Russian report confirms that exposure to electromagnetic radiation from devices such as ‘smart meters’ is especially harmful to children. … ‘Smart meters’ + Bees … Maple Ridge: BCHydro’s threat to start ‘smart’ next month

1) Smart meters and Bees

I knew about colony collapse disorder and other bee problems but since I live in a wooded area (free of pesticides and GMO close by) on a river facing a mountain outside cell phone range, I thought our bees would be safe.


They thrived for over a year but have now disappeared – only a few are left inside, frozen yet there is plenty of honey & capped brood – exactly how colony collapse is described. (bees do not voluntarily leave a hive where there is capped brood).

What happens is that bees leave the hive to go forage or get water, and get lost due to their navigation system being disrupted by Electromagnetic fields. So they wanter aimlessly until they die of exhaustion. The result is that we find empty bee hives.


The few dead bees inside (dead of cold because too few bees to keep the hive from freezing) are perfectly shaped showing they were healthy without parasites. I never thought I would see this here. Three weeks ago they were fine.


So what happened? I have now found out Hydro installed a smart meter on my property without my knowledge and I think it was early Fall (I will find out when first thing tomorrow morning)


I am writing Hydro to get it removed and trying to find out if I can have any legal recourse. I am very sad for my bees but most of all depressed to think we are creating a world in which even beneficial beings such as bees cannot survive.


Please let people know about the problems with smart meters and what they can do about it,73,0


Since there are other animals on this property I am determined to try and get everyone in the area to refuse smart meters – please let people know about this.




2) Hydro smart meters here in a month by Phil Melnychuk – Maple Ridge News – November 06, 2011: Re. Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

3) A recent Russian report confirms that exposure to electromagnetic radiation from devices such as smart meters is especially harmful to children:
Professor Yury Grigoriev, who is Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a member of the WHO’s International Advisory Committeeon “EMF and Health”, says of the results:

“Our recent 4-year monitoring of effects from cell phone radiation on children, published in Radiation Biology. Radiation Ecology (Volume 51, No.5, 2011), demonstrates an increase in phonemic perception disorders, abatement of efficiency, reduced indicators for the arbitrary and semantic memory and increased fatigue. Over the four-year monitoring of 196 children ages 7-12 who were users of mobile communication devices, a steady decline in these parameters from high values to bottom standards compared was observed. The short-term and long-term potential consequences for society from exposing children to microwave radiation from cellular communication devices must be immediately acknowledged, globally, and responsibly addressed.”

NOTE: children moving to the “bottom standards” in memory and perception over just four years



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