VICTORIA ELECTION 2011: Gregory Hartnell’s final critical political analysis, with a handful of tepid endorsements… Union contracts ratified by City of Victoria during 2011 Election Campaign: 2% per year, for next three years; CRD water bills going up… as we head into a Globalist-designed Depression …

Instead of doing the decent thing, which would have been to inform the Victoria electorate as to the current status of the contract talks prior to the writ being dropped (and then suspend them pending the outcome of the election), thus making the negociations with the unions a campaign issue, the City of Victoria, under Globalist Socialist Mayor Dean Fortin, cut a deal with them behind closed doors, and then announced that finalized deal… right in the middle of the 2011 Election campaign!

That seemed to make the new three year contract seem like a fait accompli, something that was a ‘done deal’ and which therefor could not now be mulled over by the good people of Victoria.

It was a sneaky end run around any truly fiscal conservative candidates (if there are any) who might have wanted to make the issue hot in the campaign.

These latter individuals and all the rest of us for that matter were deliberately kept out of the loop by the secrecy of the City of Victoria’s contract negociations with the public sector unions.

To increase public participation in these municipal elections in Victoria (and not further aggravate cynicism and non-participation), there must be a better way to protect the fragile public interest.

First step would be to encourage more public participation by making it easier for people to vote, by scheduling elections in a more temperate time of year, and not now, when we have snow and ice on the streets.

That would be an assertion of civic autonomy that would allow the City of Victoria to schedule elections outside of the provincially-mandated election dates.

Another good reform would be to bring in a bylaw which would ensure that the campaign dates of the Victoria election would always happen before ratification of any contracts whether with unions or management, so that the negociations and their outcome always become an issue which the people could weigh prior to endorsing and voting for candidates that would take various different positions on them.

No one wants to say that they would nullify contracts with the unions that have just been signed, so all the talk about ‘accountability’ seems meaningless at this point.

Now, I don’t believe for one minute that Victoria Mayoral Candidate and Open Victoria leader Paul Brown and his personality cultists are actually advancing a ‘fiscal conservative’ agenda, notwithstanding the fact that our best former fiscal conservative Mayor Peter Pollen just endorsed Mr. Brown, thus inadvertently giving that false impression.

Mr. Brown’s campaign language is very ambiguous sophisticated technocratese and could be construed as being fiscally prudent by non-discerning listeners or readers, but let’s not forget that he is just as likely to refer to a fictive $500,000,000 ‘infrastructure deficit’ pushed by the City of Victoria’s Planning Department bureaucrats as does his wildly ambitious stimulus-addicted counterpart.

Should Mr. Pollen’s endorsement of him hold any sway, and Mr. Brown slide into power representing the corporatist interests of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, it would only be because Steve Filipovic dug into Dino’s left wing monopoly sufficiently to effectively cancel himself and Dino out, thus allowing the mysterious Mr. Brown to win with a minority of eligible Victoria voters exercising the franchise.

The analogy at the federal level is how the so-called ‘Conservatives’ moved to the centre to co-opt right wing Liberal policies, and the NDP moved to the centre to take down the left wing of that now moribund and once great Canadian party.

That strategy by the late leader of the Globalist NDP meant that the ‘Canadian Liberals’ are now reduced to a laughing stock, and the Globalist Socialists are now dominated by complacent part-time Quebecois separatists.

The unprincipled Globalist ‘Tories’ have now become the Banksters’ ‘Canadian’ party that likes to do business with the Commies in China, a position that the sold-out Globalist ‘Liberals’ once monopolized, and they are about to give lip service once again to the junk science of ‘climate change’ in yet another wasteful international conference.

Just like the Death Culture Liberals before them, the Globalist Tories are happy to abort untold hundreds of thousands of Canadian babies every year (most of them girls, as in India and China), and yet they continue Liberal immigration policies that import 250,000 new immigrants into this multi-culti country every year… but I digress.

My main point here is to emphasize that what is left of decadent Globalist ‘Democracy’ is seriously endangered all around the world these days, with Italy and Greece prime examples of how Bankster technocrats who pretend that they are not politicians come in to supposedly save the people from out-of-control Globalist Fascist or Globalist Socialist regimes.

No-one should be surprised when strange characters like Mr. Brown come out of nowhere with grandiose regionalist plans to supposedly save us from ourselves.

Are we about to see a coup of the Bankster technocrats in Victoria?

I hate to use relativistic arguments, and may the Lord forgive me if I lead anyone astray, but I can’t take Mr. Brown seriously.

Ditto for Dino and his so-called ‘team’.

I have already given a somewhat tepid endorsement for Steve Filipovic and I now wonder if that was wise?

I have to admit that I am frankly alarmed at his list of preferred candidates as published on page 9 of the November 17 number of Monday Mag.

Read it and weep, my friends:

Monday Mag: What is the one thing the voting public does not know about you yet?

Steve Filipovic: My top eight councillors list:

Ben Isitt, for being the working man’s hero,

Rose Henry, for advocating for the well being of all people,

Lisa Helps, for getting great things done,

Shellie Gudgeon, I have heard so many terrific things,

John Turner, committed, creative and resourceful,

Linda McGrew, excitingly entrepreneurial and forward-thinking,

Philippe Lucas, for how he stands on the issues and,

 last but by no means least,

Geoff Young, for his genuine integrity and sensible perspective.

My Dream Council: help me make it come true.

For a man who positions himself with the Occupiers (‘Occupy City Hall’ say his modified old Green Party signs), Victoria Mayoral Candidate Steve Filipovic‘s Dream Council list is a motley crew, with a trio of Establishment characters (former Globalist NDP Victoria Mayoral Candidate ‘harm reductionist’ Ben Isitt, Globalist Green Party ‘harm reductionist’ Philippe Lucas, and CRD arch-bioregionalist ‘climate change’ fanatic Geoff Young, all three insider grey men of varying political orientations, the latter two incumbents), a publican ‘harm reductionist’ (Shellie Gudgeon), a racist feminist ‘harm reductionist’ (Rose Henry), an unknown newcomer ‘harm reductionist’ with a lot of purple signs (Lisa Helps), another feminist ‘harm reductionist’ in Mr. Brown’s Open Victoria slate, endorsed by the Green Party  (Linda McGrew), and an earnest communitarian utopian who is the classic underdog (John Turner).

No incumbents on the current philistine reckless spendthrift Victoria City Council should be returned.

That means that I am warning Victoria voters not to vote for the following: Marianne Alto, Chris Coleman, Dean Fortin, Lynn Hunter, Philippe Lucas, John Luton, Pamela Madoff, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Geoff Young.

This is the most difficult Victoria election I have ever confronted, and I have very little stomach, frankly, for what is left of Decadent Democracy in Victoria.

Can I really still endorse Steve Filipovic, I keep asking myself, knowing that the perfectly weird characters in this Dream Council of his are the sort of people he wants to help him?

Yes, but only with very grave reservations.

As for Mr. Filipovic’s ‘Dream Council’, I predict that Geoff Young and Philippe Lucas will be returned (alas), and perhaps Linda McGrew (the Mandarin-speaking Open Victoria Candidate who lived in mainland China for three years) might get in to replace Sonya Chandler, the Globalist Green who abandoned politics to study in Europe.

I might just vote for John Turner too, but only because he has no real hope of being elected, and I sympathize with a person in that predicament.

Jon Valentine also falls into that well-intentioned underdog category.

He is also in favour of ‘harm reduction’ but after talking with him at Oaklands the other night, he came around to acknowledging to me that those failed programmes ‘don’t work for everyone and so other options for treatment should be available.’

That’s a move in the right direction, Jon… you are half-way to enjoying the light of Liberty, and understanding the great freedom of recovery.

I admit I have probably confused some of my faithful readers by also suggesting that Victorians should vote for Mr. Brown’s Open Victoria Candidate Sukhi Lalli, but only because he is the ultimate ‘harm reductionist’ who already has been giving addicts Methadone and needles since 1999.

Why do I think he should be elected, you may well ask?

Because he is already in a conflict of interest by making money from such nefarious Death Culture activities at his pharmacy, although he denies it, of course.

He would have to recuse himself every time these issues came up, and his insider knowledge of how the Death Culture’s eugenicist enabling system really works would be invaluable in educating people as to how their tax dollars are being wasted on bad social health policy that actually keeps addicts stuck forever in a zombified existence of complete dependency on the Globalist Province of BC’s eugenicist ‘soft kill’ programmes.

The only Open Victoria Candidate that should still be considered by prudent Victoria voters is Aaron Hall, whose common sense tells him that ‘harm reduction’ enables addicts to stay stuck in their addictions, and hence he used the word ‘abominable’ to describe these very suspect policies that the other three Open Victoria Candidates advocate.



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