Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the infamous Globalist plot: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ on Guido Fawkes, an antiglobalist historical critical analysis

Guido Fawkes is the iconic face of the antigloblist Anonymous hordes, hiding their identities to whose advantage, it must be asked.

Not many people know who Guido was, nor do they know who Anonymous is, nor do they know that this supposedly popular movement is ripe for co-optation by Globalist Socialist provacateurs, infiltrators and disintel agents.



Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

the infamous Globalist plot

I see no reason why Globalist 9/11 Treason

should ever be forgot …

Remember, remember, Guido Fawkes, innocent Catholic English patsy

Tortured on the Tower rack to extract his confession for Lord Cecil’s false flag

Remember, remember, the phoney Gunpowder Treasonous Plot

Remember, remember, how Guido was tortured, dismembered and beheaded,

His severed head displayed on a spike,

like a Death Cult trophy to warn recusant Catholic English…

Remember, remember Lee Harvey Oswald,

Soviet-crazed CIA patsy, framed as sole assassin of ‘Smilin’ Jack’…

‘JFK’: Charismatic, intelligent, Roman Catholic liberal Democratic

American warrior hero President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Cut taxes radically, wanted to pull American troops out of Vietnam, averted war with USSR in Cuba,

Jack Kennedy threatened the Military Industrial Complex, and so he had to be eliminated…

Jacquie Kennedy thinks her husband was executed by his own sold-out Vice President:

Democratic Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson, arch-Vietnam warmonger…

Remember, remember, Osama Bin Laden, CIA operative and patsy for 9/11,

The phoney bogey blamed by the demonic Globalists for all subsequent 9/11 wars…






‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Happy Guy Fawkes!


Two Snapshots of St. Paul’s

Guido took a stroll round the distinctly underwhelming camp at St Paul’s last night. One or two things did make him giggle though:

His face lit up by a thousand corporations…

It all got a little too tiring and emotional for one merry camper…

UPDATE: Behind the paywall The Times have some disgruntled voices:

“Zakandrew Roberts, 18, joined Occupy London on its first day, but left on Saturday after a series of incidents, including someone urinating in his tent and a friend being threatened with a penknife. He claimed that the camp had deteriorated from a group of serious campaigners intent on highlighting issues about economic equality, to “drunks and drug-takers . . . here for a laugh”. Mr Roberts, an unemployed charity worker, said: “Half the people there don’t know why they are there or what they are protesting about. I want political change, not to get high and drunk all the time.”

Watch out for that progressive punch, it’s lethal…



Guy Fawkes: England’s bogeyman unlikely face of global protest

A demonstrator wears a Guy Fawkes mask at the back of his head during a protest march against the construction of a high-speed train line, known as TAV, which will link Turin in northern Italy to Lyon in France, near Chiomonte, north of Turin Oct. 23.

A demonstrator wears a Guy Fawkes mask at the back of his head during a protest march against the construction of a high-speed train line, known as TAV, which will link Turin in northern Italy to Lyon in France, near Chiomonte, north of Turin Oct. 23.

Photograph by: STRINGER/ITALY, Reuters

LONDON – A new generation of global activists have embraced the image of a 17th-century English Catholic traitor whose arrest and gruesome execution is still celebrated across Britain every year by burning his effigy.

White caricature masks of Guy Fawkes – who was hanged, drawn and quartered for attempting to blow up England’s Parliament in 1605 – have been appearing online and on the streets of London, New York and Madrid among protesters against the financial crisis.

While many Fawkes masks sold in Britain this week may end up in their traditional places on dummy “Guys” cast onto bonfires and as part of fireworks displays at the hugely popular annual Nov. 5 Guy Fawkes Night celebrations on greens and in parks throughout the U.K., many more may be worn at demonstrations.

The masks were popularized by the 2006 film V for Vendetta, in which a masked hero of the future uses the Fawkes image as he attacks the British government. The stylized, gleaming white, grinning and bearded visage has become the face of the leaderless Anonymous movement.

They have become an increasingly popular sight at the anti-banking Occupy Wall Street protests that have spread across the United States and into other countries including Britain, as well as an increasingly common presence online.

“Traditionally, Guy Fawkes has simply been seen as the original terrorist or just a quaint figure we commemorate once a year,” said Cathy Ross, director of collections and learning at the Museum of London. “The idea of seeing him as a more relevant, radical figure is something new.”

For centuries, English schoolchildren have been taught to: Remember, remember the fifth of November … gunpowder treason and plot, and Fawkes has always been the ghost who has haunted a nation that is only now changing discriminatory laws that bar potential heirs to the throne from marrying a Catholic.

Fawkes hoped his attack – foiled at the last minute after his stash of gunpowder was discovered under Parliament – would usher in a popular Catholic revolt, but the aims of those wearing his mask these days appear less focused.

Initially, Anonymous appeared a purely online force, attacking those it believed were attempting to stymie free speech in the name of intellectual property or national security. Last year, it declared virtual war on websites such as that of global credit card firm MasterCard.


But with Spain’s “indignados” protests against austerity, the popularity of the masks leaped – to the extent that costume shops in Spain sold out almost overnight and activists were forced to order in from overseas.

Both the masks and the Anonymous group themselves have since also joined forces with the Occupy movement, although it is far from clear that all who wear them sympathize with Anonymous.

“It’s a very powerful, violent symbol,” says Tim Hardy, founder of U.K. activist blog Beyond Clicktivism. “It’s very anti-parliamentarian, very anti-establishment, libertarian rather than leftist. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what it stands for. Many of those who wear it are very young.”

For now, the methods of those wearing his image have been much less violent than those unsuccessfully attempted by Fawkes. Had his attack on the state opening of Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605, succeeded, he would have killed not just King James I but also almost the whole Parliament, church leaders and wider ruling hierarchy.

Some worry that might change. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned last month that there was a risk hackers from Anonymous might target crucial industrial control systems of power plants and other key infrastructure, causing chaos. Some activists, however, were skeptical, accusing authorities or scaremongering and trying to demonize the group.

Still, there have been some reports that said that Anonymous was attempting to organize an attack on social networking site Facebook for Nov. 5 itself, ironically organized in part via Facebook itself.

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