‘Greens’ split over BC Lib – mandated CRD land-based sewage treatment plan @ James Bay New Horizons’ All Candidates’ meeting: Mayoral Candidate Steve Filipovic endorses storm drain improvements, Responsible Sewage Treatment; but ‘Green’ incumbent Councillor Philippe Lucas likes CRD’s very expensive landbased plan… Friday night update on new Council Candidates, silly incumbents…



Three of the four declared Victoria Mayoral Candidates showed up this morning in James Bay: little-known ‘governance provider’ Paul Brown, ‘Green’ carpenter Steve Filipovic and Establishment Globalist Socialist incumbent Mayor Dean Fortin, a Keynsian stimulus-addicted NDP career politician.

David Shebib, a Saanich resident tenant known as the ‘Garbage Guru’ and also standing as a declared Mayoral Candidate in Saanich, was absent without explanation or apology.

The big issues of very expensive land-based sewage treatment as pushed by imperial mandate from the bankrupt BC Libs and misadministered so far with amazing incompetence by non-elected non-accountable bureaucrats at the Capitol Regional District, very expensive Light Rapid Transit pushed by the same groups, the balooning inflationary City of Victoria budget, amalgamation of the 13 CRD municipalities, non-specific so-called ‘infrastructure deficits’, the failure of shared police forces, lack of transparency at City Hall, increasingly secret ‘in camera’ Victoria City Council meetings, and even that age-old bogey of affordable housing and ongoing downtown homelessness were discussed this morning at the first and last all candidates’ meeting of October in the current 2011 election campaign in Victoria at the James Bay New Horizons.

Shockingly, lowering taxes, spending, borrowing and bureaucratic empire building was never mentioned by any of the three mayoral Candidates (not even Paul Brown), nor were the destruction of our endangered heritage Johnson Street Bridge designed by Joseph Strauss, the changes and increased costs associated with delays to the plan to replace it with an expensive unneeded futuristic thing designed in England, police brutality and corruption problems under the controversial current Victoria Police Chief, the failure of so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes since 1989 (‘needle exchanges’, ‘safe consumption’ or ‘safe injection sites’), nor was there any real discussion on how to stimulate a real economic recovery in Victoria.

The incumbent NDP Mayor defended the expensive Liberal land-based sewage plans, while his ‘Green’ stooge Lucas nodded his head vigourously.

In a transparent signal to his union bosses, Mr. Fortin also said that he supported the continuation of the present public sector monopolization of water and sewage services in Victoria (without mentioning the names of the unions involved), suggesting alarmingly, without naming anyone, that plans to privatize these systems by a corporate monopoly would end up with cost-prohibitive bills to citizens, and inevitable withdrawal of essential public services.

Talk about scaremongering…

Paul Brown was typically vague on this longstanding phoney sewage treatment issue, saying that he had read the pro and con arguments over the years, but it did not really sound like he was completely opposed to the present highly flawed CRD land-based sewage plan, but was mainly concerned with ‘containing costs’.

A pamphlet handed to me at the front door by one of his elderly supporters says little about the issue: ‘a public plan for upgrading our key infrastructure needs – water mains, sewers, recreation facilities.’

Yes, Paul, but what is your plan for sewage?

Interestingly, Steve Filipovic admits that he was initially swayed, as were many people, by the same arguments that Messers Lucas and Fortin still use.

I admit I was also swayed in those days by groups such as the Georgia Strait Alliance  until I really did some deeper research, and by someone who called himself ‘Mr. Floatie’, an obnoxious land-based sewage treatment advocate who was not allowed to stand for office using a pseudonym in a previous election.

To his credit, and no doubt aggravating many in his own party, Steve Filipovic disagrees with Councillor Lucas and Mayor Fortin on the supposed need for such expensive land-based sewage treatment.

He explained better than the other two Victoria Mayoral candidates the reasons for his volte face, and even cited ARESST, the Association for Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Treatment, the main website of the increasingly influential naysayers (found in our blogroll to the right).

He seemed well-versed on the issue, prudent on the folly of the unreal economics of the ‘unsustainable’ BC Lib-CRD plan, and concerned to see that storm drains are improved, but otherwise, ‘the present system serves us well,’ he said.

I will update this report later with my impressions of the many Council Candidates…

 FRIDAY, 10:17 P. M. UPDATE:




The first hour of the meeting was devoted to the three Victoria mayoral candidates who attended, Messers Brown, Filipovic and Fortin.

 I note for the record that former Victoria Mayoral Candidate Ben Isitt was not in attendance at the James Bay New Horizons meeting, but in the second hour set aside for the Council Candidates, a young man spoke on his behalf, saying he had met the Candidate when they both studied at the University of New Brunswick, and that Mr. Isitt sent his regrets as he had a prior engagement this morning at the University of Victoria.

The young man read a prepared speech mentioning the arcane subjects and titles of the socialist historian’s two published history books.

I had to move the truck from a one hour zone, and on the way out bumped into another of Ben Isitt’s associates, none other than my favourite correspondent in these revolutionary times, Larry Wartel, whose fascinating letters apparently trying to convert me back to the somewhat naive and misguided socialism of my teenage years are being opened up here under the series entitled ‘Open Letters of veteran Victoria activists’.

After literally knocking our noggins together, we walked along Menzies Street.

In the flesh, as I find him to be in his writing, Mr. Wartel or ‘Lar’ as he signs himself, is a very candid and forthright fellow, rare in this world.

I commended him for his writing, and asked him if anyone had ever complimented him on it, and he replied, ‘Only my mother…’

‘Well, your mother was right!’

Notable: Incumbent NDP Councillor Lynn Hunter, three years ago a member of the so-called ‘Dean Team’ got up and started talking about having just moved to the ‘special neighbourhood’ of James Bay, and claimed an interesting figure, that 782 ‘housing units’, as she called them, had been located for an unspecified number of the homeless since the last election, a figure that is close, but not exactly the same as the one the Mayor gave the other day on CFAX Radio, when he said that the City had provided 800 units, housing 1,500 homeless or ‘at risk’ individuals.

At one point, someone (but not yours truly) yelled out ‘Who are you?’

It was an awkward moment as the lady then apparently realized that she had assumed that everyone there would know who she was.

Another odd moment was provided when another former player on the Dean Team, incumbent Councillor Pam Madoff said that she was thankfully a long-time resident of the beautiful neighbourhood, but that if she were to try to live there now, she would not be able to afford it with her Councillor’s salary.

I found that remark to be particularly obnoxious and ridiculous as the very first thing these Councillors did when they convened for their first meeting was to give themselves very generous salary raises.

I note for the first time ever, I did not notice Pamela Madoff mentioning ‘heritage’ concerns.

Perhaps she realizes that after the tragic Johnson Street Bridge debacle, that she has lost all legitimate claim to be a serious protector of Victoria’s heritage?

Strangely, the one man who actually did do a few things to stall or otherwise oppose the NDP Mayor’s plans to destroy that bridge was incumbent Councillor Geoff Young, and I don’t recall him saying a thing about it this morning, nor did one of Paul Brown’s associates, historian Ross Crockford, seem to appreciate my hectoring him to ask the mayoral candidates what they would do about the bridge.

Mr. Crockford muttered something about being in a kind of conflict of interest because of his association with Mr. Brown, and I thought that this is really tragic because a few months ago, he had led a quite protracted and drawn-out battle with the philistine Council to apparently try to save the old bascule.

What has happened to the save Johnson Street Bridge and the homelessness issues?

Nobody really talked about them.

It was very strange.

Incumbent Councillor Charlayne Thornton Joe apologized for being late, saying that she had been so excited to come to the meeting, that she had slipped on the concrete pavement, and hit her head.

I didn’t notice any evidence of an abrasion from my vantage at the far end of the room, but I did notice that she walked with a limp.

She is strangely very popular, very sweet in her own endearing way, but quite manipulative of crowd’s emotions.

Lisa Helps, a neophyte, is full of some sort of strange socialist or CIA asset energy, and one wonders who funds the micro-loans she says that she doles out to poor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shellie Gudgeon, like Helps, is a so-called ‘harm reduction’ advocate, and was very nervous when speaking, perhaps for the first time ever in an actual poltical campaign.

She talks the ambiguous language of the technocrats, and the red ink on her signs which seem to be all over the place suggests she may be a Canadian Liberal Party member, although she says she is an independent businesswoman.

John Turner is back with his neurotic ideas about community.

 He must have used the buzz word about two dozen times, and is completely utopian and thus unsuitable.

Jon Valentine is standing again, and I like him, although he comes off somewhat pompous and silly, like a Pythonesque character.

His heart is in the right place, and in private conversation to me he said quite correctly that the homelessness problem could have been solved by now had the Council not got so distracted with their Jospeh Strauss Bridge destruction plans.

The MC threatened to call the cops when former Council Candidate Georgia Jones insisted on simply being heard, disregarding the New Horizon’s silly rule that divides the people into two classes, the members and everybody else.

Simple advice to New Horizons: if you don’t want that type of disruption, let the people come to the microphone.

Besides, very few actual New Horizon members had any questions to pose, so the control freaks went overboard and looked like amateurs.

It is supposed to be a public meeting after all, isn’t it?

Of the Open slate endorsed by Paul Brown, I was impressed with Aaron Hall, did not hear Sukhi Lalli speak for whatever reason, and found Linda Lisa McGrew somewhat naive and utopian, thus not suitable for office at this time.

I left the meeting when I heard Rose Henry hectoring the liberals into toxic shame for the sins of their long dead European colonial ancestors.

Her manipulative and tiresome racism is always outrageous.

Then, before the meeting was really over, I noticed that all the incumbents, including cyclist fanatic John Luton and ‘liberal’ infrastructure fanatic Chris Coleman, were making their getaway all together, about 11:40 a. m. or so, prompting me to yell out loud ‘where’s the accountability?’

Making their getaway in the same car were incumbent NDP Councillors Pamela Madoff and Marianne Alto, who I did not hear utter a single word all morning.

Heading to the truck again, I noticed incumbent Councillor Charlayne Thornton Joe hobbling along at a good clip, and just as she was about to jaywalk across Menzies, I asked her if she needed a ride, which is the least I could do for the wounded lady.

She graciously smiled and declined.

I will not vote for her, but she will probably get back in.

If I left anyone out of this report, it is probably because you either weren’t there, or you made such a poor impression on me that I didn’t register a single thing you said.

Try again next time…

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Pro-life low tax Council Candidate

Oak Bay District Election: November 19

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