Gregory Hartnell, ‘The Rockland Outsider’ standing for Oak Bay Council, endorses Hazel Braithwaite for Oak Bay Mayor; Corey Burger, John Herbert, Colleen Kirkpatrick, Tara Ney and Susan Woods for Oak Bay Council on November 19, 2011

I am standing for election in Oak Bay, but as a resident of neighbouring Rockland to the west, in the City of Victoria, I cannot vote in the eastern District.

However, after attending a couple of 2 hour All Candidates’ meetings in Oak Bay, having just watched videos of both of them produced by Modern Democracy and loaded into this website, having talked to some of them, and having read the Candidates’ pamphlets, newspaper and website articles about them when available, I am now confident to publish my endorsements for the next Council.

For Mayor of Oak Bay, I would favour Hazel Braithwaite, whose first top issue as published in the Victoria Times Colonist today is ‘keeping property taxes affordable.’

God only knows what that means, but it is certainly more relevant than ‘a regional plan to reduce the deer population’, her competition Nils Jensen’s top issue.

Culling the deer in Oak Bay and every other municipality in the CRD is of course urgent, but even more pressing for the overtaxed humans is the need for lowering our residential and commercial property taxes every year in the next three year term, as that is really the only way to keep them ‘affordable.’

For Oak Bay District Council, I endorse incumbents John Herbert, the senior retired accountant, and Tara Ney, a feisty university professor.

Among the newcomers, I endorse Corey Burger, the youngest Candidate who is a researcher who has attended many Council meetings in the last three years, Colleen Kirkpatrick, an Alberta-trained registered nurse who is also a keen researcher, and Susan Woods, a broadcaster, historian and publisher of the Moss Rock Review.

I would also hope, of course, that the good people of Oak Bay would also allow me to serve them as the ‘Rockland Outsider’, bringing my concerns for Life and Tax Liberty to the District Council, in order to help them find ways to radically reduce the high tax burden currently impeding the growth of a real animated economy in the most beautiful municipality in the CRD.



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