ROCKLAND OUTSIDER: Counterintuitive vote for Sukhi Lalli may neutralize him: “Arch ‘Harm Reductionist’ Langford pharmacist pushes methadone, needles in Victoria. Open Victoria Candidate is key player in NWO eugenicist ‘soft kill’ enabling programme. Lalli is already in a conflict of interest.” says Pro-Life Oak Bay Council Candidate Gregory Hartnell

Sukhi Lalli is a Langford resident and a Victoria City Council Candidate who provides three ‘Key Points on Civic Issues‘ on his Open Victoria pamphlet.

‘Sukhi Lalli believes that the City must work effectively with other levels of government to provide long-term solutions to the social issues in the downtown core.

This includes determining the cost effectiveness of regional policing, reviving Victoria’s harm reduction efforts…’

Mr. Lalli is part of the failed system of so-called ‘clean needle’ distribution, a New World Order eugenicist ‘soft kill’ programme of addiction- enabling that has been tried and found wanting in Victoria as proper social health policy since 1989.

Sukhi Lalli is a pharmacist that hands out highly addictive Methadone and so-called ‘clean needles’ to addicts every day in Victoria at his pharmacy.

When asked by Monday Magazine ‘what will be your most important priority as councillor?’ Sukhi Lalli replied:

‘Clearly, the social issues associated with downtown  need to be dealt with.

‘Council and the mayor need to work with the province to address homelessness and addiction issues and this includes consulting with neighbourhoods in the quest for a fixed needle exchange site – though my own preference would be multiple, smaller-volume sites.’

He is thus a lobbyist for the completely bogus Globalist Drugs Prohibition Programme which is part of the so-called ‘Four Pillars’ which also includes socalled ‘Harm Reduction’ and Enforcement of failed Criminal Code laws against possession and trafficking of certain drugs in Canada.

Let’s see what Mr. Lalli wants to do on the policing issue.

Of course, as a cynical Globalist, already milking the system with his Methadone-pushing and needle-pushing business, which is publicly subsidized, he also advocates ‘determining the cost effectiveness of regional policing.‘ 

In this regard, Sukhi Lalli is on the same page as the self-serving corrupt Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham, who also outrageously interfered in the Victoria Election by advocating for a regional police force, before he was reprimanded by none other than the minister responsible in the Globalist BC Liberal government, who said that there were no plans afoot to regionalize the policing of the 13 municipalities in the CRD.

Sukhi Lalli advocates very dangerous NWO ideas that are essentially sinister, and he is a key player in this deadly racket which is euphemistically called ‘Harm Reduction’.

People should very rarely use counterintuition in voting, but this is one such occasion when counterintuitive voting should be very seriously considered by Concerned Citizens, We Are Changers and other anti-NWO Pro-Life voters in Victoria.

Mr. Lalli is already in a conflict of interest, and should prove to be a very valuable man to have on Victoria City Council, in the event that he is elected.

Using counterintuition, I now advocate for all Victoria voters concerned about exposing the New World Order’s weird eugenicist ‘soft kill’ addiction-enabling programmes called ‘Harm Reduction’ to hold their noses when they vote for Sukhi Lalli.

His cynical lobbying for an expansion of Victoria Police Department powers to control all of the Capitol Regional District, and his obviously conflicted receipt of payment for distributing addictive Methadone to zombified addicts is an outrage that can only be neutralized by putting him on the Victoria City Council.

Once elected, Mr. Lalli would never be able to vote for Harm Reduction for three years without breaking the laws of Canada and the province of British Columbia.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Candidate, Oak Bay Council


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