Horrid editorial in Times Colonist Death Cult rag advocating ‘assisted suicide’ reminds me why we cancelled our subscription

We cancelled our sub to the Times Colonist some time ago, for all the obvious reasons.

In case it is not obvious and one is wondering why we did that, it was primarily because it is a deplorable Death Cult rag full of war propaganda, assisted suicide propaganda, sexist, racist and ageist propaganda and front page Hollywood trash culture articles on such luminaries of Decadence as Rob Zombie who played at the Save on Foods Memorial Centre (owned by the good people of Victoria)…

I am quite sure that my faithful readers must understand our sincere and deeply felt revulsion against such absolute crud.

However, today, while shopping for our groceries at Oxford’s in the Cook Street Village, I noticed that a front page story in the last copy at the cashier was about the Oak Bay election, of which I am a Candidate for Council.

Being a vain creature, I asked my dear wife if it was alright if we made an exception and bought the paper for that one article, as the  impenetrable TC website doesn’t allow any casual surfing anymore, unless one has a PayPal or other such credit account.

Don’t those geniuses in the warmongering business understand that Globalist newspapers are taking their last breath these days, and such a policy is a surefire way to lose even more readers, and probably go broke?

Anyway, that was of course a mistake to have paid any money at all for the crappy thing, as the Times Colonist‘s main editorial advocates for assisted suicide today.

‘CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION TO THE HOUSE OF DETENTION,’ sang Jim Morrison of the Doors in days of old, during the Viet Nam war period.

‘Cancel my subscription to the Death Cult’s horrid Crimes Communist rag,’ I say right now while Peter McKay contemplates whether the crazy bloodlusting Harperites should bomb Syria.

Next up: some good  suggestions from Thomas E. Woods, Jr. for daily online reading of a more exalted and educational nature.

I note that three of his favorite websites are run by Lew Rockwell, one of Dr. Ron Paul’s speechwriters, and an esteemed scholar of the Austrian School of Economics at Mises.org.

I literally thank The Almighty Creator for the wisdom of these three great American men.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Anti-Globalist Historian


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