Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel: ‘My father was a carpenter who taught me how to do rudimentary carpentry, set tile and marble.’… Open letters of veteran Victoria activists, September 22, 2011.

  • Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:55:24 AM
  • Dear Larry:
If I was still a batchelor, I would likely be more active as you describe, organizing in a somewhat more scientific manner.
Gregory Hartnell
But I am now a married Christian artist (ten year wedding anniversary, Dec. 29, 2011), who does not believe that politics is a science at all, but rather a dramatic art form, and frankly, I am bored stiff by poli sci people pretending to understand the mysteries of this art form.
My father was a real fascist who had his own club of like-minded totalitarians.
He used to give us lectures at the kitchen table about the supposed virtues of hard work as propounded by Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, etc…
Yes, he even told a story of hearing Hitler give a speech before an adoring crowd from a balcony somewhere in Bavaria.
 He hitch-hiked around Germany in ’38, sleeping in ditches on the side of the autobahn
His fascist gang used to hang outside socialist halls in Victoria, trying to get into debates with the socialists after they came out of the union meeting halls, and sometimes even getting into fisticuffs with them.
So, I was a card-carrying member of the NDP and the Voice of Women when I was 16, for crying out loud, and later arrested by globalist corporatist NDP Premier Harcourt for sitting on a logging road in Clayoquot Summer 93
Harcourt had the BC government buy shares in clearcutting MacBlo
So, I reacted against my father’s fascism, became a socialist in late 60s early 70s, became a ‘green’ in the 80s, cooked up the CCC in the 90s, and now support the ‘Love Revolution’ Ron Paul style.
Liberty is long aborning…
There is no liberty revolution in Canada that I can see, and I am afraid that the sleepwalking Canadian people will put up with Dictator Harper right up to the point where he announces the abolition of sovereign Canada into the North American Union… only then might they wake up to try to stop these fascists.
Basically, I reacted against fascism by flipping to its opposite side of the imperial coin: becoming a socialist, while living in the best neighbourhood in Victoria!
 The ironies here never escape me.
My father was a carpenter who taught me how to do rudimentary carpentry, set tile and marble.
 Those trades helped me to keep reasonably humble, in solidarity with all real workers who get their hands dirty.
I just did a grout job for one of my other blood brothers yesterday… down on my knees for hours… where I apparently belong.
Ron Paul said recently he would consider Kucinich for his cabinet, should he get elected.
I pray for the grand old man of the Revolution.
The Revolution is Now!
I have no interest in knocking on people’s doors, as I consider that an invasion of people’s privacy, so that probably has crippled me in the past.
So, although I have concretized CCC ideas in previous publications of LA ROSA and on the CCC blog (, I have almost come to the point where I see myself as trying to point the way, like Saint John the Baptist, to someone better than myself…
I’m fading out, and the CCC blog is probably in its last days…
I’ve basically decided that I have said enough, and don’t want to repeat myself.
Frankly, I don’t have the courage of my father, and I think the police are already very likely tracking my online activities, and I don’t want to leave my wife while I languish in some police cell hellhole.
I admire your candour, and your practical attempt to conjoin your idealism with realism through organizing, while effectively reducing your depression … but I cannot sign up to any other outfit now, nor am I inclined to do so.


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