Gregory Hartnell, Oak Bay Council Candidate endorses Steve Filipovic for Victoria Mayor, for his common sense on housing the poorest of the poor, and still wanting to save our unique Joseph Strauss bascule bridge


I like Steve Filipovic, a Victoria Mayoral Candidate, and so, apparently, does Billy the Gardener, our former Social Credit premier who is the de facto leader of the anti-Globalist forces in this province, with his fantastic victory against the horrid HST, and now his taking up the anti-‘smart’ meter referendum in the making.

Steve Filipovic is one of four Mayoral Candidates in the present municipal election in Victoria, and I am now giving him my support, as much as I am able, on a person-to-person level, without giving him a red cent.

I hasten to add that I am certainly not endorsing him in my capacity as President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, nor do I endorse all of his policy positions.

Nor do I endorse nor approve of his association with the highly suspect Globalist Green Party, however, I note that he has not been officicially endorsed by that party, to my knowledge, but in fact uses the backs of their old campaign signs, which reminds one of his sometimes rocky association with them, but which also shows a certain frugal cheekiness which can be construed in other ways not so complementary to them.

I support him for his common sense on the disgraceful unsolved homelessness problem, and also because he is the only Candidate of which I am aware who says he still wants to save the old bridge, which I am convinced is of unusual heritage value, and could be saved for a lot less than replacing it would cost for the new thing.

He also understands the problems with so-called ‘smart meters’ and related radiation issues and is concerned to work against them.

He is also up-to-date on what really needs to be done on sewage, and supports Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria, as do I.

I know from talks with him that he is also very savvy on the geo-engineering or ‘chem trail’ problem, citing ‘What on Earth are they spraying?’ as a video to check out (now linked in the comments).

That should give him and others who are concerned about the climate a clue that the whole ‘global warming’ issue has been completely co-opted by mischeivous Globalists with another eugenicst agenda that is not human friendly at all.

Check out the article by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones at Propaganda Matrix and on what ‘chem trails’ or geo-engineering is really all about.

On so-called ‘climate change initiatives’ he still thinks something is to be gained by acting as if this is a serious problem, but I note that he puts it at the bottom of his list of priorities, and at least he acknowledges that the present system set up by the Globalist Liberals does nothing at all to mitigate the carbon they are supposedly worried about, but rather rewards Globalist corporations for not cutting down our ancient forests.

It’s a type of protection racket that the banksters have set up to extract money from us, else they threaten to get out the chainsaws at Avatar Grove or Cathedral Grove.

On harm reduction, he is out to lunch however (as he favours it), so that is something that we agree to disagree on.

Paul Brown is obviously a technocrat with his obsession about the phoney $500,000,000 ‘infrastructure deficit.’

He also has no problem with setting up Insite type ‘injection facilities’ and is effectively complacent on the fate of the heritage bridge.

It is tragic that the group has apparently been co-opted by the Paul Brown campaign, but this should give Concerned Citizens pause to consider Filipovic as the only serious alternative to the decadent Globalist duopoly status quo at City Hall.

Dino’s ill-earned fortunes are again linked to those of his sold-out  Globalist Council: the tired old ‘Dean Team’ wants your vote again: Pam Madoff, Lynn Hunter, John Luton and Marianne Alto.

One could add ex-Green Philippe Lucas to that list of tired Dino-lovers, and so we should certainly count him out too.

None of the incumbents should be supported because they all taxed the crap out of us for the last three years (again), didn’t solve the homelessness problem as they said they would, and are all philistines addicted to stimulus cash who don’t give a damn about our heritage.

Not even Geoff Young should be supported, as he too has abandoned the Johnson Street Bridge.

So, it’s Steve Filipovic for Mayor of Victoria!


David Shebib has been completely disdainful of the whole Victoria election process this year, and voters should not waste their vote on him in Victoria.

I have not followed his latest antics in Saanich, but in that jurisdiction, there might actually be good reasons to support him, but only as a steam valve for the release of pent-up protest vote pressure.

I’ll write about my picks for the new Council tomorrow, but I must warn my faithful readers, this is one of the worst lists of Victoria City Council Candidates I have seen in a very long time, and there are very few principled or suitable Candidates on display this year, in my humble opinion.

Gregory Hartnell, Candidate

Oak Bay Council

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