FALSE RIGHT-LEFT DEATH CULT UNITY: Both Globalist Victoria Mayoral Candidates Paul Brown + Dean Fortin support so-called ‘safe consumption, safe injection sites’

Nexus, the student newspaper of Camosun College, reports that two Candidates for Mayor in Victoria support ‘a safe injection site in Victoria’ in a full page feature article on Paul Brown and Dean Fortin, two of the four declared Victoria Mayoral Candidates.

This student paper is effectively perpetuating the false right-left paradigm, with Mr. Paul representing the right, and Mr. Fortin the left.

Steve Filipovic and David Shebib, the two other Victoria Mayoral Candidates, are not even mentioned at all in the Nexus report on Victoria Candidates.

NEXUS: Do you support a safe injection site in Victoria?

PAUL BROWN: Evidence shows without doubt it makes a difference in terms of health care costs, policing costs, and helping these people off the street.

It also makes financial sense.

Even the Supreme Court has said it’s okay.

So come on, let’s do it.

This is something that Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and the province needs to operate.

This is not a business that we understand.

This is not a business the City should be involved in.

VIHA and the provincial government understand how to run homeless shelters and needle exchanges; we need to support it.




NEXUS: What are your thoughts on safe injection sites?

DEAN FORTIN (CURRENT VICTORIA MAYOR): Harm reduction is one of our major priorities and we continue to work on developing the Greater Victoria model.

I think that rather than a needle exchange we need safe consumption sites.

The biggest concern is the outdoor public use of drugs.

So get it in.

Save lives, get inside.

There will be wraparound services that come with this: education services, harm reduction, and counselling.

I don’t think one site is enough.

You need two sites. 

You need to distribute it around.

Fundamentally, it is the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s responsibility to fund it, but we have a role to play as the City, as service providers.

We have started working on it; it’s a high priority. 


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