Even CNN ‘Truth Squad’ contradicts warmongering against Iran: ‘While Ahmadinejad is no fan of Israel or the United States, he did not state in August that he wants to eradicate Israel.’

Truth squad: Has Iran said it wants to attack Israel?

By the CNN Wire Staff
November 23, 2011 — Updated 0810 GMT (1610 HKT)

Editor’s note: Part of the CNN Republican debate fact-checking series

(CNN) — An Israeli strike on Iran was raised as a possibility at Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate in Washington. Candidates were asked if they, as president, would join or support Israel.

Michele Bachmann said the issue of Israeli aggression came up only because of Iran’s possible nuclear capability.

The statement: “…why is it that we’re talking about Israel having to make a strike against Iran? It’s because Iran has announced they plan to strike Israel.

“They’ve stated, as recently as August just before President Ahmadinejad came to — to the U.N. General Assembly. He said that he wanted to eradicate Israel from the face of the Earth.

“He has said that if he has a nuclear weapon he will use it to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He will use it against the United States of America.”

The facts:

In 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during a meeting with protesting students at Iran’s Interior Ministry, quoted a remark from Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution, that Israel “must be wiped out from the map of the world.”

Ahmadinejad then said: “And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,” according to a quote published by Iran’s state news outlet, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

This year, Ahmadinejad spoke to the U.N. General Assembly in September. He criticized Zionism and the United States, but did not threaten a military attack on either country.

Ahmadinejad has maintained Iran seeks only nuclear energy capability, not nuclear weapons. On November 9, he denied once again that his country is pursuing nukes.

“The Americans have fabricated a stack of papers and he keeps speaking about them,” he said on state-run Press TV. “Why don’t you do a report on the U.S. nuclear program and its allies? Present a report on the thousands of U.S. military bases where Washington has nuclear arms that threaten global security.”

The verdict: False. While Ahmadinejad is no fan of Israel or the United States, he did not state in August that he wants to eradicate Israel. Because he does not acknowledge pursuit of nuclear weapons, he could not have threatened to use them against Israel or the United States.

CNN’s Amy Roberts contributed to this report.


Gerald Celente: Trends Research Institute’s main man warns of more Bankster ripoffs coming…


1) Vigilant residents keep smart meters at bay by Michael Smyth – The Province – November 17, 2011: – http://www.theprovince.com/news/Vigilant+residents+keep+smart+meters/5724394/story.html
2) There is more and more evidence that the corporations are planning on using the grids for multiple and various purposes, but most of it hangs on use of our data, selling and re-selling it. This is just the latest article. I urge you all to write to the Privacy Commissioner  — info@oipc.bc,ca , your MLA and the newspapers about this.
[Cisco] The smart grid according to Cisco: 9 things you need to know now by Jesse Berst – Smart Grid News – November 17, 2011:
– http://
3) Candidates for Saanich who are against smart meters:  All the incumbent candidates plus  Nicola Wade, Harold Wolf
Challengers who are for smart meters and against protecting us with a moratorium:    Ingrid Ip, Jesse McClinton, Rob Wickson.
This information was compiled by a group of us who spent HOURS at the various all candidates meetings.  Please vote wisely tomorrow!  We hope this is correct!;
4) Corix was in Fernwood, a section of Victoria, today. Please pass the word.

Hi Folks

Please spread this invitation throughout your networks, BC wide so all in the interior can have a chance to listen to some well informed and passionate speakers. It will be a night that you will leave feeling far more empowered and ready to inspire your friends and community, to say emphatically NO to “Smart”Meters. Together communities and neighbourhoods with their municipal councils can continue to keep the demand strong for a moratorium.
 Smart Meters


 Whats the REAL Cost?

·    Health Threats

·    Privacy Issues

·    Usage Rates

·    and more…

Come Learn and Ask Question

Speakers from  Enderby, Kelowna, Kamloops and Salmon Arm,

Barbara Makota- Interior Rep “Citizens for Safe Techology”  Curtis Bennett– Electrician, Thermographer.

Brian Thiesen –Chairman, Interior Smart Meter Awareness 

Steve Corrie – “Voice of the Shuswap”

Wednesday, November 23rd 7-9pm ( doors open 6:30)

Shubert Centre 3505 30th Ave Vernon BC

Suggested Donation: $3

Sponsored by the Vernon Chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers

Non-Profit Organization


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DAVID SUZUKI is a very dangerous Death Cutlure Globalist, says Gregory Hartnell, ‘Rockland Outsider’ Candidate for Oak Bay Council… Hartnell confesses that he once supported anti-human population control freak, chem trail denier David Suzuki… no more!

True confession time. folks.

Photo: David Suzuki (photo credit: Kent Kallberg)

I once gave money for a year or two to the David Suzuki Foundation, even visiting his swank headquarters in Kitsilano in Vancouver to see what the set up was like.

Now I realize that Suzuki’s agenda is the same as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Planned Parenthood and all of the other nasty Globalist anti-humanists who want to reduce the population of the planet.

They think that there should be a limit on humans procreating, and thus they favour Death Cult ‘soft kill’ programmes like geo-engineering (commonly called ‘chem trails’).

There is no such thing as organic food anymore, folks, as all of our veggies are being contaminating with aluminum, barium, and other kinds of junk that is changing the pH of the soil, and setting the stage for a Globalist Monsanto monopoly world of genetically modified seeds that are resistant to all this crap they are dumping on us.

The insane Globalist population reducers like Suzuki actually want to kill the organic foods industry to monopolize the whole planet’s food production system, as I understand it, and I am not even a scientific person, but I do have enough common sense to realize that there is something seriously wrong with this man’s credentials as a supposedly enlightened environmentalist.

In a startling new video linked in the comments, one will see that Dr. Suzuki says that he has ‘no opinion on chem trails’!

This man, who is supposedly the foremost environmentalist in Canada has ‘no opinion’ on chem trails?

How can that be?

Doesn’t he ever look up from his computer monitor to see the cross hatching in our skies that is so easy to discern… everywhere?

What a complete fraud this man is.

Let’s get him off the CBC!

Don’t send him any more money.

Cancel your subscriptions to his anti-human Death Culture propaganda!

Blast him with critical emails.

Let’s shut down the David Suzuki Foundation!

Do whatever you can, folks, to expose this reckless anti-human Globalist Death Cultist who says that when human babies are born, ‘you hatch out as a maggot.’


Globalist BCLib government is expanding its current childhood immunization program to include rotavirus vaccine, a varicella (chickenpox) booster, and hepatitis A vaccine for Aboriginal children, both on- and off-reserve.

B.C. expands immunizations for children

November 14, 2011
VICTORIA – Immunization is one of the most effective ways to prevent serious disease. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, three new vaccines will be added to the British Columbia childhood immunization schedule, to ensure that children in B.C. get the most effective protection possible from preventable diseases.The Province is expanding its current childhood immunization program to include rotavirus vaccine, a varicella (chickenpox) booster, and hepatitis A vaccine for Aboriginal children, both on- and off-reserve. Total purchase costs for these vaccines will be approximately $3.1 million per year.

The rotavirus vaccine is administered orally, and protects infants from diarrhoea and vomiting caused by the rotavirus. All infants born on or after Nov. 1, 2011 will be eligible. The first dose is administered at two months of age, followed by a second dose at four months.

To help provide lifetime immunity against chickenpox, a varicella booster dose has also been added to the immunization schedule. This booster has been recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization as offering improved and longer lasting protection. Children get their first dose at 12 months. The second dose will now be offered to children at school entry (four to six years of age). Chickenpox is a viral infection that causes an itchy blistering rash, but can also cause infections in any part of the body, including the brain.

In addition, B.C. will now be offering hepatitis A vaccine to all Aboriginal infants and children. Although B.C.’s overall hepatitis A rates have declined over the past 15 years, outbreaks have continued to occur in Aboriginal communities. A targeted vaccination program for Aboriginal children will help prevent illness in this group. Hepatitis A affects the liver and can cause fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and yellow skin and eyes. It is easily spread through activities such as sharing of food and changing of diapers.

The new additions to B.C.’s immunization schedule have been reviewed and recommended by the BC Communicable Disease Policy Advisory Committee and the BC Immunization Committee. With these additions, B.C. will continue to have one of the most comprehensive immunization programs in Canada.

To find out more about childhood immunizations, contact HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, or visit: www.ImmunizeBC.ca


Dr. Perry Kendall, provincial health officer –

“Each of these vaccines has been clinically proven to offer significant protection against potentially harmful diseases. By investing in their prevention now, we can prevent pain, suffering and costs down the road.”

Dr. Monika Naus, medical director, BC Centre for Disease Control –

“We recommended these three new vaccines because they will give children extra immunity and protection from infectious diseases. Parents can be assured that these vaccines are safe and effective and will prevent serious health problems in the future. Additionally, rotavirus vaccine is given by mouth and does not require an injection. That should be a welcome change to many.”

Gregory Hartnell, Oak Bay Council Candidate endorses Steve Filipovic for Victoria Mayor, for his common sense on housing the poorest of the poor, and still wanting to save our unique Joseph Strauss bascule bridge


I like Steve Filipovic, a Victoria Mayoral Candidate, and so, apparently, does Billy the Gardener, our former Social Credit premier who is the de facto leader of the anti-Globalist forces in this province, with his fantastic victory against the horrid HST, and now his taking up the anti-‘smart’ meter referendum in the making.

Steve Filipovic is one of four Mayoral Candidates in the present municipal election in Victoria, and I am now giving him my support, as much as I am able, on a person-to-person level, without giving him a red cent.

I hasten to add that I am certainly not endorsing him in my capacity as President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, nor do I endorse all of his policy positions.

Nor do I endorse nor approve of his association with the highly suspect Globalist Green Party, however, I note that he has not been officicially endorsed by that party, to my knowledge, but in fact uses the backs of their old campaign signs, which reminds one of his sometimes rocky association with them, but which also shows a certain frugal cheekiness which can be construed in other ways not so complementary to them.

I support him for his common sense on the disgraceful unsolved homelessness problem, and also because he is the only Candidate of which I am aware who says he still wants to save the old bridge, which I am convinced is of unusual heritage value, and could be saved for a lot less than replacing it would cost for the new thing.

He also understands the problems with so-called ‘smart meters’ and related radiation issues and is concerned to work against them.

He is also up-to-date on what really needs to be done on sewage, and supports Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria, as do I.

I know from talks with him that he is also very savvy on the geo-engineering or ‘chem trail’ problem, citing ‘What on Earth are they spraying?’ as a video to check out (now linked in the comments).

That should give him and others who are concerned about the climate a clue that the whole ‘global warming’ issue has been completely co-opted by mischeivous Globalists with another eugenicst agenda that is not human friendly at all.

Check out the article by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones at Propaganda Matrix and Infowars.com on what ‘chem trails’ or geo-engineering is really all about.

On so-called ‘climate change initiatives’ he still thinks something is to be gained by acting as if this is a serious problem, but I note that he puts it at the bottom of his list of priorities, and at least he acknowledges that the present system set up by the Globalist Liberals does nothing at all to mitigate the carbon they are supposedly worried about, but rather rewards Globalist corporations for not cutting down our ancient forests.

It’s a type of protection racket that the banksters have set up to extract money from us, else they threaten to get out the chainsaws at Avatar Grove or Cathedral Grove.

On harm reduction, he is out to lunch however (as he favours it), so that is something that we agree to disagree on.

Paul Brown is obviously a technocrat with his obsession about the phoney $500,000,000 ‘infrastructure deficit.’

He also has no problem with setting up Insite type ‘injection facilities’ and is effectively complacent on the fate of the heritage bridge.

It is tragic that the JohnsonStreetBridge.org group has apparently been co-opted by the Paul Brown campaign, but this should give Concerned Citizens pause to consider Filipovic as the only serious alternative to the decadent Globalist duopoly status quo at City Hall.

Dino’s ill-earned fortunes are again linked to those of his sold-out  Globalist Council: the tired old ‘Dean Team’ wants your vote again: Pam Madoff, Lynn Hunter, John Luton and Marianne Alto.

One could add ex-Green Philippe Lucas to that list of tired Dino-lovers, and so we should certainly count him out too.

None of the incumbents should be supported because they all taxed the crap out of us for the last three years (again), didn’t solve the homelessness problem as they said they would, and are all philistines addicted to stimulus cash who don’t give a damn about our heritage.

Not even Geoff Young should be supported, as he too has abandoned the Johnson Street Bridge.

So, it’s Steve Filipovic for Mayor of Victoria!


David Shebib has been completely disdainful of the whole Victoria election process this year, and voters should not waste their vote on him in Victoria.

I have not followed his latest antics in Saanich, but in that jurisdiction, there might actually be good reasons to support him, but only as a steam valve for the release of pent-up protest vote pressure.

I’ll write about my picks for the new Council tomorrow, but I must warn my faithful readers, this is one of the worst lists of Victoria City Council Candidates I have seen in a very long time, and there are very few principled or suitable Candidates on display this year, in my humble opinion.

Gregory Hartnell, Candidate

Oak Bay Council

PRO-PEACE VOTERS IN OAK BAY? Please vote for Gregory Hartnell: Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Peace ‘Rockland Outsider’ for Oak Bay Council, November 19, 2011

PRO-LIFE LOW TAX OAK BAY VOTERS? Gregory Hartnell is your common sense pro-life low tax independent non-partisan candidate for Oak Bay Council, November 19, 2011


Gregory Hartnell’s new 10 point, 3 year Oak Bay Recovery Plan: independent non-partisan fiscal conservative pro-life candidate for Oak Bay Council wants to shrink government, taxes, spending

OCTOBER 12, 2011 BY 

Gregory Hartnell
Gregory Hartnell, Artist-Historian
President, Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, Canada, V8S 1V7
Tel. 250 382 97 67
Official Campaign Website:
Email: gregoryhartnell@yahoo.ca
I am pleased to announce that I am standing as an independent non-partisan candidate for Oak Bay Council in the November 19 election.
I was born in Victoria, am a Canadian citizen, have no party membership, nor membership in any Globalist organizations, and have lived in Greater Victoria most of my life, including addresses on Milton, Yale, Hampshire and Beach Drive in beautiful Oak Bay.
Inspired by Dr. Ron Paul, American Presidential Candidate for 2012, I am primarily a small government advocate, emphasizing the need for radically lower residential and commercial property taxes.

Here is my 10 point plan of Tax Liberty, Economic Recovery and Restoration of Accountability for Oak Bay:
1. I will not vote to give myself a raise in salary in the three year term, but will donate the entirety of my three year salary to Victoria Hospice.
2. I will honour existing contracts between Oak Bay and the unions, but will not raise residential or commercial property taxes in the first year of the term, nor will I raise the tax rate at the expense of the residential sector, but will maintain a fair balance in the ratio between the two sectors.
3. I will look at the best ways to repeat the contract-honouring, tax-cutting restraint programme each subsequent year of the term, guided by principles of prudent fiscal justice for the greater good of the economy of Oak Bay, not pandering to special interest groups of the right or the left.
4. I am opposed to the grandiose sewage and LRT plans of the non-elected, non-accountable CRD; I favour free bus passes for the disabled, homeless and poor, and look for science-based marine-based sewage and storm drain solutions as advocated by Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria.
5. I will not vote for any new hiring, and will not vote to expand any bureaucratic spending in any department of Oak Bay, including police, in the three year term.
6. I will stop all salary raises for management for the whole three year term, and will actually work to reduce their present salaries.
7. I am in favour of a legally binding ‘chem trail’ geo-engineering ban in Oak Bay, leading to a similar ban with legal force in the whole CRD.
8. I support the current Council in their opposition to so-called ‘smart meters’, will vote to stop further installation of these radiation-emitting devices in Oak Bay, favouring instead removal of wireless meters, and installation of non-radiating wired meters, if there is no other way to avoid the smart grid mania.
9. I favour a four storey height restriction for all new building proposals, including the controversial Garry Oak Village proposal of Baptist Housing.
10. All development approvals in Oak Bay should be subject to a prudent development approval process, including bona fide loan guarantees to protect the District of Oak Bay from improperly financed applications, to avoid a repeat of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel fiasco.
Further information about my Campaign for Tax Liberty in Oak Bay is found at the link below, or at my official campaign weblog:
GREGORY PAUL MICHAEL HARTNELL (formerly ‘Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog’), gregoryhartnell.wordpress.com.
Although I am still President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, the CCC does not formally endorse my campaign, which is strictly independent.
I am a completely independent candidate, and receive no support from any bank, corporation, political party, union, or any other electors’ organization of any kind.
On November 19, 2011
Please Vote:
Gregory Hartnell
for Oak Bay Council
Julio Cabrera y Montuno Siete
Rhythm Spirit
Oak Bay

Oak Bay

The population of Oak Bay is 17,908