The Rockland Outsider’s counterintuitive Victoria voting plan: why does Pro-Life anti-Globalist Oak Bay Councillor Candidate Gregory Hartnell endorse Suhki Lalli, Machiavellian methadone pusher, needle distributor since 1999, vocal ‘harm reduction’ advocate?

5 Responses to Open Victoria Candidates on so-called ‘harm reduction’: Paul Brown, Suhki Lalli, Linda Lisa McGrew support it, Aaron Hall does not

  1. Funny you would endorse Suhki, the candidate with perhaps the longest and most sincere commitment to harm reduction professionally. You do realize that if elected he’d give the rest of council (who *will* be in favour of HR regardless of what happens Saturday) plenty of legitimacy wrt their HR strategy even if he recused himself from voting? He’d still be influencing policy. He’d still be heavily involved in drafting proposals, etc. Bizarre endorsement coming from you.

    As far as Aaron, I’ve asked him over Twitter to clarify his comments – he claimed your characterization of him viewing harm reduction as an “abomination” was taken “a bit out of context”, although he admitted to being critical of the “enabling system”. Could you clarify what he said to you?

  2. albe says:

    Dear Tom and all the HR supporters, if you want to pay for this ,ok. But since we can’t tick where the tax dollars go ,why not support the cessation of enabling people who chose to shorten their life,or alternately, can’t for the life of me think why the medical community doesn’t distribute these items and the contents under prescription . Surely the profit to the dealers would diminish and the subsequent manipulation when free use at no cost to the user is available. The medical profession can prescribe controlled substances . Not for a moment would i think that the users would cease the usage.Expense perhaps but the lives are being harmed as it is now.

  3. I note that Mr. Hall does not deny that he used the biblical term of condemnation in reference to so-called ‘harm reduction’, which is enough for me to conclude that he is not exactly in favour of these failed programmes.

    The context was a private phone call I made to him, with reference to these highly controversial policies.

    Mr. Hall should assume that when he gets calls from constituents asking him to clarify his policy positions, that his remarks will immediately be bruited about to all and sundry, no sooner are they uttered…

    I told Mr. Hall that I was a blogger and would be publishing his responses, so he can’t pretend that I betrayed any confidence, nor should he.

    Mr. Lalli is a completely sinister brainwashed Globalist, and his election would be a wonderful opportunity for the whole City of Victoria to explore the extent of the non-accountable system of needle distribution in this City, funded by the Canadian Disease Centre (CDC), I believe.

    I talked to Mr. Lalli again at the Oaklands event tonight, and once again, I found him smiling while he told me that he makes no money whatsoever when he distributes these needles to about ’10 or so people.’

    I told him not to insult my intelligence, as he can’t possibly expect me to believe that he has been doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

    He wouldn’t or couldn’t say how many needles he has distributed in Victoria since 1999.

    This man is at the heart of this evil Globalist eugenicist system, and it would be a great victory for accountability if we were to force him to testify about what he knows about the kickbacks, and ‘drug war’ corruption associated with the compromised Victoria police, other pharmacists, social workers, nurses, lawyers and others that must surely sustain such a deplorable racket, at the expense of the still addicted.

    Vote Gregory Hartnell for Oak Bay Council

  4. And yet you STILL endorse him! Fantastic! You know you could still compel him to testify at your dreamed public inquiry without having him getting actually elected, since he works for VIHA. Why do you figure he’s lying to you wrt not making money through distributing needles? I’d figure your central beef with him would be his distribution of methadone, which his Pharmacies clients drink up on site. Mr. Lalli certainly makes money serving that up to Harris Green’s finest first thing every morning, but he has never denied that. You accused him of being simultaneously sinister AND brainwashed, which is indeed a neat trick. I think you should make up your mind. Either the man is a sinister Machiavelli scheming his way to Pharmaceutical-Globalist glory, OR he’s a well-paid brainwashed stooge of the eugenicists who means well & earnestly thinks he’s helping people. You can’t have it both ways.

    [albe: legalizing drugs like heroin for prescribed doses to addicts is a central plank for many H.R. advocates, some of whom view methadone as the bigger evil due to it’s near impossibility to kick.]

  5. Dear Mr. Woodsworth:

    Thanks for your thought-provoking comments!

    You are a veritable fountainhead of nauseating information about this strange character.
    Thanks for sharing so much of it with our readers, as you are educating them as to the true nature of his nefarious activities.

    When I am feeling charitable, I contend that Mr. Lalli has apparently been brainwashed by the Death Culture Globalists, and he wouldn’t be the first one.

    When I want to make more of a point, I condemn his behaviour as cynical, sinister, and, if you will, certainly Machiavellian.

    Of course I also condemn the behaviour of anyone else of his ilk for giving addicts methadone, which is well known to be considerably more difficult to kick than smack.

    This perpetuates the dependancy syndrome, effectively keeping them quite stuck.

    The man in the white coat is the Government’s Pusher.

    If you don’t understand that Mr. Lalli is a gift to us in terms of what he would be able to tell the Council in the Open Victoria administration that he and others in his slate advocate, you obviously have not understood one of their main selling points… which is openness, or if you will, ‘accountability’, that much abused term.

    There would be no need for a public inquiry, but every time these matters came up for recorded votes in open and accountable Victoria City Council Chamber meetings, Mr. Lalli, after regaling us with full disclosure of his myriad conflicts, would have to recuse himself, and not vote.

    So he would be able to provide us with a window into a world of corruption and failed policies of which he is a main recipient already, and while he might try to continue to convince his fellow Councillors that these failed Prohibitionist policies should still be pursued, they would have to note the ultimate futility of those endeavours as he would be crippled by his conflict, and thus not able to further support them.

    One down, eight to go…

    It seems that all one has to do to get ahead in the ‘HR’ business is to first make money from it, then advocate shamelessly for more of it as one jumps on the accountability bandwagon.

    That is Suhki Lalli’s cynical and shameful Machiavellian strategy.

    It is an in-your-face taunt to voters in Victoria.

    By putting this man in Council, we might just be able to begin to pry open this closed Pandora’s box, releasing the demons that have been hidden in plain view for so long.

    Counterintuitive voting is certainly not Machiavellian, but the sinister Machiavellian scheming to which you yourself refer is certainly a well-known characteristic of the Globalist eugenicists, and Mr. Lalli, whether he knows it or not, is apparently completely in thrall to the Death Culture.

    I am quite sure that if I was to ignore the significance of his already compromised position vis a vis the CDC’s needles distribution schemes, we wouldn’t be having this debate, and Mr. Lalli’s vast insider knowledge of how this dysfunctional system really works would be lost to us.

    Mr. Lalli would be just another of a long list of deluded ‘HR’ advocates, no different from the rest of the present incumbent Councillors and that even larger gang of duped Candidates who want to replace them.

    Please vote for Gregory Hartnell for Oak Bay District Council

One Response to The Rockland Outsider’s counterintuitive Victoria voting plan: why does Pro-Life anti-Globalist Oak Bay Councillor Candidate Gregory Hartnell endorse Suhki Lalli, Machiavellian methadone pusher, needle distributor since 1999, vocal ‘harm reduction’ advocate?

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Mr. Lalli apparently gets the needles he gives addicts from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control:

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