Cairine Green’s Priorites: Candidate for Oak Bay District Council, ‘an experienced two-term Councilor member for North Saanich (2005 – 2011)’ endorsed by Guy Dauncy’s Eco News, publishes her 10 point plan at her campaign website

Cairine Green

  • Public Engagement – Need for more responsive, transparent and open local government decision-making, including better communication and more timely information-sharing by Council with the community.
  • Land Use Planning – Need for local land use planning decisions that respect neighbourhood character, heritage preservation and green space (re-development).
  • Transportation Infrastructure – Need for improvements to local transportation infrastructure, including traffic safety and parking, cycling pathways, pedestrian walkways/trails and public transit.
  • Official Community Plan Review – Need for active public involvement in an Official Community Plan review that addresses such quality of life issues as housing.
  • Sustainability – Need to develop strategies that focus on maintaining the balance between local economic development, environmental protection and community well-being.

September 2011:

In April 2011, I attended a large public meeting at the Monterey Centre, called by Mayor Christopher Causton after residents expressed their concerns about a variety of challenging issues, many of which seemed to focus on concerns that included:

  • local land use/planning decisions that jeopardize neighbourhood character:
  • need for more responsive local government;
  • lack of communication/timely information-sharing from Council to the community;
  • need for greater heritage preservation;
  • traffic and parking on neighbourhood streets;
  • desired improvements to transportation infrastructure;
  • environmental protection/climate change; and
  • housing.

I listened carefully to residents who spoke passionately about Oak Bay, its uniqueness and the need to protect neighbourhoods for health and safety. Since that meeting and as an interested Oak Bay resident, I have continued to monitor activities, events and information to learn more about my community and what matters to residents and their families.  The public meeting in April was a defining moment for me and helped me to make a decision to run for Council and to identify my priorities if elected.  They include:

  1. PRACTICE OPEN COMMUNICATION – Listening to your concerns and ideas and always being accessible to you and the community because I believe that residents should feel included and engaged in major decisions their local government makes. Maintaining a website will help keep you updated and informed about important issues, events and activities. Whenever appropriate, meeting with you to listen to your concerns and encouraging the use of other communication tools to help keep you informed about Council activities. 
  2. ENCOURAGE MORE PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT – Encouraging greater public engagement and advocating for regular neighbourhood and town hall meetings where Council members can meet meet face to face with you to share information, listen to your ideas and talk about Oak Bay and its future.  
  3. PROTECT NEIGHBOURHOOD INTEGRITY – Talking with you to identify your concerns and issues related to safe neighbourhoods such as traffic volume, street parking and speeding, re-development that fits with the character of neighbourhoods and your current and future housing needs. 
  4. REVIEW THE OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN (OCP) – Working with you to help develop an effective public consultation process designed to meaningfully engage you in reviewing the OCP.  Normally reviewed on a 5-year cycle, the OCP involves extensive community consultation and is a “blueprint for the future,” guiding Council and staff decision making and administration. An OCP review includes evaluation of current and future land use practices/policies, zoning, environmental protection for blue and green spaces, neighbourhood safety, local traffic planning and community resources/services available for seniors, families and youth.  These and other topics related to an OCP review will contribute to the continued well-being of this community.
  5. SUPPORT AND ENHANCE LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS – Working with the local business community to help identify strategies that will support business plans and activities.
  6. EXPLORE GREATER USE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA – Monitoring improvements to the municipal website for updated content and easy navigation, including access to current and timely information. Exploring the feasibility of webcasting to broadcast online weekly Council meetings via the municipal website.  Exploring use of other social media to reach residents and their families who cannot attend regular meetings.
  7. MAKE ENHANCEMENTS TO VOLUNTEER MUNICIPAL COMMITTEES Encouraging greater use of volunteer resources.  In my experience, volunteers are integral to a vibrant community and to effective local government. Volunteer committees are a significant resource to sharing the workload involved in running a municipality and providing valuable insight about the community’s needs and priorities.  I believe that volunteers are often “the finger on the community pulse” and help to enhance the quality of life in Oak Bay. 
  8. WORK WITH OTHERS TO HELP MAKE LOCAL GOVERNMENT MORE RESPONSIVE AND EFFECTIVE – Working collaboratively with stakeholders and individuals, groups, local business and residents’ associations to achieve community goals and objectives that you have identified as important to Oak Bay and its future.
  9. SUPPORT MORE ACTIVE YOUTH INVOLVEMENT IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT Working to encourage and support youth involvement in local government. Developing a Youth Strategy that includes youth members on municipal volunteer committees, with the goal of enhancing Council’s relationship with young people and the new Oak Bay High School Neighbourhood Learning Centre when it opens.
  10. PROVIDE SERVICES AND PROGRAMS THAT ARE SUSTAINABLE AND EFFECTIVE – Addressing needs and challenges to make sure that delivery of municipal services and programs are not only effective but also affordable — “getting the biggest bang for the taxpayer dollar.” 

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