Smart Meter-free zone declared for Salt Spring Island by a united community! @ Duane Burnett’s BREAKING NEWS

In the article at the link below, Mike Smyth writes that Greg Reimer, VP for Hydro, says that if someone doesn’t want a smart meter, they won’t get one, and reiterates the statement that Hydro will work with these folks.
WE all know that is not happening.
If you have experienced any problem with either Hydro or Corix or know someone who has, would you please get this info. to Mr. Smyth.
It would be great to get as many of these stories to this reporter as possible.
In addition, please report it to the coalition where we are tracking such problems at .
From Duane Burnett’s blog: BREAKING NEWS:
 Smart Meter-free zone declared for Salt Spring Island, by a united community!
Come on Sunshine Coast… let’s git er done… Josh del Sol, on Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook page 
3) REMINDER: Please circulate.
Come to this Public Forum on Smart Meters
Nov. 3rd, from 7-9pm
St. Andrews Haney United Church
22165 Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge


Joyce Nelson will be giving a talk on Smart Meters.

4) Excellent videos:

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