as a person who will not countenance half measures designed by technocrats to perpetuate the prohibition of these drugs, I will not support any similar plans in Oak Bay to enable addicts to stay enslaved to their addictions indefinitely. In other words, I am opposed to both failed so-called ‘harm reduction’ and prohibition regimes. The now lax police enforcement of failed prohibition laws is a poor social health policy and has failed miserably since 1989.

Question 2. What will you do to create and implement a new regional affordable housing housing levy?

Cairine Green: I have a history of proactive work related to affordable housing on a regional basis. I lobbied successfully for the ability of partner municipalities that contribute to the Capital Regional District’s Regional Housing Trust Fund, to be able to make voluntary contributions to the fund beyond their normal annual requisition. If elected, I will introduce this idea to Oak Bay council colleagues, while at the same time educating Oak Bay residents about the importance of the RHTF and its significant role in providing affordable subsidized housing across the region. If elected, I will also explore other strategies that might assist with affordable housing options through an Oak Bay Official Community Plan review, a process that has been identified as a priority for Oak Bay and must include community engagement and consultation.

Gregory Hartnell: The Capital Regional District is a completely opaque, secretive, non-accountable pseudo-government which I do not respect and therefore I would not support any non-democratic efforts its bureaucracy may cook up to do anything at all.

Question 3. What municipal incentives will you introduce or champion to build new or renovated below-market rental housing?

Cairine Green: If elected, I will begin with my council colleagues, engaging in meaningful discussions about reviewing existing Oak Bay rental housing stock and seeking opportunities for new or below-market rental housing that fits with local needs. I will work with the community and other stakeholders and partners, including local non-profit organizations, to learn more about local housing objectives related to below market rental housing.

Gregory Hartnell: I am firmly committed to never raise taxes, to reduce wasteful spending, and to reduce borrowing radically in the three-year term, should I be elected to serve the overtaxed residential and commercial property taxpayers of the District of Oak Bay. I see no advantage to building public housing in Oak Bay, as these projects invariably distort the local housing market, creating new social tensions that did not exist prior to the public intrusion.

Question 4. We know that in March 2010, 21,180 people used food banks in Greater Victoria; 13.7% reported employment income; 22.4% were children. What will you do at the municipal level to support access to healthy and affordable food?

Cairine Green: If elected, I will first continue to actively support the Regional Growth Strategy intended to protect region-wide agricultural and rural lands that can be used for growing local food that is safe and accessible. I realize that food banks are now part of our regional fabric and will encourage council colleagues in Oak Bay and in other municipalities to support an effective network of donating food and expertise to local food banks. We know and recognize that homelessness and food banks are all symptoms of a deeper root cause and that’s systemic poverty. I know that B.C., for example, has the highest child poverty rate in the country. I will encourage Oak Bay council and the community to continue its efforts to address some of these needs but I will also encourage us to partner with other levels of government to help address the very real issue of child poverty.

Gregory Hartnell: I advocate a campaign for Oak Bay tax liberty, which basically would leave more money in everyone’s pockets. I encourage everyone concerned about rising food costs to start their own all-seasons organic vegetable gardens as we have done on our own property, and for those renters without private property, I would work to have unused parts of Oak Bay’s parks used as community allotment gardens, without incurring any new costs to taxpayers.


1) Vigilant residents keep smart meters at bay by Michael Smyth – The Province – November 17, 2011: –
2) There is more and more evidence that the corporations are planning on using the grids for multiple and various purposes, but most of it hangs on use of our data, selling and re-selling it. This is just the latest article. I urge you all to write to the Privacy Commissioner  — info@oipc.bc,ca , your MLA and the newspapers about this.
[Cisco] The smart grid according to Cisco: 9 things you need to know now by Jesse Berst – Smart Grid News – November 17, 2011:
– http://
3) Candidates for Saanich who are against smart meters:  All the incumbent candidates plus  Nicola Wade, Harold Wolf
Challengers who are for smart meters and against protecting us with a moratorium:    Ingrid Ip, Jesse McClinton, Rob Wickson.
This information was compiled by a group of us who spent HOURS at the various all candidates meetings.  Please vote wisely tomorrow!  We hope this is correct!;
4) Corix was in Fernwood, a section of Victoria, today. Please pass the word.

Hi Folks

Please spread this invitation throughout your networks, BC wide so all in the interior can have a chance to listen to some well informed and passionate speakers. It will be a night that you will leave feeling far more empowered and ready to inspire your friends and community, to say emphatically NO to “Smart”Meters. Together communities and neighbourhoods with their municipal councils can continue to keep the demand strong for a moratorium.
 Smart Meters


 Whats the REAL Cost?

·    Health Threats

·    Privacy Issues

·    Usage Rates

·    and more…

Come Learn and Ask Question

Speakers from  Enderby, Kelowna, Kamloops and Salmon Arm,

Barbara Makota- Interior Rep “Citizens for Safe Techology”  Curtis Bennett– Electrician, Thermographer.

Brian Thiesen –Chairman, Interior Smart Meter Awareness 

Steve Corrie – “Voice of the Shuswap”

Wednesday, November 23rd 7-9pm ( doors open 6:30)

Shubert Centre 3505 30th Ave Vernon BC

Suggested Donation: $3

Sponsored by the Vernon Chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers

Non-Profit Organization


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ROCKLAND OUTSIDER: Counterintuitive vote for Sukhi Lalli may neutralize him: “Arch ‘Harm Reductionist’ Langford pharmacist pushes methadone, needles in Victoria. Open Victoria Candidate is key player in NWO eugenicist ‘soft kill’ enabling programme. Lalli is already in a conflict of interest.” says Pro-Life Oak Bay Council Candidate Gregory Hartnell

Sukhi Lalli is a Langford resident and a Victoria City Council Candidate who provides three ‘Key Points on Civic Issues‘ on his Open Victoria pamphlet.

‘Sukhi Lalli believes that the City must work effectively with other levels of government to provide long-term solutions to the social issues in the downtown core.

This includes determining the cost effectiveness of regional policing, reviving Victoria’s harm reduction efforts…’

Mr. Lalli is part of the failed system of so-called ‘clean needle’ distribution, a New World Order eugenicist ‘soft kill’ programme of addiction- enabling that has been tried and found wanting in Victoria as proper social health policy since 1989.

Sukhi Lalli is a pharmacist that hands out highly addictive Methadone and so-called ‘clean needles’ to addicts every day in Victoria at his pharmacy.

When asked by Monday Magazine ‘what will be your most important priority as councillor?’ Sukhi Lalli replied:

‘Clearly, the social issues associated with downtown  need to be dealt with.

‘Council and the mayor need to work with the province to address homelessness and addiction issues and this includes consulting with neighbourhoods in the quest for a fixed needle exchange site – though my own preference would be multiple, smaller-volume sites.’

He is thus a lobbyist for the completely bogus Globalist Drugs Prohibition Programme which is part of the so-called ‘Four Pillars’ which also includes socalled ‘Harm Reduction’ and Enforcement of failed Criminal Code laws against possession and trafficking of certain drugs in Canada.

Let’s see what Mr. Lalli wants to do on the policing issue.

Of course, as a cynical Globalist, already milking the system with his Methadone-pushing and needle-pushing business, which is publicly subsidized, he also advocates ‘determining the cost effectiveness of regional policing.‘ 

In this regard, Sukhi Lalli is on the same page as the self-serving corrupt Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham, who also outrageously interfered in the Victoria Election by advocating for a regional police force, before he was reprimanded by none other than the minister responsible in the Globalist BC Liberal government, who said that there were no plans afoot to regionalize the policing of the 13 municipalities in the CRD.

Sukhi Lalli advocates very dangerous NWO ideas that are essentially sinister, and he is a key player in this deadly racket which is euphemistically called ‘Harm Reduction’.

People should very rarely use counterintuition in voting, but this is one such occasion when counterintuitive voting should be very seriously considered by Concerned Citizens, We Are Changers and other anti-NWO Pro-Life voters in Victoria.

Mr. Lalli is already in a conflict of interest, and should prove to be a very valuable man to have on Victoria City Council, in the event that he is elected.

Using counterintuition, I now advocate for all Victoria voters concerned about exposing the New World Order’s weird eugenicist ‘soft kill’ addiction-enabling programmes called ‘Harm Reduction’ to hold their noses when they vote for Sukhi Lalli.

His cynical lobbying for an expansion of Victoria Police Department powers to control all of the Capitol Regional District, and his obviously conflicted receipt of payment for distributing addictive Methadone to zombified addicts is an outrage that can only be neutralized by putting him on the Victoria City Council.

Once elected, Mr. Lalli would never be able to vote for Harm Reduction for three years without breaking the laws of Canada and the province of British Columbia.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Candidate, Oak Bay Council


Conservatives call on province to end ‘ill-advised’ smart meter program – Cummins warns Liberals intend to introduce time-of-use billing by John O’Connor – Merritt News – November 17, 2011

Please sign the petition if you have yet to do so, and pass it to as many friends as you can. We can make it!!



GOAL – 10,000 by NO-vember 22

1) Good news from Kamloops:
We now know of at least 2 people who have gotten their meter reversed back to digital.
The second was a cancer survivor
When her meter went in she felt like she was back in chemo
, vomitting, nausea… all the rest.

The day after she complained hydro came and replaced!

so the ‘too late i already got one’ people you can tell them this! remember this is how it started in California. These are the things that happen, the intangibles put your energy somewhere and this is what can be.
The Society of Environmental Journalists is a terrific journalist organization. (My former boss was one of the founders.) This article provides up-to-date information about the smart meter issue in the United States. I highly recommend you share this link with your media connections to encourage them to write about smart meters.

3) Conservatives call on province to end ‘ill-advised’ smart meter program – Cummins warns Liberals intend to introduce time-of-use billing by John O’Connor – Merritt News – November 17, 2011:
– http://


DAVID SUZUKI is a very dangerous Death Cutlure Globalist, says Gregory Hartnell, ‘Rockland Outsider’ Candidate for Oak Bay Council… Hartnell confesses that he once supported anti-human population control freak, chem trail denier David Suzuki… no more!

True confession time. folks.

Photo: David Suzuki (photo credit: Kent Kallberg)

I once gave money for a year or two to the David Suzuki Foundation, even visiting his swank headquarters in Kitsilano in Vancouver to see what the set up was like.

Now I realize that Suzuki’s agenda is the same as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Planned Parenthood and all of the other nasty Globalist anti-humanists who want to reduce the population of the planet.

They think that there should be a limit on humans procreating, and thus they favour Death Cult ‘soft kill’ programmes like geo-engineering (commonly called ‘chem trails’).

There is no such thing as organic food anymore, folks, as all of our veggies are being contaminating with aluminum, barium, and other kinds of junk that is changing the pH of the soil, and setting the stage for a Globalist Monsanto monopoly world of genetically modified seeds that are resistant to all this crap they are dumping on us.

The insane Globalist population reducers like Suzuki actually want to kill the organic foods industry to monopolize the whole planet’s food production system, as I understand it, and I am not even a scientific person, but I do have enough common sense to realize that there is something seriously wrong with this man’s credentials as a supposedly enlightened environmentalist.

In a startling new video linked in the comments, one will see that Dr. Suzuki says that he has ‘no opinion on chem trails’!

This man, who is supposedly the foremost environmentalist in Canada has ‘no opinion’ on chem trails?

How can that be?

Doesn’t he ever look up from his computer monitor to see the cross hatching in our skies that is so easy to discern… everywhere?

What a complete fraud this man is.

Let’s get him off the CBC!

Don’t send him any more money.

Cancel your subscriptions to his anti-human Death Culture propaganda!

Blast him with critical emails.

Let’s shut down the David Suzuki Foundation!

Do whatever you can, folks, to expose this reckless anti-human Globalist Death Cultist who says that when human babies are born, ‘you hatch out as a maggot.’