OPEN LETTERS OF VETERAN VICTORIA ACTIVISTS: Why Gregory Hartnell proposed to Larry Wartel to open their correspondence: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ meets ‘End the Fed’ in Victoria, so to speak, and by such unusual revolutionary sharing, we find common ground.’ … October 11, 2011.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:48 AM, Gregory Hartnell <> wrote:

Dear Larry:
You have sent me so many links to check out that it is taking me a while to check all of them out, but I did try to sit still for the Michael Parenti video on the myths of the Founding Fathers.
I couldn’t get through it, frankly, because what this historian does is to apply after the fact socialist economic analysis to an event that happened long before socialism was even invented.
That is a very easy thing to do, but it is poor historical practice, in my humble opinion.
A fascist historian would be similarly wrong to attempt the mirror analysis from the far right.
I looked at another video where he froths at the mouth against all organized religions, sounding very much like Christopher Hitchens, one of the more deluded of atheist bigots in our world.
Basically, I can’t take such people seriously, so that is probably all I have to say about Mr. Parenti.
My wife Dawn has been reading our correspondence, and I have been reading a lot of out loud to her, and she agrees with me that it is fascinating, as it is so unusual for such a dialogue to occur in a civilized manner.
I should tell you that I am about to release my portion of it in the form of a number of posts to my blog, probably referencing Thomas Merton by calling it ‘Letters to a veteran activist’.
Do I have your permission to publicize your emails to me on these important matters?
I would keep your privacy hidden, if that is your wish, and would edit out any references to your family that may be delicate, but I think it would be much more significant for our readers if your identity was open for people to think about.
 I think that our dialogue is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen in the activist world right now.
‘Occupy Wall Street’ meets ‘End the Fed’ in Victoria, so to speak, and by such unusual revolutionary sharing, we find common ground.
Shalom, my brother

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