Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel on ‘the real issue in this life’: “I try to stay on the side of the good angels, as Chesterton put it, so that I may continue to love God and my neighbours.”

Gregory Hartnell
Hi Larry:
I saw your letter on Jack Layton in the Vic News, so I assume you are a member of the NDP. Correct me if I am wrong.  Just want to get basics sorted out here…
 I am not a partisan or member of any party, except of course, the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, of which I am the inventor and sole self-annointed President, so there you have it, the CCC is mostly a thing of my imagination, if the truth be known.
LA ROSA No. 36 cover layout by Louise Beinhaur of Wordworks, showing three Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Candidates for the Victoria November 19, 2005 election:
Patrick Jamieson, Editor-Founder-Publisher of Island Catholic News +  Father Allen Jones, CCC Candidates for Victoria City Council, + Gregory Hartnell, Founder-President of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, CCC Candidate for Mayor of Victoria.
The triskelion design by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ behind the CCC Candidates symbolizes the three guiding CCC principles: blue for fiscal-social conservatism, green for private conservation stewardship, and red for life, liberty, social justice, solidarity.
The CCC triskelion is thus comprised of a swirl of interlocking circles representing groups of people in Victoria, all linked together in a constantly changing moving relationship that never ends…
We still get people to vote for our CCC Victoria City Council Candidates, nevertheless, so I say that is a real victory of individual autonomy and liberty, over and against mindless, corrupt organizations of any partisan (NDP, Greens, Torys or Libs) or self-interested stripe (like the Chamber of Commerce, the banksters, the unions or the corporations).
As for Alex Jones supporting the John Birch Society, I will simply point out that the United Nations is also in that list and Alex doesn’t go for that ultimate Globalist New World Order nightmare bureaucracy-government.
That is a list of recommended sites to visit, and there is no indication that the list suggests that AJ or Genesis ‘support’ any of them.
I watched and listened to most of the Secret Right video, except for occasional trips to the can, and kitchen, getting out of earshot, but what I got from it all was basically a scatter-shot attempted slaying by the narrator (of whom I know nothing) of all kinds of disparate groups that have no apparent relationship to each other, a familiar tactic of pseudo-sophisticates that get so deep into conspiracy theory, they never can really come back up above ground and walk on the surface like most people with less time on their hands…
Larry, basically I believe that all human persons are fallible and thus all human institutions are fallible.
 We can all make great gifts of our lives to each other, in God’s name, or we can try to compromise (and always lose) with the Prince of this World, and then get sucked deep down into a Maelstrom of Evil so deep and dark that it boggles the mind.
Each person has an innate conscience, with which we all make thousands of discernments and choices for good or evil… every day of our lives.
I’ve heard Alex deny a number of times association with all manner of strange groups that people allege or imagine that he is a member of, such as the last strange group you cite, and I note that there is no evidence that he was ever a member of this group, as you yourself must surely realize, as you only go so far as to suggest he may be a member of it.

Listen to him more or less every day, five days a week, three hours a day, like I do now, and you might come to realize that Alex Jones is not the issue here, really… he is not the issue at all.
The real issue in this life is whether we choose Evil or Good, and how to figure out who is who in this world.
I try to stay on the side of the good angels, as Chesterton put it,
so that I may continue to love God and my neighbours.


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