Shellie Gudgeon and Lisa Helps, newly-elected Victoria Councillors, stand with people against ‘stupid meters’ at Victoria rally, Thursday, November 24



Shellie Gudgeon and Lisa Helps, two newly elected Victoria City Councillors yet to be formally sworn in, attended a rally at the Legislature this afternoon.

CBC TV cameraman was in attendance, as was Heather Quinn, the indefatiguable Fairfield activist-publisher.

I shook Gudgeon’s hand, congratulating her, and telling her ‘I voted for you anyway.’

Her reaction was frosty, to say the least.

I then went over to chat with Heather Quinn and Lisa Helps.

I congraulated Lisa Helps and admitted to her that I had not voted for her, but nevertheless told her that her attendance at the rally impressed me, and gave me hope, as this a very important issue.

She agreed with me that it was.

Then Heather gave us her latest information on electromagnetic radiation pollution.

Before leaving Lisa Helps, I told her that I thought that her election, and that of Shellie Gudgeon was a signal of disenchantment by the people of Victoria for Dean Fortin’s plans for the Bridge, and I encouraged her to get together with Councillor Geoff Young, Shellie Gudgeon and even Ben Isitt and try to stop the old bridge from being torn down.

Lisa Helps said she wasn’t sure if it wasn’t too late to stop the new bridge.

I encouraged her to look into it, nevertheless, and it is my understanding that she committed to doing that.

I hope I haven’t misunderstood or misreported anything here.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

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