Larry Wartel on Ben Isitt on Victoria Police: ‘I see Ben calls for a police budget review. At the doorstep, the majority of people still equate “security=police”.’ … Open letter to Gregory Hartnell.


Dear Gregory,
I assure you I was just being facetious, when asking “What’s your price?”
I was just lamely responding to your light hearted payback time statement: “If Rose or Ben ever get elected, they owe me! (Just kidding!)”
 I didn’t expect money for Ben or Rose, not at all.

Your work with Rycroft and the others warning about those hideous nuclear subs and carriers is wonderful, so important.

I wasn’t living here then or I would have joined you.
Today is the 10th anniversary of the Wednesday Weekly Peace Vigil at the Cenotaph, Noon – 1:00 PM.
I hope to be there.

That’s great that you have nominators in Oak Bay.

I hope you do well.
What do you think about the Globe and Mail article about how to win an election?

As a prison abolitionist, I certainly don’t want to see more police hired with resources that need to go into the things that prevent people from becoming antisocial–guaranteed livable income, livable wage, free education, meaningful work, drug rehab programs, safe injection site, drug legalization, affordable housing.

I see Ben calls for a police budget review. 

At the doorstep, the majority of people still equate “security=police”.

I used to have no appreciation for being too far out in front of the voter.
We only have on average 15 seconds.
To create that environment for community discussion, to get better policy, the candidate has to win.
And if the candidate is too far out ahead with policy that the majority doesn’t understand, then the corrupt elements set the agenda, without even an ability to engage the community to see the harm in hiring more police.
It’s a powerful experience, connecting with people at the doorstep in what amounts to a wonderful exercise in connecting with people I am normally quite alienated from, even for that brief moment.
One in ten will engage for a few minutes rather than 15 seconds.

There is a fellow in Oak Bay who may support your nomination and campaign, Colin Nielsen, 812-6593, .

 He was the area organizer for Fight HST and Recall Ida Chong.

Take care Good Brother,


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