Steve Weatherbe on Phil Jacobs’ preminary hearing November 7, 2011 @ Faithvictoria’s Blog

Phil Jacobs in Victoria B.C. court Nov.7, 2011

Phil Jacobs, the onetime Catholic priest who has been charged with sexually interfering or molesting three minors while serving as pastor at a Victoria parish a decade ago, was in court for his preliminary hearing this week.

I sat in on the examination in chief by the Crown prosecutor and the cross examination by Jacobs’ defence lawyer of the first alleged victim.

I can’t say more because there is a publication ban.

No justification for this was given orally.

Presumably it is to protect the victims or the accused from notoriety or defamation.

On the face of it is absurd, because the hearing is open to the public but apparently those who attend cannot report on it, at least in the news media or the “new media” such as this blog.

If anyone wants to call me at 250-598-7707, I’d be happy to share the gist of the testimony. (Isnt this absurd?)

A preliminary hearing’s purpose is to determine if there be enough evidence to proceed to trial: the defence can present no evidence and is not supposed to try to undermine the credibility of the Crown’s witnesses. Suffice it to say: there was enough evidence to proceed.

On Nov.20 there will be a hearing to set the trial date.

[Editor’s note: Mr. Weatherbe errs, as Nov. 20 is a Saturday.

The trial date will be set on November 30, at 2:00 p. m.]

Jacobs resigned his position with the Diocese of Victoria back in 2002  when the Times Colonist published stories about how he had been accused of molesting kids in Columbus Ohio, where he was ordained.

No charges were laid there and then, but he was sent for treatment, pronounced safe by some psycho therapists, but not rehired by the diocese down there.

Since leaving Victoria he has been teaching in Saudi Arabia and on “Sylvia’s Site” there apparently are more allegations of misdeed in Arabia.

[Excerpted from a longer article at Faithvictoria’s Blog, Steve Weatherbe’s blog, a link to which will be found in the comments.]

12 Responses to Steve Weatherbe on Phil Jacobs’ preminary hearing November 7, 2011 @ Faithvictoria’s Blog

  1. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    Steve I was there on the first day of this prelim Nov. 7/11. I heard the Judge ask if anyone in the gallery had a personal connection to Jacobs. If so they were advised to leave. This was an oral instruction/request by the Judge at the very start. Yes the Ban is to protect the witnesses/victims from publishing their names. Also I was told that the hearing would go from November 7-10th so I was planning on attending on the last day the 10th to get the outcome but I think they finished early on Nov 9. Were U there on Wed 9th?
    Also if U don’t know already go to “Sylvia’sSite” she has the most info on Jacobs status. If U could reply to me by email I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank U

  2. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    Re: “the defence can present no evidence and is not supposed to try to undermine the credibility of the Crown’s witnesses” – the defense asked the first defendent about why he didn’t report these crimes before & to me insinuating that the witnesses claim may not be valid. The ban on publication is to protect the witnesses/victims as they were children at the time. Also so the victims cannot be approached/hassled by anyone for info because it would affect the upcoming trial.

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    I still find it difficult to understand why these publication bans are allowed under the Charter, if the Court is open to the public to attend.

    Thanks for your comment, Jacqueline…

    Gregory Hartnell

  4. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks, Jacqueline, I will check out that link.


  5. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    Nov 30/11 Phil Jacobs trial in Supreme Court in Victoria BC – will attend 1st day for opening statements

  6. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    well I didn’t realize that the Nov. 30/11 date was just a hearing to set a “trial” date. Don’t know when the trial date is so if anyone knows pls inform.

  7. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks, Jacqueline.

    I wasn’t able to get there, but wondered if you or Steve might have gone.

    Steve Weatherbe has a couple of articles about this sad trial in his Faith Victoria blog, but one is difficult to access.

    I guess he is concerned about the police reading his terroristic commentary.

    When one thinks of the way the police run amok in this country, I just have to shake my head at that ‘publication ban’ that only seems to serve the suspect interests of the corrupted police and judiciary.

    • Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

      I still can’t find out when the Supreme Court date is for this trial – searched & searched but maybe I’ll call the Courthouse & see if they can tell me – will post when I find out

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