Shellie Gudgeon and Lisa Helps, newly-elected Victoria Councillors, stand with people against ‘stupid meters’ at Victoria rally, Thursday, November 24



Shellie Gudgeon and Lisa Helps, two newly elected Victoria City Councillors yet to be formally sworn in, attended a rally at the Legislature this afternoon.

CBC TV cameraman was in attendance, as was Heather Quinn, the indefatiguable Fairfield activist-publisher.

I shook Gudgeon’s hand, congratulating her, and telling her ‘I voted for you anyway.’

Her reaction was frosty, to say the least.

I then went over to chat with Heather Quinn and Lisa Helps.

I congraulated Lisa Helps and admitted to her that I had not voted for her, but nevertheless told her that her attendance at the rally impressed me, and gave me hope, as this a very important issue.

She agreed with me that it was.

Then Heather gave us her latest information on electromagnetic radiation pollution.

Before leaving Lisa Helps, I told her that I thought that her election, and that of Shellie Gudgeon was a signal of disenchantment by the people of Victoria for Dean Fortin’s plans for the Bridge, and I encouraged her to get together with Councillor Geoff Young, Shellie Gudgeon and even Ben Isitt and try to stop the old bridge from being torn down.

Lisa Helps said she wasn’t sure if it wasn’t too late to stop the new bridge.

I encouraged her to look into it, nevertheless, and it is my understanding that she committed to doing that.

I hope I haven’t misunderstood or misreported anything here.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell


Gregory Hartnell, Oak Bay Council Candidate, is opposed to the ‘smart meter’ installation programme in Oak Bay and all of the province… Point #8 in his ten point Campaign for Oak Bay Liberty


Gregory Hartnell’s new 10 point, 3 year Oak Bay Recovery Plan: independent non-partisan fiscal conservative pro-life candidate for Oak Bay Council wants to shrink government, taxes, spending

OCTOBER 12, 2011 BY 

Gregory Hartnell
Gregory Hartnell, Artist-Historian
President, Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, Canada, V8S 1V7
Tel. 250 382 97 67
Official Campaign Website:
I am pleased to announce that I am standing as an independent non-partisan candidate for Oak Bay Council in the November 19 election.
I was born in Victoria, am a Canadian citizen, have no party membership, nor membership in any Globalist organizations, and have lived in Greater Victoria most of my life, including addresses on Milton, Yale, Hampshire and Beach Drive in beautiful Oak Bay.
Inspired by Dr. Ron Paul, American Presidential Candidate for 2012, I am primarily a small government advocate, emphasizing the need for radically lower residential and commercial property taxes.
Here is my 10 point plan of Tax Liberty, Economic Recovery and Restoration of Accountability for Oak Bay:
1. I will not vote to give myself a raise in salary in the three year term, but will donate the entirety of my three year salary to Victoria Hospice.
2. I will honour existing contracts between Oak Bay and the unions, but will not raise residential or commercial property taxes in the first year of the term, nor will I raise the tax rate at the expense of the residential sector, but will maintain a fair balance in the ratio between the two sectors.
3. I will look at the best ways to repeat the contract-honouring, tax-cutting restraint programme each subsequent year of the term, guided by principles of prudent fiscal justice for the greater good of the economy of Oak Bay, not pandering to special interest groups of the right or the left.
4. I am opposed to the grandiose sewage and LRT plans of the non-elected, non-accountable CRD; I favour free bus passes for the disabled, homeless and poor, and look for science-based marine-based sewage and storm drain solutions as advocated by Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria.
5. I will not vote for any new hiring, and will not vote to expand any bureaucratic spending in any department of Oak Bay, including police, in the three year term.
6. I will stop all salary raises for management for the whole three year term, and will actually work to reduce their present salaries.
7. I am in favour of a legally binding ‘chem trail’ geo-engineering ban in Oak Bay, leading to a similar ban with legal force in the whole CRD.
8. I support the current Council in their opposition to so-called ‘smart meters’, will vote to stop further installation of these radiation-emitting devices in Oak Bay, favouring instead removal of wireless meters, and installation of non-radiating wired meters, if there is no other way to avoid the smart grid mania.
9. I favour a four storey height restriction for all new building proposals, including the controversial Garry Oak Village proposal of Baptist Housing.
10. All development approvals in Oak Bay should be subject to a prudent development approval process, including bona fide loan guarantees to protect the District of Oak Bay from improperly financed applications, to avoid a repeat of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel fiasco.
Further information about my Campaign for Tax Liberty in Oak Bay is found at the link below, or at my official campaign weblog:
GREGORY PAUL MICHAEL HARTNELL (formerly ‘Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog’),
Although I am still President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, the CCC does not formally endorse my campaign, which is strictly independent.
I am a completely independent candidate, and receive no support from any bank, corporation, political party, union, or any other electors’ organization of any kind.
On November 19, 2011
Please Vote:
Gregory Hartnell
for Oak Bay Council

Shaw TV Airtimes – 2011 Municipal Election Candidates’ programming for Salt Spring Island, Sooke, School Districts 61, 62, November 14, 2011


Victoria’s heritage bridge has been abandoned by Dino Fortino’s decadent Globalist Council

[Photo by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’]

Thank you for your participation or interest in our Municipal Election programming.

From November 10th to 17th, we will be airing candidate statements representing the 13 municipalities in Greater Victoria, 3 School Districts (61, 62 and 63) and Islands Trust candidates for Salt Spring Island.  These will be shown in all areas of Greater Victoria and on Salt Spring Island on Channel 11, Shaw TV.

Below are the airtimes for the first candidate statements and we will continue to update you as the rest of the candidate statements are prepared for airing.  We will also be posting our airtimes on our website:

SHAW TV – Channel 11

Candidate Statements Air Times:

Monday, Nov. 14th, 2011


Start Time

The District of Sooke

9:00 PM

School District #61

9:16 PM

School District #62

9:39 PM

Salt Spring Island

9:58 PM

Repeats:  Tuesday, Nov. 15th


Start Time

The City of Langford

1:00 PM

The District of Metchosin

1:12 PM

The District of Saanich

1:23 PM

The District of Central Saanich

1:43 PM

Already Aired:

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 2011


Start Time

The District of Oak Bay

9:00 PM

The City of Colwood

9:18 PM

The  City of Langford

9:40 PM

Saturday, Nov. 12th, 2011


Start Time

The District of Central Saanich

9:30 PM

The District of Saanich

9:56 PM

The District of Metchosin

10:15 PM

On Tuesday, November 15th, we will be posting by municipality to our YouTube Page and will send you a link when they are loaded.


…More Candidate Times to come

Kim RobinsonAdmin. Assistant, Community Programming

Shaw TV, Channel 11, South Vancouver Island

Shaw Communications GP

#111, 1925 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC, V8T 4J2

Phone: 250 475-7202 l Email:

H. Kyle on Dean Fortin’s sold-out Council endangering our heritage Johnson Street bascule designed by Joseph Strauss: ‘Is it not about time that the Mayor and Council put the Blue Bridge Project on hold until they actually have done a complete risk assessment and actually have a regional transportation plan to work with?’



[Photo by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’]

So what is with doing a Risk Assessment after the politicians made the decision to spend $77 million on a new bridge?

Isn’t that like closing the gate after the horses have left the paddock!

Good governance requires good management skills – decision making skills.

The risk assessment should have been done in advance of the decision making process.

It really seems like the Mayor and Council have dealt with the “Bridge” like children with gift-money burning a hole in their pockets; they are focused on finding ways to spend it without doing any risk assessment.

The Mayor and Council do not seem to understand that the residents of Victoria do not need a new bridge.

Big surprise! The residents who do not live in Victoria would like a new Bridge – and who would not be all for it if it did not cost them any tax dollars.

Why not put a toll on the new bridge – better yet: put a toll on the Blue Bridge now for other than pedestrians and cyclists and Victoria residents – then see who is willing to pay to use the bridge.

Answer: no one!

Perhaps the new bridge should be named Fortin’s Folly so everyone will remember what not to do the next time a politician has some bright idea about how to spend our tax money.

The new bridge is really a bridge to nowhere!

There is no regional transportation plan.

How does the CRD pushing for a LRT to terminate at Uptown make sense for Victoria residents to pay for a new bridge when the transportation corridor will be Douglas Street?

Who is going to pay for upgrading the roads through Esquimalt and Saanich to handle the tranffic on the new bridge?

And why has Esquimalt modified Esquimalt Road to decrease traffic and impede the flow of traffic?

Is that part of the grand plan by Victoria to justify a new bridge to nowhere?

Are Victoria, Saanich and View Royal going to upgrade Craigflower Rd to handle all the traffic from the new bridge?

If not, then why is Victoria going to build a new bridge to nowhere?

If LRT is in the future, then how does spending $77 million on a vehicle bridge make any sense, when there is the Bay Street Bridge?

If encouraging green transportation is important, why not modify the Blue Bridge to handle only public transportation, cyclists and pedestrians?

Why spend $77 million for a bridge to no where that is supposed to handle cars?

If the objective is to discourage the use of cars and there is no commitment from any residents in the bedroom communities to actually pay for the road upgrades, why build a new bridge?

Is it not about time that the Mayor and Council put the Blue Bridge Project on hold until they actually have done a complete risk assessment and actually have a regional transportation plan to work with?

Does it not make sense to stop wasting taxpayers’ funds by pursuing an ill-conceived fantasy when something simple and more cost-effective would address the transportation objectives of today and the foreseeable future?

Is the raised rail bridge really a graphic sign to all Victoria residents from the Mayor and Council reflecting their displeasure with being questioned and pushed to actually provide good governance?

H. Kyle

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the infamous Globalist plot: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ on Guido Fawkes, an antiglobalist historical critical analysis

Guido Fawkes is the iconic face of the antigloblist Anonymous hordes, hiding their identities to whose advantage, it must be asked.

Not many people know who Guido was, nor do they know who Anonymous is, nor do they know that this supposedly popular movement is ripe for co-optation by Globalist Socialist provacateurs, infiltrators and disintel agents.



Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

the infamous Globalist plot

I see no reason why Globalist 9/11 Treason

should ever be forgot …

Remember, remember, Guido Fawkes, innocent Catholic English patsy

Tortured on the Tower rack to extract his confession for Lord Cecil’s false flag

Remember, remember, the phoney Gunpowder Treasonous Plot

Remember, remember, how Guido was tortured, dismembered and beheaded,

His severed head displayed on a spike,

like a Death Cult trophy to warn recusant Catholic English…

Remember, remember Lee Harvey Oswald,

Soviet-crazed CIA patsy, framed as sole assassin of ‘Smilin’ Jack’…

‘JFK’: Charismatic, intelligent, Roman Catholic liberal Democratic

American warrior hero President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Cut taxes radically, wanted to pull American troops out of Vietnam, averted war with USSR in Cuba,

Jack Kennedy threatened the Military Industrial Complex, and so he had to be eliminated…

Jacquie Kennedy thinks her husband was executed by his own sold-out Vice President:

Democratic Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson, arch-Vietnam warmonger…

Remember, remember, Osama Bin Laden, CIA operative and patsy for 9/11,

The phoney bogey blamed by the demonic Globalists for all subsequent 9/11 wars…






‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Happy Guy Fawkes!


Two Snapshots of St. Paul’s

Guido took a stroll round the distinctly underwhelming camp at St Paul’s last night. One or two things did make him giggle though:

His face lit up by a thousand corporations…

It all got a little too tiring and emotional for one merry camper…

UPDATE: Behind the paywall The Times have some disgruntled voices:

“Zakandrew Roberts, 18, joined Occupy London on its first day, but left on Saturday after a series of incidents, including someone urinating in his tent and a friend being threatened with a penknife. He claimed that the camp had deteriorated from a group of serious campaigners intent on highlighting issues about economic equality, to “drunks and drug-takers . . . here for a laugh”. Mr Roberts, an unemployed charity worker, said: “Half the people there don’t know why they are there or what they are protesting about. I want political change, not to get high and drunk all the time.”

Watch out for that progressive punch, it’s lethal…



Guy Fawkes: England’s bogeyman unlikely face of global protest

A demonstrator wears a Guy Fawkes mask at the back of his head during a protest march against the construction of a high-speed train line, known as TAV, which will link Turin in northern Italy to Lyon in France, near Chiomonte, north of Turin Oct. 23.

A demonstrator wears a Guy Fawkes mask at the back of his head during a protest march against the construction of a high-speed train line, known as TAV, which will link Turin in northern Italy to Lyon in France, near Chiomonte, north of Turin Oct. 23.

Photograph by: STRINGER/ITALY, Reuters

LONDON – A new generation of global activists have embraced the image of a 17th-century English Catholic traitor whose arrest and gruesome execution is still celebrated across Britain every year by burning his effigy.

White caricature masks of Guy Fawkes – who was hanged, drawn and quartered for attempting to blow up England’s Parliament in 1605 – have been appearing online and on the streets of London, New York and Madrid among protesters against the financial crisis.

While many Fawkes masks sold in Britain this week may end up in their traditional places on dummy “Guys” cast onto bonfires and as part of fireworks displays at the hugely popular annual Nov. 5 Guy Fawkes Night celebrations on greens and in parks throughout the U.K., many more may be worn at demonstrations.

The masks were popularized by the 2006 film V for Vendetta, in which a masked hero of the future uses the Fawkes image as he attacks the British government. The stylized, gleaming white, grinning and bearded visage has become the face of the leaderless Anonymous movement.

They have become an increasingly popular sight at the anti-banking Occupy Wall Street protests that have spread across the United States and into other countries including Britain, as well as an increasingly common presence online.

“Traditionally, Guy Fawkes has simply been seen as the original terrorist or just a quaint figure we commemorate once a year,” said Cathy Ross, director of collections and learning at the Museum of London. “The idea of seeing him as a more relevant, radical figure is something new.”

For centuries, English schoolchildren have been taught to: Remember, remember the fifth of November … gunpowder treason and plot, and Fawkes has always been the ghost who has haunted a nation that is only now changing discriminatory laws that bar potential heirs to the throne from marrying a Catholic.

Fawkes hoped his attack – foiled at the last minute after his stash of gunpowder was discovered under Parliament – would usher in a popular Catholic revolt, but the aims of those wearing his mask these days appear less focused.

Initially, Anonymous appeared a purely online force, attacking those it believed were attempting to stymie free speech in the name of intellectual property or national security. Last year, it declared virtual war on websites such as that of global credit card firm MasterCard.


But with Spain’s “indignados” protests against austerity, the popularity of the masks leaped – to the extent that costume shops in Spain sold out almost overnight and activists were forced to order in from overseas.

Both the masks and the Anonymous group themselves have since also joined forces with the Occupy movement, although it is far from clear that all who wear them sympathize with Anonymous.

“It’s a very powerful, violent symbol,” says Tim Hardy, founder of U.K. activist blog Beyond Clicktivism. “It’s very anti-parliamentarian, very anti-establishment, libertarian rather than leftist. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what it stands for. Many of those who wear it are very young.”

For now, the methods of those wearing his image have been much less violent than those unsuccessfully attempted by Fawkes. Had his attack on the state opening of Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605, succeeded, he would have killed not just King James I but also almost the whole Parliament, church leaders and wider ruling hierarchy.

Some worry that might change. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned last month that there was a risk hackers from Anonymous might target crucial industrial control systems of power plants and other key infrastructure, causing chaos. Some activists, however, were skeptical, accusing authorities or scaremongering and trying to demonize the group.

Still, there have been some reports that said that Anonymous was attempting to organize an attack on social networking site Facebook for Nov. 5 itself, ironically organized in part via Facebook itself.

© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

Read more:

Herr Harper’s Hellish Preventive Detention laws fulfill George Orwell’s worst nightmares: Preventive Arrest allows police to hold an individual for up to 72 hours without charge or presenting evidence when terrorism is suspected.

Changes to Anti-Terrorism Act, Security Spending and Proposed Alternatives

Government Reintroduces Controversial Clauses to Anti-Terrorism Act

by Lisa Nickol Karoway – Victoria, B.C.

As the Conservative Government returns to Parliament to set new national priorities, one of these is to reinstate two expired clauses to the Anti-Terrorism Act. The Conservative Party brings back the Investigative Hearings and Preventive Arrest powers, which expired and were removed by Parliament in 2007. These two powers, which have raised criticism since they were first adopted, face few barriers with the current Conservative majority which can out-vote the combined powers of the Opposition Parties.

The Investigative Hearings clause will compel individuals who the police believe have information concerning terrorist activity committed or knowledge of an offense the police think might be comment, to testify and provide information to a Judge. This includes providing information on the whereabouts of a person of suspect. Failure to comply is punishable by prison time.

Preventive Arrest allows police to hold an individual for up to 72 hours without charge or presenting evidence when terrorism is suspected.

“I found them very disturbing; they violated the Charter and the respect for civil liberations which goes back to Habeas Corpus. Being able to hold someone for three days without evidence is contrary to all our legal provisions and an infringement on civil liberties,” said Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands.

Gregory Hartnell gets a strange phone call from RCMP to confirm his attendance at 40 Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil

I hearby confirm that I attended this peaceful 40 Days For Life pro-life prayer vigil today, Saturday, October 15, 2011, from about 10:10 a. m. to about 12:10, just after noon.

There were three others there, two gents named Alex and a lady.

After chatting for a while and getting to know each other a little bit, we prayed five decades of the Joyous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

I thought that it was somewhat freaky that the two gents were both named Alex, and told the first one all about Alex Jones’, his exposing the evil Death Culture Globalist eugenicist plan for planetary depopulation, as outlined by the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations in their Agenda 21, the UNESCO depopulation documents, the Erlichs and Holdren’s Satanic Bible of eugenics ‘Eco Science’, etc.

Also told him about the good, wise and principled pro-life anti-war Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul who has delivered more than 4,000 babies and never aborted a single one.


A police car came into the mall parking lot just as I was leaving.

I came home to find a message left on our answering machine from a R. C. M. Policewoman who wanted to confirm that I was indeed there, for some bizarre reason.

As I do not believe I am required by law to respond to such weird messages from spooks, I of course did not return the constable’s call.

You police people know full well I was there.

You also know that I broke no laws.

You should desist in invading our privacy, and stop tapping our phone, if that is what you are doing.

I am a confirmed peaceful Christian pro-life independent non-partisan Candidate for the Oak Bay Council, and if elected, I will not authorize an application for a business license for such a so-called ‘women’s clinic’ (with an abortuary hidden inside) to set up in Oak Bay.

I will also try to query all declared Candidates in both the Victoria election and the Oak Bay election, to determine if they think such abortuaries are a ‘progressive’ thing for these jurisdictions.

Any deluded candidate who will authorize the City of Victoria or the District of Oak Bay to grant a business license, development rezoning application or any other municipal enabling mechanism  to such a Globalist Death Culture gang of eugenicist abortionists will not get my vote.

Pax Christi

Gregory Hartnell