The Good Peace Doctor Ron Paul’s Prescription for his fellow Americans fighting in demonic, illegal, perpetual, unjust, wasteful wars: ‘Declare Victory and Bring Them Home!’

 Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 10/31/11: Declare Victory & Bring Them Home!

by Ron Paul | Texas Straight Talk

It is not too often I am pleased by the foreign policy announcements from this administration, but last week’s announcement that the war in Iraq was in its final stage and all the troops may be home for Christmas did sound promising. I have long said that we should simply declare victory and come home. It should not have taken us nearly a decade to do so, and it was supposed to be a priority for the new administration. Instead, it will be one of the last things done before the critical re-election campaign gets into full swing. Better late than never, but, examining the fine print, is there really much here to get excited about? Are all of our men and women really coming home, and is Iraq now to regain its sovereignty? And in this time of economic crisis, are we going to stop hemorrhaging money in Iraq? Sadly, it doesn’t look that way.

First and foremost, any form of withdrawal that is happening is not simply because the administration realized it was the right thing to do. This is not the fulfillment of a campaign promise, or because suddenly the training of their police and military is complete and Iraq is now safe and secure, but because of disagreements with the new government over a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). The current agreement was set up by the previous administration to expire at the end of 2011. Apparently the Iraqis refused to allow continued immunity from prosecution for our forces for any crimes our soldiers might commit on Iraqi soil. Can you imagine having foreign soldiers here, with immunity from our laws and Constitution, with access to your neighborhood?

Some 39,000 American troops will supposedly be headed home by the end of the year. However, the US embassy in Iraq, which is the largest and most expensive in the world, is not being abandoned. Upwards of 17,000 military personnel and private security contractors will remain in Iraq to guard diplomatic personnel, continue training Iraqi forces, maintain “situational awareness” and other functions. This is still a significant American footprint in the country. And considering that a private security contractor costs the US taxpayer about three times as much as a soldier, we’re not going to see any real cost savings. Sadly, these contractors are covered under diplomatic immunity, meaning the Iraqi people will not get the accountability that they were hoping for.

While I applaud the spirit of this announcement – since all our troops should come home from overseas – I have strong reservations about any actual improvements in the situation in Iraq, since plans are already being made to increase the number of troops in surrounding regions. What we really need is a new foreign policy and there is no indication that that is what we have gotten. On the contrary, the administration fully intends to keep troops in Iraq, indefinitely, under a new agreement, while the Iraqis are doing their best to assert their sovereignty and kick us out. Neither are we going to be saving any significant amount of money. My greatest fear, however, is that this troop withdrawal from Iraq will simply pave the way for more endless, wasteful, needless wars.


‘NDP just completely repudiated Mr. Layton’s foreign policy by rejecting an extension of Canada’s war on Libya.’ … Gregory Hartnell to NDP member Larry Wartel, October 1, 2011.

Nycole Turmel réplique à Marcel Proulx
Maintenant, Le NPD est completement domine par les pacificistes separatistes, comme Nycole Turmel (en haut).
October 1, 2011
Dear Larry:
Saw your letter in the Vic News yesterday… seems like you miss warmongering Jack…
The NDP just completely repudiated Mr. Layton’s foreign policy by rejecting an extension oF Canada’s war on Libya.
Either all those socialists just discovered the NWO, or they only supported Jack’s war policy while he was alive, out of servile deference to him…
Gregory Hartnell

‘I give my war taxes (9%) to Conscience Canada, rather than Rev. Can. So far no ramifications, but I assume it’s just a matter of time, ‘ … Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell

Hello Gregory,

Your picture at Solvang, nice! I’ve been briefly to that mission and a few others.


ROSITA LA CALAVERA: Little Rosie, the calavera (la bas)


a reference to Charles Rennie MacIntosh and his circle of artists at the Glasgow School of Art





posada phot


I didn’t know you too are an artist.

Those pieces have such incredible detail and refined structure:

ALPHA-OMEGA HEART OF THE CATALAN CROSS’ (above) and “Genesis” (below).

What a shame that the mural in the house was painted over.

Were you upset about that?

Helena’s wedding should be a lovely event.

Is she part-Latina brought into your family through Latin marriage?

Thanks for you candor about going to jail a few times–clearly for honourable purposes, such as riding the rails!

I went three times, once to juvenile detention for throwing a plate in anger which hit my mom–I didn’t want it to hit her, once during a homeless support rally in Centennial Square, and once for civil disobedience at a single-payer healthcare rally in NYC.

That was very disturbing for 32 hours in NYC’s finest “caves”.

Thanks for the description of the two old papers, one representing the Libs, the other the Cons.

Grateful to you for ending the subscription for war-mongering, so true.

I give my war taxes (9%) to Conscience Canada, rather than Rev. Can.


So far no ramifications, but I assume it’s just a matter of time, .

How interesting that the Grateful Dead used classic Latin art skulls in their renowned imagery.

I never knew that’s where it was derived from.

Do you speak or understand Spanish?

I think it’s wonderful that you have such an appreciation for the culture.

What does “D.F.” mean, as in “Mexico D. F.”?

I did not know either that Posada influenced Rivera, thank you.

catrina by rivera

It is very clear now to see that.

Can you give a reference for Rivera’s conversion to Catholicism before his death?

I don’t disbelieve it, but have heard a few interpretations about his reverence toward the end of his life, after he rejoined the Mexican Communist Party in 1954, and would be grateful for clarification.

From what I read in biographies, while Rivera had scathing criticisms for Catholicism and Communism as practiced, it seems he never actually considered Catholicism and Communism to be mutually exclusive.

In Frida, the movie, I remember that Rivera helped Trotsky, but didn’t know he actually put him up.

That’s great.

Lenin apparently felt Trotsky would have been a more humane leader than Stalin–not hard to beat.

The film about Frida Kahlo was quite wonderful.

And have you seen Tim Robbins The Cradle Will Rock, available at Pic-A-Flic, which has a most spirited and charming recreation of the conflict between Diego Rivera and Rockefeller, over his brilliant mural in New York, which Rockefeller ordered destroyed: ?

So you too are concerned about “good investments” as I am?

I’m the last person to give or follow good advice, staying frozen with my assets, but as AJ (above) says, gold and silver probably are the best investments now.

Do you think property will hold its value?

Because the “Lame Stream” media admits we are headed for a “double dip” recession, property value seems like it will be gradually depreciating, with a more intense decline within five years.

I’d appreciate your insight with this.

I have all my banking accounts in a credit union, including some low interest high-balance 3-year term deposits at 1.8%–not good, eh?

Even if you just keep a low balance checking or savings account there, because they keep their interest profits local, for this reason alone they are better for the community.

Van City is paying 2% for five years,

All credit unions also work with a standard investment house, Credential,

My family lost probably a few million with Madoff, paper value, after an initial investment in approx. 1970.

Never knew who he was until the disturbing story broke. Quite amusing.

More exasperating about that though were the Zionist political connections he and his cronies invested in, in Israel and the US, with these billions.

I think its one more aspect of a huge banking-military AIPAC cover-up in the ponzie scheme.

Do you think Ron Paul can win? It sure would be great, just to see his very sane policies about ending war, closing bases and ending the disgusting war on drugs, be adopted.

Fascinating debate between Alex Jones and Thom Hartmann, another US talk radio host and Libertarian, and Alex and Peter Joseph, the creator of Zeitgeist Movie:

Alex Jones & Thom Hartmann 1/4

Peter Joseph Interviewed By Alex Jones Part 1

Shalom, especially during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, as some Jews express smug glee for the denial of Palestinian statehood,


(I think it’s terrible that Netanyahu tries to get the United Nations to prevent statehood.)

PRO-LIFE VICTORIES: 16 abortion facilities completely shut down following local 40 Days for Life campaigns!

Largest 40 Days for Life ever! September 28 – November 6

 40 Days for Life locations

301 locations are taking part in the current 40 Days for Life campaign (and we already know of additional places thinking about joining in the future).

There are 46 first-time campaigns – including locations in Puerto Rico, Argentina and Germany.

See the list!


Use the box above to sign up for important campaign updates. Learn how you can make a difference … this could just be the beginning of the end of abortion!

Join our Facebook group and stay in touch with 40 Days for Life.

Abortion center CLOSES after 40 Days for Life vigils

The abortion facility in La Puente, California — a suburb in East L.A. where five 40 Days for Life campaigns have been conducted — has just closed its doors and gone out of business!

Halfway through the video, you will meet one of the many babies saved from abortion through God’s grace and the many hours of prayer that blanketed this abortion facility over the years!

This now makes FOURTEEN abortion centers that have gone out of business during or following 40 Days for Life prayer vigils outside their doors.

Take the leap of faith and get involved with 40 Days for Life

Have you been to pray at a 40 Days for Life vigil yet? You may ask, “What do I do?” or “What sign should I bring?” The answer is simple; the only sign you really need to bring is yourself, for you represent God’s love.

Concern about going to pray at the abortion facility is common — and normal. 40 Days for Life campaign director Shawn Carney shared some thoughts at the national Students for Life conference.

What 40 Days for Life has witnessed (so far!)

 40 Days for Life in Glendale, California

There have now been eight coordinated 40 Days for Life campaigns since 2007, mobilizing people of faith and conscience in 337 cities across all 50 of the United States plus communities in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Georgia, Armenia and Belize.

During these unified efforts, participants witnessed countless blessings from God:

  • 1,332 individual campaigns have taken place in 387 cities
  • More than 400,000 have joined together in an historic display of unity to pray and fast for an end to abortion
  • More than 13,000 church congregations have participated in the 40 Days for Life campaigns
  • Reports document 4,313 lives that have been spared from abortion — and those are just the ones we know about
  • 53 abortion workers have quit their jobs and walked away from the abortion industry
  • 16 abortion facilities completely shut down following local 40 Days for Life campaigns
  • Hundreds of women and men have been spared from the tragic effects of abortion, including a lifetime of regrets
  • More than 1,500 news stories have been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV programs from coast to coast … and overseas
  • Many people with past abortion experiences have stepped forward to begin post-abortion healing and recovery

After so many years of legalized abortion, many people of faith are experiencing a renewed sense of HOPE!

Alex Berns on Forty Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil: Are we making a difference? yes, Yes, YES!!!

Are we making a difference !!!   Yes Yes Yes ;
How can I possibly be so bold as to make this claim?
             301 vigil sites (16 in Canada)
  • a new record for known saves will occur before the end of this campaign
  • United Nations pro choice advocate and special rapporteur Anand Grover scolded over attempt to rewrite abortion into the  Human Right  document,  governments outright dismissed the document and abortion as a Human Right, the U.N. Secretary General earlier on had publicly read the document approvingly, as a victory for Human Rights, was sheepishly apologetic for not having first consulted with the member  nations.      ( I wonder who is pulling his strings?)  [The link to this is #1, found in the comments]
  • San Jose articles released by renowned world authorities on Human Rights begins at conception (medically and legally) guaranteed in the U.N Charter of Human Rights for all Human Life including the unborn.   [The link to this is #2, found in the comments.]
  • March 25 2011 government of Costa Rica officially approves and adopts the San Jose articles into it’s constitution, can anyone tell me the significance of this date in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Feast Days.           Yeahhhh   Wowww  !!!!!
  • British House of Lords pick up and moving to accept the San Jose articles (they will shortly after this date forward this with full support to the E.U.  plenary session.) – the momentum is growing –  [The link to this is #3, found in the comments.]
This is but a small taste of what we all can do, there is hope that nations may yet avert the disasters that always come when we allow such an atrocity
as this to continue before God our Creator.
How can there ever be Peace on Earth or much more, in our families, neighborhoods, communities or cities when we allow this to go on without a voice for the unborn.
On October 18 2011 students from around the world at university campuses began their first Speak up for the unborn by not Talking.
Well done sons and daughters, well done.
There is Hope and there is Help and there are people responding here in Victoria.
Today our phone # at the vigil site received two calls. One on behalf of a sons girlfriend who was being pressured to abort by her side of the family. Another from a young man who was inspired by the vigil participants present to phone and get involved. With exactly 7 Days left be inspired and come and fill up these last few days, to pray and fast, perhaps to come out for the first time, experience the grace, peace and joy of the fellowship of sanctifying grace for the healing of our Sons and Daughters, our Brothers and sisters in this vulnerable crossroad in their lives. Jesus is counting on you to be his Light here in this place where darkness has gone on for so long. In  2013 it will be 40 years since this scourge became legal in North America.    It is enough!
Rise Up yee Holy Nation.
Alex Berns

Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on stopping subscriptions to the NWO Death Cult’s hawkish presstitutes @ Victoria Times Colonist : “We have subscribed in the past, but have lately not renewed, and I told that lady from the sub dept. why the other day: ‘your paper is a deplorable warmongering rag and we have had enough of it.'”

Dear Larry:
Thanks for writing again… always very interesting to read what is on your mind.
Gregory Hartnell
Your poor uncle sounds like an hidalgo… every family seems to have one… and I think I am his counterpart in this family!
I don’t like to think of myself as an exploiter (who does?), but we also are ‘landlords’ (what an awful word, eh?).
We own a fairly new house on Spring Road in Fernwood which we rent to a young hippy family with a seven year old son, Adam.
They are very easy-going self-employed organic gardeners who have really transformed the property with all their veggies.
Every year the City of Victoria raises our residential property taxes, and every year I am tempted to try to convince my dear wife to raise the rent on our tenants, to make up for the increase in the property taxes.
She has more compassion, common sense and mercy than I do, and so we haven’t raised their rent since they moved in, and they seem to appreciate that.
We have told them that in the event of our deciding to sell, we would give them first option to bid on the house.
If they can’t afford to put a deposit on it, we will then sell it on the open market, but now doesn’t seem like the right time.
 It is a buyers’ market right now, especially if one is looking to buy property down south.
The older I get, the more real estate seems to me to be the best investment, as it is tangible, easy to understand, because it is right there in front of one’s eyes.
I am also getting interested in buying gold and silver coins, after listening to AJ, but we have not done that yet.
My wife seems to have made some money market and other dubious investments with her union wages of which I am not completely aware and would likely disapprove, and I can’t seem to convince her to dump them at this time, although I keep trying…
We bank at HSBC, which I don’t like either, as they are complicit in insider trading on the day of 9/11.
I think we should be looking at moving it all to a local credit union… do you have any suggestions?
You are right about that photo of me sitting by the fountain.
That one was taken by Dawn last fall in the garden of an old Franciscan mission church near Solvang, I think it is Mision Santa Inez.
As I believe that I was conceived in Mexico when my parents were there on their honeymoon, I have since become very attached to the people and land of that beautiful strange country.
My niece Helena is getting married down there next spring, so we will be going down there to attend that ceremony, and later we will visitMaria my sister Maria and her second husband in Yerba Buena (a small village near Mascota, about an hour and a half from Puerto Vallarta), the blind Mexican musician Julio Cabrera.
Of all those famous Mexican muralists, I like Rivera the best.
 The story of Frida and Diego is quite a roller-coaster ride… did you know that they put up Trotsky at their home?
Another interesting fact is that Rivera, more or less a life-long communist, converted to Catholicism after Frida’s death, and just before his own…
Anyway, I remember writing a long article on their stay in San Francisco for the student paper at USF which was called the Foghorn.
I hadn’t heard about the Siqueros mural in LA, but I do of course remember seeing some of his more famous ones in Mexico D. F.
The detail shown in that posting was done on one of the parabolic windows of my brother John’s home on Rockland, the second Hartnell family home built by our parents on the street, circa 1970.
 I will send you a link in the next letter about that home with a few pics… [Hartnell Family Bloodlines, comments]
In that painting on glass I paid homage to Posada, who was very influential on all the Mexican muralists, putting out revolutionary engravings from his shop in DF.
Lots of dancing skeletons in that genius’ work, which later showed up in Grateful Dead posters…
I can relate to having murals painted over, as I did one in a condo in Oak Bay that my parents owned, which was seven by twenty feet long… later painted over by the new owners…
I have heard, of course, of Peltier, but have never heard of Graham.
I have no use for prisons, and deplore the Tories grandstanding on their crime bill.
If Ron Paul wins, and is successful in decriminalizing all the drugs, Canada should follow suit, and let out all the prisoners in for drug crimes.
I have had a few stays in jails, once for sitting on that logging road at Clayoquot (overnight at Wilkinson Road), once for trespass in Thunder Bay (riding the rails with a couple of Acadien hobos), and for public drunkenness in SF.
The jail cell in SF had mushrooms, butterflies and rainbows painted on the cell wall… psychedelic peace propaganda brought to you by San Francisco’s finest…
When I sold papers as a boy downtown, the morning paper was the Colonist, which carried Conservative Party editorials, while the afternoon paper was owned by the same company, I believe, and carried Liberal Party editorials… so there is the false left-right paradigm in action.
There was really no difference in the content of the rest of the papers, as they were exactly the same except for those phoney editorials.
The present paper is an unhappy conjunction of those two Establishment postures, full of war propaganda, lies, Death Culture promos for Hollywood trash culture like Rob Zombie at the new arena, etc.
We have subscribed in the past, but have lately not renewed, and I told that lady from the sub dept. why the other day: ‘your paper is a deplorable warmongering rag and we have had enough of it.’
I will check out the Parenti video on the Founding Fathers and get back to you later with my impressions of that…
I commend you for your work on behalf of unjustly imprisoned people.
Shalom, my friend

‘I also get landlord income from a small place inherited from my mother, which makes me an exploiter too.’ … Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell


Dear Gregory,

Thank you for that kind implorative.

With whatever Jewish reverence I can summon, I will try that.

My Uncle’s not really a corrupt guy–just a spoiled “trust-a-farian” who inherited significant landlord property and is still a play baby–at age 70.

He’s actually a very jovial and warm fellow, though without any social commitment.

He gambles regularly.

Basically, his shady-deal is that he is a landlord exploiter like too many others in this class–living off rent, which Dorothy Day appropriately wanted abolished.

I also get landlord income from a small place inherited from my mother, which makes me an exploiter too.

While we have an exploiting economy (someone does labour–another accrues benefit without any labour input), I do try to serve humanity with the money by giving a lot of it to prisoner justice-struggle organizations (Leonard Peltier, John Graham, 10,000 Palestinian prisoners).

Wildfire Bakery Mural of John Graham:


Of course you can use the ‘dear’ salutation without me fearing bisexual intent.

And I appreciate your biblical use of “Gregory”.

I hope your memories of “Baba” were as positive as that charming term of endearment. I know often members of our extended family bring more warmth and unconditional love to us when we were young than our parents. Maybe your fear of discovering what was in Father’s past has more to do with a difficult early relationship than his actual political experiences later on. I don’t mean to pry, and again am very appreciative for sharing with candor your family and personal experiences.

You worked much harder than I ever had to, I note again, as your paper sales and route demonstrate–what an experience for a young fellow!

When you say the Times was a “Liberal” paper, do you mean it was aligned with or maybe even owned by the Liberal Party? Or did it have a little “l” “liberal” ideology? What would you say it is today? Some people call it facetiously the “Times Communist,” which makes me laugh humourously. However, I think it is more accurate to call it the “Times Colonialist,” for the negative remnants of British colonial culture in our village within the moat that the TC strives to preserve.

Great  picture of a certain fellow here:

Where’s the fountain–somewhere in California? Maybe near one of those historical Spanish missions?

The classic Latin skull-featured art piece ( reminds me of a classic Los Angeles mural by a famous Mexican David Siquieros that the city elites ordered whitewashed because of its content:

You may enjoy this short video that shows what the real goals of the US Constitutional writers were–very revealing:
Michael Parenti — The Myth of the Founding Fathers

Take care Brother Gregory,