Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell: “I’m never enamored with NDP, a minor reform party at best in between the various corruptions.” Sept. 4, 2011, Letters of vet Vic activists…

From: Freedom 4 All <>
To: Gregory Hartnell <>
Sent: Sunday, September 4, 2011 2:59:10 AM
Subject: NDP Member, CCC = Principled

Hello Gregory,

Very stirring and meaningful words, that make sense:

Listen to him [Alex] more or less every day, five days a week, three hours a day, like I do now, and you might come to realize that Alex Jones is not the issue here, really… he is not the issue at all.
The real issue in this life is whether we choose Evil or Good, and how to figure out who is who in this world.
I try to stay on the side of the good angels, as Chesterton put it, so that I may continue to love God and my neighbours.
It’s true, it’s not fair to say Alex is a member of that religious group.
And you incisively note the corruption of the parties, and the self-interest of the large institutions like the unions.
I have always appreciated CCC’s principles.
I’ve considered voting for you and other CCC supported candidates.
Principles, and the number of door-knockers ironically of all things, helps us determine which candidate is most likely to win.
Most candidates don’t have more than a few door knockers, so having at least 5 door knockers, as long as they are principled, means their probability of winning is best.

To defeat people like Fortin (an NDPer with globalist policies) challengers need at least five full time door-knockers before and after the writ.

Interestingly, Dean came through on supporting the Esmeralda Torture Ship ban, because Priest Woodward was tortured and probably murdered on it.

I’m an NDP member. Very low budget member, $10.00. Don’t want to give them much more money than that.

“Mouseland” is a significant reason I vote NDP.
The video says there are two “fat-cat” parties and one “mouse” party in Canada (US has two “cat” (big corporate) parties, one with 75% fat-cat control, the Democrats, the other with 100% fat-cat control, the Repubs.).
Mice shouldn’t vote for cats.
In the parable, mice are working class, cats are big business class.
I’m never enamored with NDP, a minor reform party at best in between the various corruptions.
But because of what Paul Weyrich said below, and ex-Jesuit, ex-intel agent Philip Agee said, resisting vote suppression is very important during elections:

Weyrich said:

I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been, from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections, quite candidly, goes up as the voting populace goes down.

Globalist Republican strategist Paul Weyrich’s vote suppression agenda is alive and well in Canada, as Harper understands Weyrich. (Weyrich helped recruit Palin.) Stephen Harper has been influenced and supported by these same interests, those who maintain power through vote suppression.

When Philip Agee was in US Central Intel, stationed in Ecuador, he worked to electorally defeat any party and candidate that opposed in some way foreign business operations and their cronies in Latin America. They mailed Philip bo mbs, which he knew how to defuse.

Michael Parenti says:

U.S. leaders have been dedicated above all to making the world safe for global corporate investment and the private profit system. Pursuant of this goal, they have used fascism to protect capitalism, while claiming to be saving democracy from communism. In the pages ahead I discuss how capitalism propagates and profits from fascism, the value of revolution in the advancement of the human condition, the internal and external causes and effects of the destruction of communism, the continuing relevance of … class analysis, and the heartless nature of corporate-class power.

More reasons to vote for the “Mouse” people!

“How to win an election: go door-to-door,” is a great article in the Globe and Mail, that reveals what most determines victory probability:



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