Highest voter turnout: Metchosin 49%, Oak Bay 2nd, 43%, Sooke 42%, North Saanich 41%…via CFAX Radio News, civicinfo.bc.ca

Voter turnout highest in Metchosin, lowest in Langford

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November 20, 2011

Voter turnout in Victoria was on the low end of the spectrum Saturday.


The City of Victoria’s voter turnout for this weekend’s civic election was about on par with the last election three years ago at 26 per cent.

The municipality in the region boasting the highest voter turnout is Metchosin at 49 per cent. The first real mayoral race in years for Oak Bay between two incumbent councillors saw voters turn out in the municipality. Oak Bay is in second place at 43 percent, followed by Sooke at 42 and North Saanich at 41.

Central Saanich turnout is middle of the pack at 32 per cent, but up several points from three years ago. The chance to elect a new mayor coupled with heated development issues in the municipality seems to have motivated residents to turn out and cast their ballots.

Sidney is next in sixth place at 31 per cent followed by Colwood at 27 per cent.

The bottom three municipalities are Saanich at 25 per cent, Esquimalt at 18 and Langford with a lowly 14 per cent voter turn out.

Highlands mayor and council were acclaimed. Four new mayors were elected across the region in Oak Bay, Sooke, Central Saanich and Colwood.

The figures quoted are provided by the Civic Info website.

-Liz McArthur

(Image courtesy civicinfo.bc.ca)

3 Responses to Highest voter turnout: Metchosin 493, Oak Bay 2nd, 433, Sooke 423, North Saanich 413…via CFAX Radio News, civicinfo.bc.ca

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    It would be interesting to see if these figures co-relate to whether these Councils are high tax or low tax regimes.

    I haven’t done the research, but I would bet that there is a co-relation between low tax regimes and higher voter turnout.

    – Gregory Hartnell

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