Culture wars, Death Culture’s fascist corporatism, part of Globalists’ NWO eugenics endgame of massive depopulation, Paul Erlich, John Holdren’s ECOSCIENCE + CRD municipal politics,: ‘We can’t allow any new abortuaries in Oak Bay, Victoria or anywhere else in CRD,’ says Gregory Hartnell, independent non-partisan ‘Rockland Outsider’ Candidate for Oak Bay Council, to Larry Wartel, one of Ben Isitt’s senior volunteers

Dear Lar:
I posted your latest news on world disarmament negociations, or the lack thereof, at our blog.
 Thanks for your love for peace, justice and a world without violence, my brother.
I share your beautiful dream of a world without nuclear terror, and an amnesty for all those non-violent, innocent people unjustly imprisoned.
The West Shore RCMP phoned me once on Saturday, twice on Sunday.
They are certainly harrassing me, denying that they even know about the website, denying tapping the phone, denying reading my emails, but hassling me nonetheless, saying my name is in a file, that I have to confirm attendance at the ‘Helmcken protest’, which of course I do not do.
Frankly, Larry, there may have been an implicit element of protest in our standing there, of course, but basically what we were doing was exercising our rights to free speech, peaceful public assembly and freedom of religion, as given to us as free gifts by the Creator, and supposedly protected by the Canadian Charter, praying at low volume, next to a very busy noisy thoroughfare, standing on a public grassy spot, next to but not directly on the public sidewalk.
I have admitted in postings to the blog and directly to Constable Shannon of the RCMP that I was at a peaceful pro-life prayer vigil, that they can read that info at the blog, but never verbally nor in my public writing do I admit was at any ‘protest’ out there, as that is not how the 40 Days for Life people characterize these events, nor do I recognize the West Shore RCMP’s jurisdiction to interrogate me or invade my privacy day after day…
Not that there is anything implicitly wrong with ‘protest’, as long as it is reasonably peaceful and legal, of course, but once again, I emphasize that I was actually lectured by the organizer, an old Catholic Dutch drywaller who was very prayerful, to use good and not rough language, and to ask the Messiah’s Mother to help us by interceding with her Son, etc… so the whole thing was very pious and completely civilized, as far as I am concerned.
I wonder if they are hassling me because of my now public association with you, frankly, as this has never happened before, and they seem to be suggesting that I am a person of interest to them now for some unspecified reason, and that the onus is upon me to prove that I was not somewhere else doing something else…
Have you ever received phone calls from any local police asking you to confirm your own attendance at peaceful public assemblies?
I talked briefly with a neighbour lawyer who said that what they are doing is wrong and illegal, that I should complain to the commander, or the guy in charge of the detachment, whatever his title is…
I mentioned Big Brother, the New World Order, spooks everywhere, etc…
As you can see in my latest posting on the campaign so far, I am now basically bringing the culture wars into CRD municipal politics and saying that we can’t allow any new abortuaries in Oak Bay, Victoria or anywhere else in the CRD:
I would be interested to know what Ben has to say about this, as a Victoria residential property taxpayer who is considering voting for him again… either him, Steve or Paul are the real people I am looking at, but certainly not Dino… who is completely out of this world…
Are there really problems for women who want to get a publicly subsidized abortion in a public hospital?
These are private, for-profit ‘women’s clinics’ whose business model is to bill the province for the doctor’s time, thus it is a type of Death Culture’s fascist corporatism, part of the Globalists’ NWO eugenics endgame of massive depopulation, as outlined in the Erlichs and John Holdren’s EcoScience book, I believe.

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