‘Thank you caring about the life of the unborn as much as the born.’ Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell, October 2011.


Hello Gregory,

It never happened to me.

I don’t think it’s because of our friendship.

I did know of another time when police did that to another local person, but I completely forget who.

I think it may have been someone associated with the struggle against the Spencer Road Interchange.

They did exactly what they did to you.

I sort of remember that the person targeted refused to confirm attendance, and the cops stopped calling.

I think it happens to the people in the Right-to-Life efforts who show up at the clinics, because of the shootings.

It’s so important for North America to do what western Europe is doing to eliminate abortion (21/1000 women in N. America compared to 12/1000 women in western Europe).

The western Europeans really know what to do to prevent abortions.

I really admire their state-supported pro-life initiatives over there.

We can make that happen here too once we get more people into office who are committed to such abortion-prevention policies.

Thank you for caring about the life of the unborn as much as the born.



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