Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on Canada’s 9/11 Wars: “All historians and journalists in Canada should find the courage to call out Harper and the warmongering fascists that are ruining this country, perpetuating the lies of 9/11.” … September 19, 2011.

Wartel and Hartnell family history and Pacifican Liberty


Gregory Hartnell

Monday, September 19, 2011
Dear Larry:
When I am worried, I tend to make jokes about stuff that I don’t understand, so please forgive my inquisitiveness about your family background.
I think I understand your value system now, and share many of your critical analytic concerns, except the economic socialism solution, which I think is literally deadly.
I think I may have already told you that my father Peter George Hartnell was a bona fide fascist in the thirties and forties, with a radio show on CJVI where he ranted against Churchill, said we had no business in England’s war, echoing the Catholic priests in Quebec who used similar arguments against conscription.
The RCMP spied on my father, eventually arresting him and incarcerating him for some months, I am not sure how many, but want to dig deeper into that history eventually…
So, though his politics were strange and deadly, his successful attempts to evade the draft are admirable, in my estimation.
My mother, bless her heart, worked for Merck in Valleyfield Quebec, and then later as a stenographer at Naden in Esquimalt, in other words, she was part of the military industrial complex, whether she realized it or not.
As you probably know, Merck makes Gardasil, which is becoming an issue for Bachmann, Perry and Dr. Ron Paul in the Republican race.
I think the cardinals made a huge mistake voting this German into the papacy, and papolatry is worse than ever, with all these obscene ‘World Youth Day’ events, which are very wasteful, vainglorious staged events which have very little to do, if anything, with the Messiah.
He is compromised on the sex abuse issue, support for fascist regimes in South America, and is even now babbling about ‘climate change’ and should therefor resign immediately for the sake of the People of God.
That is my prayer for our Church.
Our Church is very materialistic and worldly and needn’t be.   We need a real humble Franciscan revival, to get back to basics…
Thanks for the info on We are Change Victoria.  I missed that rally yesterday against stupid meters… need to check my emails more often…
I watched the new video from AE9/11Truth, and found it very compelling.  Was there a good turn-out at the Chester Street scout hall?
All historians and journalists in Canada should find the courage to call out Harper and the warmongering fascists that are ruining this country, perpetuating the lies of 9/11.
The wars will go on forever if we don’t find someone like Dr. Ron Paul in Canada to lead us out of the imperial wilderness.
The NDP would bring in heavier carbon taxes than the ‘Liberals’ in BC, would maintain abortion on demand, do not have a policy to ban clearcutting, want to continue exporting raw logs to China, would continue to allow nuclear ship visits into BC ports, and really do not get what is happening to the rest of us not in the union movement, which is the majority also not well served by the Libs.
The BCNDP would ruin the economy even quicker than the BCLiberals are now doing.
Ditto for the federal NDP, which is now dominated by opportunistic Quebecois separatists who are similarly entranced by big bloated government.
That is my dilemma.
I can’t vote for any of the federal parties as presently constituted.
Similarly, I can’t vote for the phoney BC Conservatives under Cummins (ex-Harperite) either…
Time for a Pacifican separatist anti-globalist pro-life anti-war party, I think.
The globalist warmongering Canadian nation state is a cruel joke on the majority of peace-loving Canadians.
I dream of shutting down Naden, Nanoose, Comox, MIC bases etc.
Call it Pacific Liberty Party.

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