‘Soft Capitalist’ Centrist Sean Murray: yet another Victoria City Councillor Candidate to avoid at all costs

Sean Murray calls himself  ‘a soft capitialist from the political centre’.

I met Mr. Murray last night at Oaklands, and immediately asked him about taxes.


“Yes, sir, tell me what you will do about taxes in Victoria.”

He immediately started babbling something about getting 0% loans for infrastructure projects through the Federal and provinicial governments…

“Borrowing any amount of money in this period, as we are obviously heading into a Globalist-designed Depression, are you kidding me, Sean?”

“Are you not aware that the Banksters just brought down Greece and Italy?”

He has this as #8 in his 11 point plan: ‘Improve tourism by implementing secondary sewage treatment.

‘Many people boycott Victoria as a destination due to our lack of secondary treatment.

‘This project would create jobs, and our solid sewage could be used to fertilize newly planted trees and possibly converted into methane to power our city.’

Is that Utopian enough for you ‘soft capitalist’ greenies?

Sean Murray is a NIMBY for ‘HR’: ’11) For a safe injection site (not too close to city centre).’



– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

3 Responses to ‘Soft Capitalist’ Centrist Sean Murray: yet another Victoria City Councillor Candidate to avoid at all costs

  1. D. L. Penworthy says:

    Hi Greg, I am now back from the trip south. I would like to know about this item on Sean Murray. How did you meet him and escribe him and his back ground. Is he new to all this. There was a Sean Murray involved in the Davies case, remember Cheryl Davies etc well the Sean Murray we know of was one of the many victims of the Davies and I have his statement here. I will call you soon

    • goyodelarosa says:

      Hi Diane:

      Welcome back… glad to hear that you are back safe and sound. Hope those crazy shooters around your house have chilled out.

      I really don’t know much more about Sean Murray than what I reported here at this post.

      I am satisfied that it is enough to know that he favours huge stimulus programmes like LRT and land-based sewage treatment in the CRD that will completely bankrupt the local economy, and are not, as the enviros say, ‘sustainable.’

      Socialist or Communist stimulus spending is always counterproductive, as it relies on failed Keynsian policies that have been found wanting in every jurisdiction in the world, over and over again.

      Globalist Socialist Mayor of Victoria ‘Dino Fortuno’ and all of his minions at Victoria City Hall either don’t understand this, or they pervversely want to bring the Victoria economy down with the Chinese one.

      I refer my readers to the post I just put up where Gordon Chang chats about the comming collapse of the strange New World Order system of Communist-IMF-Bankster stimulus that is collapsing as we speak in Communist China.

      As for Mr. Murray, he also is a so-called ‘harm reductionist’ and therefor, in my mind, at least, completely out of touch with reality.


  2. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi Gregory, Thank you for the welcome back. I sent you a post card it will arrive soon. The Sean Murray I met is a large built male who lived in a group home run by Dawn Davies and also was a vicitm of cheryl and Dawn Davies as many others are. He moved into his own apartment last year and lives on fort street. he is about 44 years old. He was not working last time we spoke but does volunteer now and then. If you met him his physical appearance would be someone about 6ft. or so 240 pounds depending or maybe less.He has a condition and this may explain his ideas.

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