Gregory Hartnell on low taxes increasing affordable housing, + answers to 12 other questions…. Pro-Life Independent Non Partisan tax liberator Rockland Outsider’s responses to University of Victoria Students’ Society’s Municipal Candidate Survey

Dear Dylan:
Thanks for your help.
Here goes:


TEL. 250 382 97 67
The best way to ensure increased affordable housing for students in Oak Bay is for the District Council to lower commercial and residential property taxes radically, which I will always vote to do, as lower property taxes in both sectors leave more money in the pockets of all Oak Bay residents, including student tenants. 
A low tax regime is needed urgently so that harried Oak Bay landlords and landladies do not continue to pass their heavy property tax burdens onto stressed students who can least afford to bear them, and so that risk-taking developers will be able to better budget for their new apartments and renovation projects in a relatively more stable Oak Bay economy.
For those property taxpayers and their tenants still struggling with the current high tax regime, I favour leaving the so-called ‘illegal suites’ untaxed.
There is a reason why the underground economy is growing, and it is a direct consequence of high taxes.
 Lower the taxes, and the District of Oak Bay will likely find more voluntary compliance from owners of such suites, and eventually higher revenue from new affordable housing projects.
High tax regimes only favour foreign non-resident condo owners, thus producing anomalies like the still unfinished Oak Bay Beach Hotel, a seven year old highrise luxury time share condo project that is only 50% sold and still far from finished.
 Not many UVSS students will likely end up living in housing such as the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, as it will be completely out of their range.

Free bus passes for all disabled, homeless and unemployed Oak Bay residents, including jobless or part-time employed Oak Bay students, subject to an eligibility test. 
Light Rapid Transit should only be mandated by a double major majority of electors in a direct democratic binding referendum in all the municipalities in the Capitol Regional District.
A major majority of at least 66% of Oak Bay resident electors on the voters’ list would have to vote, and of those voters, 66% would have to vote for LRT to have it become real as far as Oak Bay is concerned.
Obviously, as a prudent fiscal conservative, I would never advocate for, nor would I ever vote for such for such utopian cost-prohibitive nonsense, as this project is already expected to cost at least $1,000,000,000 Canadian devalued dollars, and is not economically ‘sustainable’.
Lower property taxes to grow Oak Bay’s economy, free bus passes for those eligible, car-pooling, hitch-hiking, biking, running, walking, more Liberty generally.


Concerned Oak Bay students can get involved in real community development by finding summer or part-time jobs, and particularly by learning skilled trades in the construction sector, starting with humble on-site labouring jobs, to better understand how the real economy works.

Oak Bay’s concerned students could also attend Oak Bay District Council meetings to understand how their local government works, and volunteer for relevant community development charities such as Birthright, Victoria Hospice or the Saint Vincent de Paul social justice office.


Lower Oak Bay property taxes!

“Sustainability” is a meaningless buzzword usually only used by so-called ‘climate change’ fanatics, and only makes sense in terms of the ruined Globalist economy if one buys into the great ‘anthropogenic global warming’ myths of our day. 


Ongoing  maintenance of existing bike racks is prudent, but we don’t need new paint on the roadways for bicyclists, as they can easily manoeuver well enough without such lines on the roads of Oak Bay, which they generally disregard anyway. 

I do not have a bicycle at the moment, due to health problems, but I have had many in the past when I was younger and I recommend the purchase of a good used bicycle as an excellent pollution-free mode of transport for Oak Bay students heading up the hill to Camosun or UVic.
I have biked up that hill hundreds of times and used to arrive for my classes completely soaked with sweat and feeling very invigorated.

As for pedestrian infrastructure, we do not need any more concrete sidewalks in Oak Bay, as the semi-rural look of many Oak Bay streets without them has served us well, enhancing residential neighbourhood aesthetic values over the years by giving Oak Bay the beautiful Garden City suburban look that brings people to buy houses and to live with their families in the District in the first place. 


I am not aware of any improvements that need to be made in this regard, but will be open to learning about any new proposals which could be made by the private sector, as generally I think that sector is more efficient in providing value to Oak Bay students with limited budgets. 

I believe that my Campaign for Oak Bay Liberty, including my 10 Point Plan for Oak Bay Recovery, inspired by Dr. Ron Paul, is radical enough to garner the attention of wide-awake sophisticated Oak Bay students who are dismayed by the inefficiency, corruption and myopia of the current high tax regime in Oak Bay, and I am therefor confident that many of them will be responsible enough to make sure that they vote in this historic election in a time of real revolution around the world.

To make it easier for Oak Bay students to do so, I would of course be in favour of polling stations to be set up at UVic and Camosun for this coming election, and not wait for some bizarre reason for the 2014 election to bring in such an easy reform.

It is the democratic responsibility of every adult citizen in a working participatory democracy to pay attention to the shenanigans of their elected officials, get informed on the topical issues of the local government, vote, throw most or all of them out, and replace them with others better suited for the jobs, if need be. 
There are very few, if any, real impediments to this participatory democracy in Oak Bay.
As a matter of fact, no deposit is necessary for aspiring candidates to pay to Oak Bay and only two nomination signatures are needed, so democracy is remarkably free and easy already in the District.
So if democracy dies in our day for lack of participation, the youth and students that abrogate the franchise by not exercising it will be directly responsible for the increasing tyranny that will ensue.
Accountability will be improved at the local level with a radical diminution of secret in camera meetings of the Oak Bay District Council, attendance at those meetings by vigilant citizens, including Oak Bay students studying politics, and improvements to the Oak Bay District website.


Like Dr. Ron Paul, I favour the complete dismantling of the current failed ‘Globalist war on drugs and terrorism’ prohibition regime, and the phoney so-called ‘harm reduction services’ which come with them.

I am in favour of decriminalization of all the drugs, and will only support public subsidization of abstinence-based treatment programmes.

I will not vote to set up any so-called ‘harm reduction services’ in Oak Bay as I consider the public subsidization of such ridiculous ‘services’ as completely sinister counterproductive Globalist eugenics programmes, and not in the best interests of the suffering addicts nor of society generally. 


Oak Bay does not have a visible homeless population, so the question is academic and irrelevant to the District, but Victoria has failed miserably in this regard. 

I will work harmoniously with any responsible Oak Bay District Council that lowers property taxes every year of the next three year term, that encourages private sector developers to set up offices in Oak Bay, and to build such affordable housing where it can blend into the existing built ambience, with a four storey building height limit.

While I favour the complete revolutionary radicalization of the homeless in Victoria, allowing them to camp 24/7 wherever suitable, without harassment or molestation by Victoria Police, in City of Victoria parks, so as to thoroughly discredit, embarrass and consequently bring down the current Gloablist Socialist Mayor and his sold-out high tax regime, I see no need for such accommodation or lenience in Oak Bay, and would vote to ban such homeless camps in Oak Bay.

The homelessness problem is basically a Downtown Victoria problem, primarily the fault of a heartless Globalist Socialist regime in the City of Victoria which has ignored their plight, instead concentrating on the planned transfer of Canadian stimulus cash to Communist steel factories in Nanning, for the new unneeded futurist bascule bridge designed in England, to replace the endangered heritage Joseph Strauss-designed Johnson Street Bridge.


I favour a legally binding chem trail dump ban in the District of Oak Bay, to protect our organic gardens, and a similar subsequent direct democratic referendum on a chem trail dump ban in the whole Capitol Regional District.

I would favour public ‘Victory Gardens’ to be started by organic gardeners in certain unused parts of Oak Bay’s parks, and let them plant fruit trees, and produce vegetables year round, but these allotment gardens would receive no public subsidization. 

I grow organic vegetables myself, and encourage everyone in Oak Bay, Victoria and all the CRD municipalities to do likewise, to reduce their overall food costs.

We also try to buy local whenever possible and so I would support any symbolic Oak Bay Council initiative that encourages but does not subsidize Oak Bay citizens to purchase organic produce, fruit and dairy products from Island farmers, and wild Pacific salmon, but not farmed Atlantic salmon.

I favour a complete pesticide ban in the District of Oak Bay.


From: uvssfin <>
To: Gregory Hartnell <>
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 2:02:56 AM
Subject: RE: UVic Students’ Society Municipal Candidate Survey

No problem Gregory, here you go… I’ve taken out all the formatting and lines, so feel free to answer everything as it best works for you:

University of Victoria Students’ Society 2011 Municipal Candidate Survey

Dear Candidates,

On behalf of the over 17,000 undergraduate students at the University of Victoria, we are sending you this survey comprised of questions that are hot-button municipal issues on our campus. We invite you to fill out this information and return it to us by Sunday October 30th at the latest. Feel free to attach your answers on a separate page. We will disseminate the information provided to students and youth in Greater Victoria. Thank you for your participation and assistance engaging students with municipal issues!

The University of Victoria Students’ Society

What will you do to increase affordable housing for students in your municipality?

What are your priorities for public transit, and how do students fit into these priorities?

What are the solutions to congestion and lack of capacity in the public transportation system?

How do students fit into local community development measures?

What will you do to improve the sustainability of the operations of the municipality?

What is your position on bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure?

How do you see recreation services for students in the municipalities improving?

How will you increase student voter turnout in municipal elections? Are you willing to commit to campus poll stations by 2014?

How will you better include youth in decision making process of the municipality?

What is your position on open data initiatives?

What is your position on harm reduction services?

What is your strategy for dealing with homelessness and the lack of subsidized housing? What is your position on outdoor camping?

How will you increase food security in the region?

From: Gregory Hartnell []
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 5:41 PM
To: uvssfin
Subject: Re: UVic Students’ Society Municipal Candidate Survey

Dear Dylan:

I wonder if you can please send the survey to me by regular email, as I was unable to open your attachment…



Gregory Hartnell,
Oak Bay Council Candidate
Tel 250 382 97 67

From: uvssfin <>
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 5:09:48 PM
Subject: UVic Students’ Society Municipal Candidate Survey

Dear Candidate,

On behalf of the over 17,000 undergraduate students at the University of Victoria, we are sending you this survey comprised of questions that are hot-button municipal issues on our campus. We invite you to fill out this survey and return it to us by Sunday October 30th at the latest. We will disseminate the information provided to students and youth in Greater Victoria. Thank you for your participation and assistance engaging students with municipal issues! Feel free to attach your answers on a separate page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Dylan Sherlock

Director of Finance and Operations
University of Victoria Students’ Society
Student Union Building B103g
Office: 250.721.4288

3 Responses to Gregory Hartnell on low taxes increasing affordable housing, + answers to 12 other questions…. Pro-Life Independent Non Partisan tax liberator Rockland Outsider’s responses to University of Victoria Students’ Society’s Municipal Candidate Survey

  1. Gregory,

    This is accurate ,concise and amazing. I think you should run for a much bigger office, maybe prime minister.
    I am in New mexico and will be contacting The Pauls. I spoke with 2 senators offices today.
    keep me posted

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks, Diane. I went to the Courthouse on Monday morning, to listen to preliminary hearings on Father Phil Jacobs, facing sexual abuse of minors charges, for incidents at Saint Joseph the Worker parish church in Saanich some time ago.

    I sat right behind him in the courtroom, and so that was weird.

    I couldn’t see his face, but I noted that he is a heavy-set tall man.

    Going back down there today, if I can stomach it…

    Occupiers still in Centennial Square: some have packed up and left, others look set to have a Gandhi moment with the police next week, when and if the City manages to get an injunction to remove them.

    In the meantime, I know of at least one street priest who is planning to set up a tent, and an altar down there…

    Ron Paul’s latest Texas Straight Talk on Obama being an elected dictator is really strong. I’ll see if I can load it in here.

    I pray for both Dr. Ron Paul and and his son, Senator Rand Paul.

    God bless you, my friend. I hope you are well.


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