Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell on Death Cult’s murder of Pope John Paul I’: “In God’s Name by David Yallop, reveals why it was no coincidence that Albino Luciani was almost certainly poisoned on behalf of powerful clerical banking and military-industrial interests.” September 10, 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011
No hidden agenda or dosier, I swear. I admire your concern for social justice and know you have spoken well for this over the years in a leadership capacity. My parents taught me, first with Dr. King, to appreciate faith expressions for social justice.  A bit about my background: Mom was born in London, Ontario, lived here in Victoria in the 20’s and 30’s, met Dad in Vancouver after WW II, posted at Fort Lewis. They moved to “Smell-A” and had me and my brother. I was raised sheltered in the “Holly Weird” Hills, until I had a collapsed lung from smog and decided to move to Canada in ’99. I had visited every two years from birth, visiting extended family that never left.

One thing that might alleviate concern about me being a security operative: members of my family were targeted by the US feds during McCarthyism. They banged on my uncle and family’s door, demanding to talk to my dad. Both Dad and Uncle said to get away–we don’t have to talk to you. And they left. That was mainly the end of it, as  McCarthyism was winding down. But the damage was done to this day, as Dr. Schrecker shows in “Many are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America,”

“Culture of Death” were stirring and definitive words of Karol Wotyla, expressing his opposition to abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia and support for a “Culture of Life” through social justice.

They were not easily countenanced by his quiet favour for Opus Dei, who were documented to admire “Culture of Death” adherents Pinochet and even Hitler (see and When Archbishop Óscar Romero attempted to oppose the Culture of Death in his own country, during his visit to Europe, to obtain a Vatican condemnation of El Salvador’s regime, denounced for violations of human rights and its support of death squads, he failed. In God’s Name by David Yallopreveals why it was no coincidence that Albino Luciani was almost certainly poisoned on behalf of powerful clerical banking and military-industrial interests. He shows how this helped to pave the way for those who were more compliant who came after him,

My extended family supported disarmament initiatives, unionization (which ended Dad’s and Uncle’s poverty), poverty eradication policy, war resistance, peaceful co-existence with the then Soviet Union, extending the United Nations capacity for ending nuclear weapons possession and atmospheric testing, and World Council of Church interdenominational social justice efforts.

A fine Seattle Protestant who opposes the Culture of Death, the wonderful Reverend Richard Lang, Recommended by Rev. Lang:

AJ and RP supporters will be on the Leg. lawn, highlighting 9/11 Truth advocacy this Sunday from 2-5 pm, if you want to meet them, from We Are Change Victoria, Then maybe you heard this new film will be shown, Explosive Evidence,, 7 pm Sunday 9/11, back at Scout Hall, 459 Chester.

A good weekend Gregory,


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