‘I oppose public subsidization of harm reduction ‘services’ in Oak Bay, will only vote for a business licence application by people with a viable business plan for such a facility if it does not violate extant Canadian law, and does not rely on public subsidization,’ says Pro-Life Oak Bay Council Candidate Gregory Hartnell, open letter to Larry Wartel, October 5, 2011.

Gregory Hartnell

Dear Larry:
Thanks again for all your ideas, and Colin’s phone number.
 I have my required two nominator’s signatures, but just in case either one is not actually on the list of voters, his name may yet come in handy, and anyone who worked against the HST and wanted to get rid of Ida ‘NWO’ Chong is a friend of mine.
The article in the Globe is interesting, I suppose, if one is a poli sci type obsessed with ‘winning the race’, but I am an artist who approaches this whole psycho drama of electioneering from the point of view of a dramatic artist playing a crucial role of which I am the sole author, so there is no real application of the idea of winning in that scenario, but rather, it is more a question of hopefully conveying my personal philosophy (common sense?), my understanding of local political history and the aesthetics of the Dramatic Arts (tragedy and comedy).
I really trust that the outcome will come from the common sense and informed wisdom of the concerned citizens of Oak Bay, and the rest, as they say, is in the hands of the Creator.
So, door knocking with a cadre of Hartnell fans will not happen, as I am an old fashioned respecter of private property rights and consider that sort of thing an actual unwanted invasion of my privacy, and I think most people who own property also share that position.
We no more want fanatics of the NDP slate to knock on our door, any more than we want the new Paul Brown slate to do the same thing.
Both Death Cult NWO groups will be sent packing if they dare knock on our door! (SERIOUSLY).
I get enough socialist class warfare propaganda every day by listening to Village 900, CFUV and CBC Victoria, and corporatist ‘anti-terror war’ propaganda from the Vic News (pro-smart meters), CFAX (pro-Lib pro-abort)) and Monday Mag (whores’ ads for the Hell’s Angels, Gringo sailors, DEA, VicPD and RCMP).
I talk to people every day about politics in Victoria, the province, the country, North America and the whole world.
 It makes my day to learn that many of us have very similar concerns these days, and one of the things we have in common is unprecedented distrust of almost all figures of authority.
The older I get, the more I think that people like Norman Ruff and his cohort at the Poli Sci Dept at UVic are almost complete imposters, in way over their collective heads in a rarified ‘floating world’ which is completely unfamiliar to them…
 I really don’t think much of them if they never even bother to rehearse for a role in this Political Drama (that is to say, when was the last time you remember seeing one of these profs of the pseudo-science of politics actually stand to be elected?).
So far, I have publicly opposed ‘harm reduction’ and so-called ‘safe injection sites’, etc., but with the latest Insite ruling by some judge, I can see that the harm reductionists will be emboldened to really push for that even more in Vic in the coming campaign.
I agree with Dr. Ron Paul that ultimately we have to decriminalize and legalize all the drugs, but have only recently seen the wisdom of that radical position. 
 Prior to listening to Dr. Paul and reading his ideas, I arbitrarily labeled some drugs ‘soft’ and others ‘hard’, favouring legalization of the former, and continued interdiction of the latter.
In the meantime, all these drugs are still illegal in Canada irrespective of their medicinal effects, toxicity or associated dangers, and as long as that is the case, I can see massive confusion, ambiguity, favouritism, etc. with respect to the application of the existing legal rights of sick cancer patients to medical marijuana, etc. and the responsibilities of the police to enforce the existing Criminal Code drugs laws, as flawed as they obviously are.
There is a real disconnect there which most people do not respect and will never understand.
I will therefor oppose the public subsidization of harm reduction ‘services’ in Oak Bay, and will only vote for a business licence application by people with a viable business plan for such a facility if it does not violate extant Canadian law, and does not rely on public subsidization.
I wonder what Ben means by a ‘police budget review’?
 Doesn’t the Police Board, chaired by Mayor Dino, already do that annually as a matter of course?
Thanks for going to the Peace Vigil.
When you do that sort of thing, you are engaged in Dramatic Art of a spiritual nature, in my humble opinion.
Shalom, my friend

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