City of Victoria’s Director of Parks, Recreation, Culture used by Dino to send threat to Square campers: “Failure to remove your tents, shelters and all other objects by Monday will result in prosecution or other legal action against you.”

Mayor says Occupy protest not compatible with other events

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November 6, 2011

Victoria’s Mayor says the upcoming scheduled use of Centennial Square is the main reason the Occupy Victoria demonstrators are being kicked out.


Dean Fortin says while there are safety concerns about the ongoing demonstration, Monday’s eviction is more to do with Christmas Season events that will be set up in the square in the coming weeks.

“Timing is more related to the coming events on November 26, but we certainly share a lot of concern about what’s been happening in the square.”

Fortin says he has spoken to some demonstrators about criminal activity in the square, “We’ve obviously had a fire, we’ve obviously had really increased drug use, greater criminal activity. We had to close our washroom for a couple of hours. A couple of toilets had to be fixed, replaced. There’s just this ongoing general degrading of the square at this time … having the tenters here just doesn’t seem compatible with those other big public uses.”

Fortin says he sees merit in the Occupy movement, “It’s an important message to get out and talk about how our society runs. I think that’s something every generation takes a look at and it’s important to bring up. This just doesn’t seem the appropriate forum.”

The Mayor says he hopes the people in the square leave voluntarily and says it is public space, so people can come and go, but the tents and property must be removed.

According to a notice signed by the City’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Director, the demonstrators have until noon tomorrow to pack up their tents and belongings and leave the square. It warns, “Failure to remove your tents, shelters and all other objects by Monday will result in prosecution or other legal action against you.”

-Liz McArthur with files from CTV

(Image Courtesy CTV)

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