Steve Filipovic’s policy positions against unneeded $1,000,000,000 CRD sewage, $1,000,000,000 LRT; and for saving Johnson Street Bridge, building co-op and rent-to-own housing are essentially fiscally conservative

Two prudent fiscal conservatives:



This morning on CBC Victoria I heard three of the four Victoria Mayoral Candidates in the present November 19, 2011 election debating with each other on air.

David Shebib was not mentioned, although he is apparently still a declared Victoria Mayoral Candidate, so that was a professional faux pas on the part of the CBC.

Paul Brown poses as some kind of ‘accountability’ expert, with dubious and as yet unproven claims made for his supposed ability to deliver something he calls ‘best practices and good governance’ as if those were tangible products that could be produced simply by voting for him.

He is obsessed with what he calls the City of Victoria’s ‘infrastructure deficit’ which he says that the City’s bureaucrats own reports tell him is long overdue for attention, and has a half-billion dollar price tag attached to it.

At the same time, Paul Brown suggests that the City of Victoria’s ‘communications’ staff are overpaid spindoctors, producing reams of self-serving and misleading disintel to a bamboozled electorate, effectively supporting the very similar agenda of the stimulus-addicted Globalist Socialist-dominated Victoria City Council.

And yet we really know very little about this supposed ‘open candidate’.

Mr. Brown and Globalist Socialist Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin got into a number of personal tit for tats on air, leaving Steve Filipovic alone to wait for his turn to effectively rebut both of them.

The Socialist Mayor is tiresome in his repetitive self-congratulatory braying, rattling off a laundry list of dubious achievements which he is very pleased to take credit for… and we all know what that dismal record is really all about.

In a period of severe economic recession, this out-of-touch Council has jacked up property taxes every year, without any kind of concern or care for the hard reality facing many of its constituents.

They have institutionalized a growing  bureaucracy expressly set up to give the false impression that they are doing something significant on the homelessness issue.

And yet, one of the two former Travellers’ Inns that the City of Victoria owns is not even open, and the other one on Queens at Douglas is well known to be full of unsupervised criminal activity, including prostitution, hard drug dealing, hard drug abuse and money-laundering.

Of course, the Mayor will never admit this, crowing instead that the present administration is on the right course, as they plan to raise residential and commercial property taxes yet again as we head into a Globalist-designed Depression.

Mr. Fortin likes the CRD’s idiotic billion dollar sewage plan.

Ditto for the idiotic billion dollar LRT plan.

But he doesn’t really care all that much for the addicts and the homeless, apparently, as his poor record on this issue is a tragic disgrace that begs the question, whatever happened to social justice, Dino?

Mr. Filipovic’s positions on these issues, on the other hand, are essentially fiscally conservative.

On the matters of housing the poorest of the poor, the saving of the heritage Johnson Street Bridge, on the LRT boondoggle, and on the CRD sewage fiasco, Mr. Filipovic’s positions are all more practical and fiscally prudent than either Mr. Brown’s expensive Globalist Liberal’s corporatist prescriptions and Mr. Fortin’s expensive Globalist Socialist Keynsian stimulus addiction .


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