WHO POLICES ‘LOS FEDERALES’? WHERE+ WHAT IS ‘WEST SHORE’?: RCMP West Shore Detachment polices Colwood, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, View Royal, Songhees F.N., Esquimalt F.N., but not Victoria

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RCMP in West Shore


About West Shore RCMP

Welcome to the West Shore RCMP Detachment Website.

West Shore RCMP Detachment is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, in the City of Langford, a western suburb of Victoria, British Columbia. The West Shore Detachment is responsible for policing five municipalities and two aboriginal communities.  These communities together, called “West Shore”, have a population base of 62,000 people.

The Communities of West Shore Detachment are:
• City of Colwood
• District of Highlands
• City of Langford
• District of Metchosin
• Town of View Royal
• Songhees First Nation
• Esquimalt First Nation

The West Shore RCMP Detachment has 56 regular members (including one Aboriginal Policing member), 17 municipal employees and one public service employee.

West Shore Detachment is also home to the Victoria Public Safety Answering Point Dispatch Centre where 911 calls are taken and transferred to RCMP, Fire or Ambulance. The Victoria Operations Communications Centre employs 17 full-time and eight casual employees.

West Shore Detachment averages more than 22, 000 files per year and provides key services and programs in general duty policing, community policing, street crime, forensic identification, general investigations, fraud unit, police dog service, traffic service and administrative support.

There are more than 70 dedicated volunteers at West Shore Detachment who serve with programs which include but are not limited to; the Auxiliary Constable Program, Keep in Touch Program (KIT), Speed Watch, Restorative Justice and Greater Victoria Police Victim Services. Our volunteers offer an invaluable service to our communities and our detachment.

The members, staff and volunteers of West Shore RCMP Detachment are committed to, and strive to deliver, excellence in policing services. Through the prevention and reduction of crime, in partnership with our communities, our objective is “Safe Homes and Safe Communities”. We are confident we will meet the challenges before us and are proud to serve the West Shore.

M. J. (Mark) Fisher, Inspector
Officer in Charge
West Shore RCMP




One Response to WHO POLICES ‘LOS FEDERALES’? WHERE+ WHAT IS ‘WEST SHORE’?: RCMP West Shore Detachment polices Colwood, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, View Royal, Songhees F.N., Esquimalt F.N., but not Victoria

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    I felt this was a joke for the following reasons. I have a lot of letters from Mr. Fisher which I will be glad to send copies to those who want them as the Westhsore RCMP are being investigated for the following reasons. 1. collusion 2. dereliction of duty 3. perjury 4. falsifying reports. obstruction of justice, 5 libel and defamation of character. 5 people who are wintesses to crimes at Westshore made formal compliants . Jo Sinclair ( manager of medical office) Calvin chow ( Choir singer )
    Bev leech (retired publisher Graphic Artist) Ralph Foster (Times Colunist delivery) Diane Dillon (Security Guard ) then. Ralph brought a box of evidence in his van, RCMP refused to open a file and did a misconduct etc. The officer in charge golfs with the offenders. Rick stevens chief anylist for complaints agianst RCMP speaks with me every week and sent me a letter regaridng RCMP being charged for offences and the mishandling of investigations by them. questions email me.

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