Claudia Hendricks, Centennial Square Occupier: “We were divided on the very first night, daily you see scenes of division down here.”

Deadline passes without Occupy response to city’s petition for court order

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November 10, 2011tentsctv

The deadline for Occupy Victoria protestors to present documents to the city detailing their arguments for staying in Centennial Square has come and gone.


The group was given until 4pm Thursday to respond to a petition for a court order to clear the square, from the city handed out on Tuesday

Protestor Anushka Nagji tells CTV News why the were unable to prepare a response

“with the knowledge that we don’t have any legal representation, that we are mostly a group of concerned citizens, not lawyers and advocates, it’s been somewhat difficult, to first of all to digest the 150 or so page document,and further make an appropriate response”

Meanwhile it appears as though there is a divide occurring within the Occupy group, something protestor Claudia Hendricks discussed with CTV News

“we were divided on the very first night, daily you see scenes of division down here, if we could just come together down here and practice the love and the peace we preach then we’d get more people to come down here”

Hendricks says while she identifies with the global movement, she has complained about the use of drugs in the square, and knows some of the behavior in the square has turned people off.

-Andrea Boyes with files from CTV News

(image courtesy of CTV News)

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