Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on LW’s real identity: ‘Are you quite sure that you don’t work for the same Agency that employed Obama and his mother?’ … Open Letters of veteran Victoria activists, September 9, 2011

Gregory Hartnell
Friday, September 9, 2011
Dear Larry:
This is a long and complicated letter, and frankly, I don’t have the time to give it the thought it deserves.
I am not familiar with Antony Sutton.  Did you take courses from him at some time?
I should tell you, if I have not already, that I studied the Holocaust deniers with Prof. Elliot Neaman at USF, wrote a 40 page paper on Zundel and Doug Christie for my final grade.
Neaman was a highly sophisticated Jewish Canadian, speaks and writes German, with a keen interest in German history.
He encouraged me not to study at UVic or UBC, saying they didn’t have very good history departments for post-grad work.  I only got the BA at USF.
I had another Jewish American prof at USF with whom I studied Jewish American history, but can’t remember his name.
I assume without having ever really looked into it, that the Protocols are bogus, some how or other… I have never been interested in reading them or finding out anything about their provenance.
But I am interested in the origin of the Left-Right paradigm, and I understand that it comes for the configuration of the seating arrangements in the French Revolutionary government’s chambers, so that genesis should give us some idea of what we are dealing with.
Those revolutionaries would never have allowed real ancien regime conservatives, monarchists, or Church clerics to sit in that chamber, as they were too busy chopping off their heads.
I’m preparing today for our annual used book bazaar at 1357 Rockland by sorting out the garage, recyclables, doing inventory of stuff to sell, so come on over tomorrow if you want to have tea and we will chat.  10-4.
I respect that you have been giving all of this stuff much more thought than I have, listening to AJ since 2005, and doing your own research over the years.
I still wonder who you really are, though, and why it is important for you to know what I think about all these things.
Please don’t hold it against me that I find it slightly odd that you hold dual citizenship, that you seem to be involved in socialist propagandizing and that you are culturally Jewish, if not an adherent of some synagogue or other…
Are you quite sure that you don’t work for the same Agency that employed Obama and his mother?
You said ‘heck, no’ in a previous email, but I still know very little about you, other than that you are able to conjure up all kinds of questions about me.  Who is interested in your growing dossier on me?
While I have had grave doubts about the false paradigm and unjust warmongering since the Vietnam days, it is only in the last year that I have become truly radicalized by AJ and Ron Paul.
They are the only Protestant thinkers that I know that seem to understand the horror of what Karol Wotyla called the Death Culture.

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