Alex Berns on Forty Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil: Are we making a difference? yes, Yes, YES!!!

Are we making a difference !!!   Yes Yes Yes ;
How can I possibly be so bold as to make this claim?
             301 vigil sites (16 in Canada)
  • a new record for known saves will occur before the end of this campaign
  • United Nations pro choice advocate and special rapporteur Anand Grover scolded over attempt to rewrite abortion into the  Human Right  document,  governments outright dismissed the document and abortion as a Human Right, the U.N. Secretary General earlier on had publicly read the document approvingly, as a victory for Human Rights, was sheepishly apologetic for not having first consulted with the member  nations.      ( I wonder who is pulling his strings?)  [The link to this is #1, found in the comments]
  • San Jose articles released by renowned world authorities on Human Rights begins at conception (medically and legally) guaranteed in the U.N Charter of Human Rights for all Human Life including the unborn.   [The link to this is #2, found in the comments.]
  • March 25 2011 government of Costa Rica officially approves and adopts the San Jose articles into it’s constitution, can anyone tell me the significance of this date in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Feast Days.           Yeahhhh   Wowww  !!!!!
  • British House of Lords pick up and moving to accept the San Jose articles (they will shortly after this date forward this with full support to the E.U.  plenary session.) – the momentum is growing –  [The link to this is #3, found in the comments.]
This is but a small taste of what we all can do, there is hope that nations may yet avert the disasters that always come when we allow such an atrocity
as this to continue before God our Creator.
How can there ever be Peace on Earth or much more, in our families, neighborhoods, communities or cities when we allow this to go on without a voice for the unborn.
On October 18 2011 students from around the world at university campuses began their first Speak up for the unborn by not Talking.
Well done sons and daughters, well done.
There is Hope and there is Help and there are people responding here in Victoria.
Today our phone # at the vigil site received two calls. One on behalf of a sons girlfriend who was being pressured to abort by her side of the family. Another from a young man who was inspired by the vigil participants present to phone and get involved. With exactly 7 Days left be inspired and come and fill up these last few days, to pray and fast, perhaps to come out for the first time, experience the grace, peace and joy of the fellowship of sanctifying grace for the healing of our Sons and Daughters, our Brothers and sisters in this vulnerable crossroad in their lives. Jesus is counting on you to be his Light here in this place where darkness has gone on for so long. In  2013 it will be 40 years since this scourge became legal in North America.    It is enough!
Rise Up yee Holy Nation.
Alex Berns

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