Gregory Hartnell admits to Larry Wartel that he ‘actually voted for both of them (Ben Isitt and Rose Henry) once!…’That seems like so long ago, and I certainly wouldn’t do it again.’ … October 2, 2011.

Gregory Hartnell 



Dear Larry:
I haven’t forgotten to respond to your letter of a few days ago where you mention hitting your mother by accident, etc…
 I will take a look at that and the links you provide to Parenti, etc., a little later, but right now I just wanted to thank you for having the honesty to admit that Jack’s Libya policy was a mistake.
As for Ben Isitt and Rose Henry, you may be surprised to know that I actually voted for both of them once!
I voted for Ben just to get rid of Liberal stooge Alan Lowe, and for Rose out of pity, and in that election I actually gave Ben and Rose $50 each toward their campaigns!
If Rose or Ben ever get elected, they owe me! (Just kidding!)
That seems like so long ago, and I certainly wouldn’t do it again.
I note for your interest that Ben has not really answered comments I have made at his website, concerning whether or not he would support Dino’s call for fed and provincial help to hire 40 more cops in Victoria.
Needless to say, I am not impressed by any political aspirant who cannot or will not be honest with a voter on his or her intentions with respect to police hiring or budget demands from that Department, pressured by or in concert with the Police Officers’ Union:
A new article on Rose by Aaren Madden is found in the new October issue of Focus Magazine.
She is right about one thing: Dino has put the Victoria homelessness issue on the back burner, while focusing on the bridge.
She is learning how to use the language of diplomacy to skirt around that embarrassing fact, fancying, I suppose, that if she makes nice now, she might be able to work with the Council later in the unlikely event that she is actually elected.
Thus, the sexist special pleading is toned down somewhat in that Focus article, but the historical aspect of a vote for an Aboriginal person is apparently still a key idea in her pitch.
And it has not escaped my attention that she does not produce one concrete idea of what can actually be done about housing the homeless, which she says is a growing problem.
Do you know if she is right on this?
Is homelessness actually worse under Dino?
 I think he has a ten or fifteen year plan to ‘solve’ it, doesn’t he?
As you can see, I am thinking hard about standing, perhaps trying, once again, to get some sort of CCC slate going… or a new Victoria Peace Party or  Liberty Revolution Party.
I made a crisp brown one the other day working for my brother in the underground economy of the independent grouters’ conspiracy, and I think that is the sum required by the City as a deposit… now I only need 25 signatures!
Here are my priorities for Victoria… the order could change, but these are the issues as I see them:
1. Solve homelessness in Victoria by closing down the City bureaucracy of social workers who have failed miserably on this issue and instead work with the faith communities to have them all housed properly in the first fiscal year, not ten years hence.
2. To stimulate the Victoria economy, leave money in people’s pockets by freezing all residential and commercial property taxes for the whole term, and do not change the ratio between them.
3.  Freeze all hiring of management and union staff, both inside and outside workers, including police and fire departments, with a goal of reducing size of local Victoria govt. by 10% in first term.
4.  Freeze all salary and wage demands of City management and union staff every year of term, on a year by year basis, until local economy revives.
5. Cancel Johnson Street Bridge replacement project, and repair existing heritage bridge (reference: Focus publisher’s exposes in Oct. and previous numbers on Dino’s lies about the bogus high costs of repairs and supposed pressing need for November dismantling of the rail portion).
6. Disarm police, decriminalize marijuana possession, issue business licences to mota shops and ‘harm reduction’ businesses… but do not publicly subsidize them.
7. Sell Save on Foods Memorial Centre to private sector, redirecting revenue from such sale to abstinence-based residential treatment for recovering addicts.
8. Stop paying City of Victoria’s Hydro bills until they offer wired smart meters to Victoria Hydro customers who want them.
9. To encourage organic backyard ‘victory gardens’, ban chem trails over Victoria, as has apparently been done on Maui.
10.  Take over complete control of Victoria Harbour from non-accountable Harbour Authority and ban dangerous nuclear ship visits (nuclear-powered and armed aircraft carriers, submarines, etc.), and stop issuing business licences to operators of dangerous float planes in Victoria Harbour.
You are welcome to suggest your priorities if you want to give us input…
‘Goyo de la Rosa’
PS: Do you have a website?
Gregory Hartnell


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