ANGUS FORSYTH ON IDA CHONG: ‘Out to lunch – and on our nickel, too’

Thanks to the government’s release of MLA’s meal expenses, we now know exactly where Ida Chong was when the Cabinet was meeting to discuss the HST and the Western Forest Products lands.

Out to lunch – and on our nickel, too.

Angus Forsyth



CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist:

Ida Chong mysteries solved

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Page A17



2 Responses to ANGUS FORSYTH ON IDA CHONG: ‘Out to lunch – and on our nickel, too’

  1. Ted says:

    Gawd, where do you guys dig up these politicians??? can you not see the corruption??? and
    the use of her entire lunch expense is incredible, considering she makes $165,000 per year.
    well, that will be ending soon with the recall. and I think she will be in for a rude awakening, oh wait, no, she wont, she gets a gold plated pension. She will live a queen for the rest of her life while you and I struggle to just get by.

    end this madness. kick them out now.


  2. goyodelarosa says:

    One of their own fed up ministers, I think it was another guy called Bill Bennett, oddly enough (thinking now of the ex-Socred Premier Bill Bennett), tired of being spat upon, literally, by Gordo, said the ‘BC Liberals’ are going down the toilet of history, just like the Socreds.

    The so-called ‘BC Liberals’ were never really ‘liberal’ in the classical sense of that word, and were really only a bunch of really obnoxious red neck corporatist-libertarians, quasi-fascist neo-con clearcutting warmongering bullies who managed to ruin the ‘Liberal’ brand in this province forever, I would suggest to my readers.

    The ‘Liberals’, whether provincial under Gordo Campbell until next Feb. 2011 or whenever… or federal, under the clueless White Russian Count Michael Ignatieff, are going nowhere for a very long time in this province of British Columbia and country called Canada.

    Moderate small-c social and fiscal conservatives in this province have no real credible centrist party to turn to at the moment, but we certainly need one.

    Brian Peckford is speaking to a bunch of B. C. Conservatives tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 21, 2010, 2:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Victoria Citadel at 4030 Douglas.

    I was a member of that small party for a few months, until I discovered to my horror that Wilf Hanni, the leader, supported Gordo’s HATED SALES TAX, and that did it for me. I quit.

    Hanni is probably more of a neo con that he is prepared to admit, but in my book, that tax is very harmful, and I am very gratefull for the unity of purpose of the FIGHT HST group.

    It is too bad that Vander Zalm hasn’t got a party of his own to deliver this FIGHT HST excitement of the people, someone who can really do something with the momentum of this negative reactionary anger, to channel it into a more positive political power for good.

    I have no confidence in Carole James to lead the FIGHT HST group, nor should she, and I think that many in the NDP share their disappointment with her ineffectuality quite openly these days.

    Oh sure, she gets angry, and says everyone should shape up, but what about her, how long does it take the woman to define her ideas?

    What are her policies?

    The Big American Labor unionist workers in this province should know what the NDP stands for besides continued symbolic happy hand shakes with the international union bosses for the brothers’ full colour international magazines, of no use whatsover to the rank and file Canadian care aide workers like my wife in the clueless BCGEU, for example, when it comes to improving their pay packages, which ultimately come from a healthy free market economy.

    The NDP has to redefine that relationship with Big American Labour somehow, or preferably sever it completely, to make it really work in the 21st century, and I don’t think any of them have a clue how to do that, nor what they really believe in any more.

    If they ever cut loose the unions, they could then more more to the political centre, to take over the vacuum of leadership left by Gordo in B. C. and the present lacklustre and time-limited Ignatieff.

    I doubt that the B. C. Conservatives could get Peckford to lead that slowly growing western party, but wouldn’t that be weird, an ex-Newfy coming out to revive an almost moribund party, and then perhaps just sort of taking the crown from Vander Zalm’s hands, after both Gordo and James are replaced by new lesser lights, and then wiped out in the election by the more charismatic Peckford….

    An idle thought, I know, and frankly, I don’t really know much about Peckford, except that he apparently lives in one of those new monstrous condo buildings across from the gas station on Esquimalt Road, I believe, with Mike Harris, ex-premier of Ontario, another condo owner in that or an adjacent building.

    I think there is a huge constituency of completely disenfranchised social-fiscal pro-life conservative moderate voters who long for decent, honest and intelligent leadership to be shown locally, provincial and federally.

    I don’t recognize either the Conservative Party of Canada nor the Republican Party in the states as conservative in this sense at all.

    Like the BC Liberals of Gordo’s design, they are all neo-con warmongering corporatist-libertarians.

    Those qualities seem so far from the current lot in power.

    Ida Chong is rightly targeted by the FIGHT HST group.

    I hope that she is punished appropriately with a huge rebuke to her arrogance.

    As for the Byelection tonight, the polls have just closed, and I hope for a Susan Woods victory.


    Good to hear from you again, Ted!

    Hope your votes are winning ones!



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